Kansiime divorces

Kansiime Divorce

Anne Kansiime, the popular Ugandan comedian, has confirmed that she has divorced her husband, Gerald Ojok, reportedly over allegations that her husband cheated her with another man.

Anne Kansiime

The comedian who shot to fame with the show ‘Don’t Mess with Kansiime’ confirmed the separation on her Facebook page during an interactive session with her  followers.

“Yes I am single now. OJ and I are not together anymore” she responded to several followers who wanted to know the status of her marital affair.

She however refused to comment on the primary reasons for the separation.

Last October, the rumor flew that her relationship was on the rock after she was caught cheating with an upcoming singer Sky Da.

While others commenting on Kansiime’s page had probed the comedian if allegations that Mr Ojok had cheated her with another man were the reason for the split.

Kansiime, who has performed in Malawi on two occasions, wedded Ojok in 2013.  But recent reports claimed the couple has not been seen together leading to speculation  for the separation.



  1. There are two allegations in this article. The husband cheating with another man and in another paragraph down, the wife cheating with an upcoming musician.

    The question should then be: Who cheated on who?

  2. English is big prbm, dats why people can not even comments in English, jst imaging de post, pls make sure u read b4 posting

  3. Cheating with another man is a sign of big problem. Losing confidence in more than just one

  4. Gerald Ojok is a guy. He once satisfied himself from my behind as we are all men. And there is no way auntie Kasiime can marry a man who is not a celebrity yet Kasiime is one. Look at her appearance. An old adage says send a thief to catch another thief. Then a new adage could be send a celebrity to marry another celebrity.How ofen is Kasiime away from home making big money while her OJ as she calls him is sleeping, possibly sodomizing other men’s anus. Paja anyamamta amenewa amafika pokhitsana komweku kobibira. Koma inu mumadanamukangoona chabe bibi.

  5. Malawi umburi SUZATHA can’t you use your 99% I can’t see any mistake here kansime was being cheated by her husband who was in relationships with his fellow man.

  6. Ndawerenga katatu kuti ndidziwe who was cheating between the two.. A man or a woman cheating ..
    .;:; a man was cheating another man:::: was he a gay or????..
    Ntchito zongotolana kuti tiye ukayambe ya utolankhani pamene amene Ali ndi ma degree and diploma a utolankhani akusowa ntchito..
    .mkumachitanso kubwereza a man was cheating another man.. A a a a a…scrutinize your work before posting

  7. ma jonalist aku malawi makape inu,,, kulephera kupanga report nkhani zanzeru mukulimbana ndi hule waku nigeria? atithandizapo chani pamenepa? thàts why u r failing to write awel grammatically english,, mxiiiieeew!!1!

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  10. KKKKK ma journalist akumalawi kkkkk “that her husband cheated with another man” kkkkkk really???? Bola mukanati fellow man bwezi tikuti mamunayo ndi gay

    1. mmmm Malawians to prosper it will take time…… Why can’t you focus on your own comment???? You are busy focusing other peoples comments, really???????

  11. Maisha ya kutumia mkunduni hutaisha muda mrefu hapa duniani swali nikwamba kwanini uliowa mwanamke wakati mkundu unakusubili pesa kama ulinazo towa msada wenge wanatafuta pesa

  12. Penapake Kutchuka Si Kwa Boh Any Mistake Nkhani Imapita Patali!! Kansime Atolankhani Akhala Akumusakasaka! Eishh So Many Challenges In This World!!

  13. i sympathize with this man.Honestly he has tried,The lady doesnt want to carry a baby in that womb.All relationships have goals among them bearing children.

    1. No no,he wasnt cheating on her with a man but a woman.I checked this on the newspaper eg the Monitor,The man also said the woman was barren.

  14. Koma malawi24 ndi chani paja mwati man was beaten by snake apa mukuti her husband has been cheating with another man timve ziti?

    1. Her husband cheating with another man? Yes little english tells me that it is correct. Remember there is homosexuality in this world.

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