Mutharika warns Malawians: Calling me a liar is illegal

Lazarus Chakwera and Peter Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has warned politicians and all Malawians against calling him a liar, saying anyone found doing so could be arrested.

Mutharika Arrested
Mutharika was arrested on his campaign trail

“I know to call the President a liar is a  violation of the law” said Mr Mutharika while responding to the Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera had branded Mutharika a pathological liar sleeping on the job.

In retaliation, Mutharika, who had also called Chakwera mentally ill and in possession of a fake degree, alleged that the MCP president is scheming a plan for his own arrest in order to be elevated into a martyr by the public.

“He is pushing me to arrest him so that he becomes a martyr but I am not going to bite the bait” said Mutharika, a law professor, who was himself arrested in 2013 by his predecessor, Mrs Joyce Banda, on treason charges.

His charges were, however, dropped soon after his election as Malawi president in 2014.

569 thoughts on “Mutharika warns Malawians: Calling me a liar is illegal

  1. Dr Laz Chakwera is a disgress to MCP supporters especially the old guards. Unfortunately he is such an ape who doesn’t want to learn from the experienced gurus within or outside the party. He is used to brain washing his laity at Assemblies of God and milk them without anyone rising on a point of order. He thought that would be the case in politics Nope.Does that surprise you that since he assumed party presidency, wrangles, name calling and all sorts of factions are failing to settle? He is a bad leader. Again the word “Opposition” is literally translated by this prodigal son. Ask how John Tembo was handling matters of national interest while in the opposition benches. Honestly, you are losing ground. You can’t brand the democratically elected president with all sorts of insults just like any other person. You mean people can’t understand your concerns by simply raising them succinctly without slurs and insults???. Remember, your actions have potential to garner support for your opponent. Don’t say we did not warn you. To say the least, you have displayed some queer traits that any sane person would wonder what kind of of a president shall we have. In other words we are taming dangerous dictator of our time.

  2. So if someone telling the truth that Ur a liar is gonna be arrested but if are laying about the truth , you walk Scott free.eeeee what a drama.

  3. Peter Mutarika are you Sick? Where were you, when we formed freedom of our speech? Then you will let everyone gets arrested, because you’re a great liar indeed! With your poor administration.

  4. Let me remind the President that we shall say something even it means going to prison!so what dzikusiyana pati kundende ndi kunjakuno?ngati mwakwiya ndizonena za amalawi ndakondwa kuti mwakwiya,ndipo mukwiye zeni zeni,ndipo mutimanga kangati?kodi mmene magetsi black out yake imeneyi sikumangidwa komwe uku?

  5. This is the right time for peter munthalika and the rest of politicians to learn a lesson not to promise people the things you can’t fulfill. Things that you put in,is the things that you get don’t be angry or upset.politics a dirty game no one asked you to join.

  6. Palibe msogoleri angakhale 100% nkhani ndi ndale (politics) enanu mukulephera kukwaniritsa za pamoyo wanu wat more kuyendetsa dziko? Samalani mayankhulidwe hishiiii

  7. I thought that being in America for over 30year is part of understanding what democracy means. You seem to be APM you are not yet matured in democratic society , the best thing Malawians can do for APM is to remove him out of office in 2019. I just feel you are so rude , what you must understand is that even God is experiencing opposition with his own creation but still more he keeps us without arresting us. You need initiation we will take you kudambwe kuti abwana mumvetse what democracy mean. You are the worst president of Malawi ever.

    1. Brother Amos Chisisi don’t take things too far. You have to fear God, you have no right to insult anyone. Please change because God is very just

    2. Aubrey Moses ,there is no way I can respect a foo,have you also told your president to fear God in respect of the citizens?

    3. I can also feel the pain that each and every Malawian is feeling but still we cannot burn off the fire with petrol. Being president of the whole nation and a controller of everything is not easy….
      Sometimes we provoke curses from God without knowing, just pray to God who is very just. He has His own ways of eliminating bad people , if he is really evil as u are accusing him

    4. Remember, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world with a high population number, still it has no reliable natural resources that can make it stand financially…

    5. Aubrey Moses ,first and foremost, Malawi is. Indeed poor, but that doesn’t give anyone to lie and demand respect, of cause we don’t have resources as compared to other countries, but we do have resources such as uranium in karonga,and I edge you to Google what uranium is used for, Peter Mutharika is stupid and he will remain like that. He is the guy WHO supports quortor system when it comes to higher Education, and the people who support such a fool,must ask themselves serious questions, about their own moral standing in a society.

    6. Take it easy brother, consider your relationship with God. Do not allow Satan to make you sin through the anger of useless things like these. Its not an individual challenge but it has affected all of us as a nation but God knows its end

    7. Amwene, presidents of other countries are stealing big moneys far from what you have seen in Malawi but they don’t should the way Malawians do. Thus, because they have enough to steal, to eat, to keep for future, to share to others…
      Malawi has little, from hand mouth…nothing to store

    8. You are no different from him, how can you say that other people in other countries steal,so if that happens in other countries as you say, does make it right?

    9. I just want to make u understand that it is every where as a sign of last days and be prepared because the son of a man is around the corner

  8. aaaagh… if you are a liar you are liar if you are an ownest personal you are ownest to be a president dosnt min wat rong u r doing ppl msnt tell u wats getting damage on u u r a HUMAN being jst like us2 ,zinapita ndi madala a KUMUZU BANDA zoopsezanazo tangopangani zoyenelera kwa anthu zimene akufuna basi,to b a good Presdent

  9. Alier is always alier even if he tries to stop he will be alier apm is a lier thts the fact ,ngati wakwiya akakolope nyanja

  10. If it’s against the law to lie in Malawi, then why does Malawi have a news media?

  11. The Bible says: let God be true, but every man a liar. That means you too Mutharika.

  12. Give us a substitute for the word liar,coz thats what you exactly are “a liar”, if u cant stand the heat get the fvck outta the kitchen…thought it will be a walk in the park??LIAR

  13. 2019 be the best judge…
    Let our leaders always remember that its our vote that puts them on those golden thrones.. Lord have mercy on my mother land.. This is very sad

  14. Ndnkhaniso Iyi Yomaopsezana,zachmidzi Osangopepesa Kt Tikhululuke Pabodza Udatithira Lija,ndy Tikudikilire Ulendo Winawo,mwina Udzachta,ndnenas Kuti Apapa Vuto Joyce Uja Adandibalalikitsa…Basi

  15. Education And Readership Are Totally Different.Hie Zaka Zatha No Tangible Things U Have Contribute To Our Nation Only To Make Rich Yourself And With Achina Chaponda.

  16. Ngati muzichita dala zonunkha ndicholinga choti anthu asamalankhule ndiye zanu mwalephela mwalephela basi muziwamannga anthu kuti alakwa chani zoona mukuganiza kuti anthuwo sazilankhula zinthu zikamalakwika. Baba your a liar and full of nonsense ndipo palibe chomwe mukuziwa ndinu mbuli yoti inapita mkalasi kulamula ziko mwaona ngati ndikuopseza anthu? Anthu azikuopani inuyo m,malo moopa Mulungu? Asiyeni anthu alankhule basi. Manyi amenewo ife ayi

  17. peter mathanyula is a criminal and a pathetic LIAR…..ndanenatu mr president now arrest me!!!am waiting mboli yakoso iwe pitala muthalika..ntchito kutizimisila magesi pa nyini pamakoso ndipo

  18. Mr president how many prisons u hav in malawi that can keep 16 million of pple? how big they are? Ur a big lier. Full of urself,mr tooth, we tired with kumanda kukuyitana samalani,dont play with malawians

  19. A baba pepan a malawi musawa opseze ayi mwna chfukwa cha uzaya kunkhongo wanu mwayiwala dat this is a democratic malawi n mukuwopseza anthu cifukwa chan amalawitu musamawatengele kuntoso ngat nyama yagalu ndpo take note kt amalawi ali okwiya ndi utsogoleli wanu wankhaza,wakuba misonkho yamalawi,amalawi sakunama ayi.zikomo

  20. Ndibwino ukati usaziwe kuti wamwa mikodzo yamzako kuposera kuti akuuze kuti madzi wamwawo winawake wakodzerawo. Peter mutharika sasekula fb because he know’s that athu amamutukwana, since before he became inpower. Mukamalemba macoment anuwa musamakhale ngati mukumuyankha kapena mukumulelembera peter ai. He doesn’t read these shit ai he was rich he is rich and he will die rich.

  21. What is freedom of expression then?Does the constitution give us instruction to choose words for expressing something or somebody in this democracy?However, when you lie, what is wrong to call you a lier?Does he want to start intimidate the poor evercrying Malawians?He must watch his reactions to the concerns of the people, otherwise he may end up being hated by everybody.

  22. Is he trying to paint white spots over the black ones? ?
    The better thing he can do, is to have a time and stalk on how he is presidenting rather than intermidate people who are good citizens than him.

  23. nde osamanga Dr chakwera bwaaaa? poti ndi amene wauza mtundu wa amalawi kuti APM head of state wa dziko la malawi akunama pa nkhani yama generator?

  24. kkkkkk ndiye DEMOCRACYyo ili pati? ukanama sikuchedwa kucha, anati: pa 30 may 2014 ndikawina ndiza kwera ndege” kupita kokasegulira doko la nsanje!!. ife eeee bwana!! 😀 😀 lelo ndi 10 october 2017 kuli ziii. ndiyeno nziti opanda bodza?

  25. Haswell, you know very well that we ( Malawians) did not put him ( Peter) into that position. We re loyal to Muluzi, that’s why we re getting more problems in Malawi. Muluzi is selling our blood to everyone who wants to rule Malawi. If Muluzi says oky, we re all quit without a question to him that’s why we re in big problems. He started by giving us Bingu, then later Joyce and now Peter. All of them re allies to Muluzi. Malawians re in chambos bcoz of Muluzi, all of them have been sworn on the presence of Muluzi with a judge who get something in return. They think we don’t know, time will tell.

  26. Muthalika you want to bring fighting in malawi many leaders in de world had been called liar bt never arest anyone ‘if u can do dat people will mach to remove you on power as they did with your brother ‘just listening them and correct your mistakes

  27. About a year ago he said power problems would soon be a thing of the past….i guess it’s how you define the word soon.

  28. Respect is needed even the bible said respect ur elders ndiye munthu wamkulu akudandaula kuti Malawians u don’t respect munthu wamkulu akumangani muone zanuzo

  29. Koma zinazitu nde nzopanda nzeru akuluakulu, apange ziko lawo la dpp ndiye ngat akufuna zimenezo

    how can’t we call him a liar while he’s still making false statements everywhere he goes?

  30. Nzeru za yehova amatenga icho chonyodzedwacho mkukhala chotsogolera chomwe chimaoneka kuti ndi chochenjera ndi cha mphamvu kuti ukulu wake wa yehova uwonekere pa iye .Peter muthalika akunyodzedwa chimodzi modzinso ngati bingu ananyodzedwera ubwino wa mkuluyu tidzaudziwa akadzachoka pa mpando

    1. uwerengenso coment yangayo kachikena pano sitingaone ubwino wake pano ziri exposed ndi zoipa zokhazokha koma akadzachokano mpamene tidzaone

  31. This American must not intimidate us coz he is there like a statue and he deserved to be called a Liar. Peter mutharika has nothing,nothing , nothing to contribute to malawi development and if he can win again 2019 then malawi is going to be worst country in Africa by 2023

  32. peter, chakwera, atupele onse awa anthu abodza kwambiili kod constitutance ya chakwera wapangapo ciyan? pot ineyo ndimachokera kun’ko timat pamajiga asapakane ay onsewa completely spt learders

  33. Zimenezo ndye zachambazo azitimanga kma mkamwa mopanda manomo kumakamba zopusa choncho we are in a democratic country and we can call him any name according to his behaviour #CAPTAL LIAR#

  34. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkk hahahaha like really mr president. shame on u mean even if u lie we have to call u the truth.wonder shall never end indeed

  35. Nonse amene mukuvomerezana ndi uyu mukuti otsutsayu mwasowa chotsutsa fukwa mukuona kuti zimene iye akupanga mzimene tsogoleri wanu amafunanso kupangira amalawi akadzawina ndiye wasowa mfundo wangoyambano kubwebweta,mpakedi kubwebweta nanga salikunja kwa ground mpira akuuwonera patali pepa leader wa oppo,ngati nthawi idxafike mudxalamula kma osamatinamiza apa nanu ndikadyera posiya upresident wamumpingo kufuna wadxikmukuyankhula zambiri kma sikuti mudxapanga,zidakakhala kuti dzanja lawamwambayo linakulozani 2014 ija bwezi mutawina panalibensk zoti wina wabera kma munangoona kuti koti mulemere nsanga ndikundale basi

  36. A frog is a frog even if uput in water can’t change name so lets go to the point aliar is a liar even if he s apresident/not apresident Rich,Poor Old,young bt if he z a lair s liar cann’t change jst send message to him am not afraid about him

  37. ppff,,,gimme a break on this. some comments are not scoring for a process of thought. don’t abuse your openness just to let the country know that you exist for nothing.

  38. This man is full of himself! Now he’s hiding behind the so called ‘arrest’ to intimidate Malawians from voicing out their concerns? Oh how pathetic that sounds! The truth really hurts!

  39. Kutengela Malamulo adziko Sitingamutchule President kuti ndiwabodza and zomwe timaiwala amalawi Solution ya problem yomwe tilinayo singagwilidwe tsiku limodzi kapena mwenzi umodzi.
    Izi zikufunika mgwilizano watonse amalawi posatengela Mtundu kapena mbali kapenaso Chipani chomwe timachipatsa sapota.
    As for me sindingamutchule President kuti ndiwabodza honest waesetsa kumbali yake only in 3 years and if Malawi hold election today I would vote for him and his party.

    1. chilungamo mdziko chimachedwa koma choipa chimafala mwachangu,dziko si nyumba yamunthu and ma budget amdziko musachite compare ndu nyumba mwanu,zamdziko ndi pang’ono pang’ono monga dotho la uchi pogwera m’botolo.

  40. We will continue rebuke unless we malawians satisfy the way you are running this country, without tangible things aaaaaa we have the right to do that sir!!!!!!!

  41. Why only you mr president called a liar. Why not Dr Chakwera? Mr president, you need to know that pple the malawian never believe your speech because always you manage to say but you fail to do. Mr president, the Malawian lose hopp towards you. Take an example on 17th october Malawi had by-election and you candidents failure to win though they belong to ruling party. The opposition candidate manage to win though are belong to opposing party. Mr president you need to know that all the Malawian never to believe you speech and now they put all their concentretion on MCP led by Dr Chakwera full stop.

  42. Ndizona aliyense ali ndiufulu,koma pofunika kusamala powopa kuononga ufulu waena.Tiyeni timuleke nkhani ndi 2019,ngati akutinamiza anthu azamchosa,ngatinso sakunama sazachoka.Tisamatengele atsogoleri athu andalewa,Onsewa amaziwana.

  43. If so this dude should be the one to be arrested first, he came up so much bunch of lies and promises now he wants to arrest the people trying to remind him? We Malawians r not cowards

  44. This is very vast mistake which we did by putting this idiot leader into power yet we knew him long back that he is incompetent person. Remember he was first a minister during his brother time, he spent full years in parliament just eating our money, making bad weapons and pooing in parliament. He didn’t speak even one single day in the house and we expected such idiotic person to drive our country competently. If that is the case he must also be the first person to be arrested because he is also cheating us and saying Chakwela is a mentally disturbed person simply because of critics and leadership pressure he is receiving from Chakwera. I think you’re going to arrest the whole Malawi. Kkkk

  45. Bro Pido aka Pathological Liar u supposed to b arrested for intimidating the nation

  46. Yes let’s be honest guys the president is right, we can’t call him a “Liar”. Let’s call him something else like “chim’Malalawi cha bodza”. Chili ndi nkamwa wopwitsa bodza lakunkhunidza, he’s the worst Malawi has ever had, worst than a mentally ill boy who will atleast make sense on one thing in a day! So you ain’t a liar but your loose mind & mouth keep on farting nosense, damnt you!

  47. Zoonadi Baba Anthu wa nda Jealous ndi wina akamalamulira Dziko nde tapangani zomwezo akalowe Ndende Bas..Always Ur Supporter..DPP Forever…wabwino atani tanenani anthu osayamika ndi mi sewu Yikukozedwayi,ma community Colleges Palipose..wabwino atani..mumela chikwangwani cholemba kt tasalenda APM

  48. Lol, this has reminded us of Idi Amin himself as he said; You have freedom of speech but I cannot guarantee you freedom after speech.

  49. What u mean illegal.unatuma apolice target yomatilera ndalama museu, wabwelesa opopa magazi dziko muno ukunamizila bushiri, ukuti anthu anjinga zakapalansa azidula sonkho, waphesa alubino, anthu adazi, kumanga mvula, kumutuma chaponda kuti abe chimanga.u want us to clap hands 4 that stupid thing.unatilonjeza miseu ilikuti lero.wagulitsa zida zaku escom pano tikulephela kudya nsima.and what u shld knw is that your a murder bastard killer pple they are suffering in hospital no magetsi.tikusekele ife.mesa mumati mwakulira ku america bwanji simunayimile upresident komko? Iweeeeeeeeeeee iweeeeeee take care.u have to face jail 4 murder……

  50. One thing mr so called pulezidenti, leading a gvt of thieves is also illegal, we should get you arrested too. How about that

  51. Is this a threat?..we got the right to express how feel and its the people who put you in power,come 2019 they gonna take you down!!

    1. He doesn’t understand that people have reserves of anger and despair. Let him continue threatening people he will face the wrath of Malawians

  52. Mind you my fellow malawians we have several rights one of them is right to throaght we can talk and talk better not violet others rights liar its amust to call according to what is doing.

  53. Mr President is talking of something which is not there, can someone give the name to this statement before I am arrested pliz

  54. How many pipo attend facebook debate.Most of Malawian have no humanity kulemejedzana kwa vuta pa malawi other pipos weakness is news for someone wasting tym for what u cant achieve.Ndale ndi nkhondo.palibe amakondwerandi mzake.

  55. Aaaaa! Munthu amangidwe chifukwa cha zimenezi? Ndi Mugabe or ku Malawi komwe kuli democracy? That kind of threats re draconian and ve no place in the recent Malawi. Tell him to go to hell. Ena anamangidwa, ena kuphedwa kumene chifukwa cha ufulu umenewu. Ndakwiya kwambiri. Shiaaa!!

  56. Koma A malawife kuchenjela a president a kuti mupite kunyumba kwawo mukanene kuti He is a liar kapena ku police tilinayo pafupi. Osati zolemba apa izi ayi. Kikikikiki

  57. just revove mr dausi as minister because is one telling lies dont use him or just head yourself the minstry of information can be better.u know what i mean

  58. #ThereIsASolutionToChronicKidneyDisease!

    →Recipes of good eating habits!

  59. No intimidation. We need smart politics its us who elected you a
    Mr president just accept the critics it will help you to
    Put things right and prove us wrong so just do what Malawians wants

  60. you call urself presdnt u a stupd grandfather…. thnk twice anytym b4 any word 4rm ur empty mouth…indeed an empty tin makes a lot of nois….luk at u!!!’

  61. But on serious note please guys who are close to our leader advise him well. These mistakes after mistakes are not good to our big kahuna. We love our kahuna so much but it seems he is not being advised in sincere way. Interpret words to him and relate to the meaning of every word. A liar is just sipmple and lighter word that can not even cause panic to our bigman. Let him correct the problems his people are facing , name calling will stop. Once again we love him dearly.

  62. But how can we addrees you mr presedent sir?you are lier pathetic idiot presendent i never see,what you know is open your sticking mouth and make malawia’s believe that you are good but you are bad


  64. So it has come to his knowledge that Malawians have realized that he is a pathological liar. This half dead man will finish us.

  65. kkkkkkkkkk nafa nakuseka sure instead of fighting the problems the country is having you want to fight innocent people now hahaha there is no democracy without opposition baba

  66. He said his government would expose the names of those who did cashgate, has he? What he knows is shielding the names of his cabinet found in the cashgate report.

  67. Hehehe ur a liar to say the truth just know that pipo they don’t like u anymore an and fo that ur out off…

    Pls u must know ur mstks

  68. just to show you that you big pathological liar is; you lied to us for example you said soon after kutenga boma in 2014 you go and open Nsanje Doko which you failed to do so, so according to mi you are a liar

  69. Ife zotiopsyeza takana malawi is ademocratic country ngati muzipanga zinthu zosalongosoka we are free to call any name.

  70. Amalawi Tiyeni Tizilemekeza Asogoleri Athu Tisamangoyankha Poti Tikuyankha Pa Media Mulungu Amaziwa Zinthu Ngakhele Musanalembe Tisamazitenge Ucimo Ndizachambechabe Mpaka Kulimba Mtima Kumunena Msogoleri Ku Opusa Maceza Amenewo Ai Asogoleri Amasanga Ndi Mulungu Nthawi Yanu Ikazakwana Muzalamulira Osamapanga Kom’ment Zilizonse Long-vity Amuthalika Timakunyadirani

  71. Kkkkkkkk this man is so funny, Mr man stop intimidating us,if there is truth in you please end these problems we are facing then we will stop calling you a liar and mind you, you are leading a Country full of Democracy.

  72. You people, we are being unfair to him. Please let us allow him find the right word in the Oxford Dctionary with which we should be adressing him.

    1. He said he would expose the names of those involved in cashgate, has he? Haven’t we seen him shielding his cabinet ministers named in cashgate report? Mwina tinene pa chichewa, Pitala ndimunthu wabodza.

    2. i see malawi wil never have a good leader bcos it has dull and empty brains people lyk u,who only knos hw to shift blames onto others,our president is not the owner he jus reading us,he also need our help lets accept we ar poor and strive for a change. owner is nt the owner of this country


  74. Delete this post or you wil be the first person to be arrested for lying to the general public. He din’t say that mbuzi iwe mwina english suumamva I Wil ask the one and only hope for malawians president to deliver chichewa speach next time kt mbuli iwe ndianzako muzimva nawo. Ineyo ndinali komweko and ndili ndi speach yonse

  75. giv us tangible and immediate solutions to the electricity problems, if u do this now uzaoneka wanzeru kwambiri pa nyasaland pano, otherwise u will be proving to us that u are really a ‘ Pathological Liar’…

  76. AAAAAAAAA Zamkutu ukamumange munthu chifukwa choti akunena chilungamo?????? Kodi kudzimva nanunso bwanji kuteroko mukungowona ngati mwasanduka m’ngero chifukwa cha Udindo olowa usikuwo ?????? Chepetsani mr ibbu dziko saseza musayiwale dzaka zitatu zapitazi paja mumakhala muli khuma khuma mwina munayiwala ndikukumbutseni

    1. Ine sindimawopa man ndimangonena chilungamo olo inu Mukudziwa kuti Peter adatenga Udindo wa upresident anthu akugona Ife sitidayiwale ndipo ndizowona kuti asamatumbwe kunali amzawo mwina adayiwala tiwakumbutse amkati wamuyaya ena amkati kuntunda kuchiteketeke winanso amkati ngwazi professor njanji lero ali kuti??????? Zosiyilana izi man mwava

    2. Man osawopa kunena chilungamo ngakhale anthu ena atafuna kukutsekani pakamwa musadzawope awa anthu andale amabwera mkupita Kodi mudzikumbukilatu kuti 1993 kunalibe maina ngati bingu chakwela joice pitala inoki ndi anthu enawa tikuwawona lerowa ndi mphukila izi man asamasowetse mtendere amzawo ngati alephera azingobvomeleza mwina anthu mitima ikhoza kutsika

    3. Koma mongokukumbutsani ine sindimaika chala Changa mu ink ine sindivotera munthu wamasiku owelengeka kenako mkubwelera kunthaka chifukwa sangathetse Mabvuto a munthu aliyense kwakula mkukhutitsa mimba zawo ndi ana awo komaso mabanja awo munthu osauka amangomufuna kuti awapatse Udindo akatelo amamela mapiko anthu andale amayendera mwambi uja amati ndiwolotse ndikakutafune

  77. This tooth deficient robot president thinks he can intimidate Malawians and prevent them from flagging out his ineptnes and incompetence. The more you stop people from critiquing you the faster and more angrier masses will respond! It is fair to say Mr.tooth -deficient president you are a waste of time and a disgrace to malawi we have never and never shall we have a stupid and useless leader like you.

    1. This Petulo Is A Blue Liar And Stupid If He Wants To Arrest Someone He Must Start With Chaponda. Look @him Maonekedwe Ngati Chiboliboli.

    2. Watch Ur Mouths Guys…..No Matter Hw Wrong Or Incopitence As U May Call It The President Is U Got No Right Of Caling Him Such Names….He Serve a Purpose….Just 2 Remind U Leaders r Chosen By God Himself…..Rmemba Pharaoh?????He Served 4 a Purpose Watch Out….U May B Callng 4 Troubles…Even If U Tok Evil Of a King(leader) In Ur Bedrum a Bird May Take It To The King….I Support Nobody But I Respect LEADERS

    3. #Sav it has to be a two way process in fact it has to start from a leader, if he wants to be respected he should be the first one to respect his electorate, he should be the first one to listen and not intimidate his people, Yes it’s worthy calling him a stupid and useless leader he deserves it! I respect your idea but I can’t be intimidated by your poem like Bird-message carrier analogy. Let the birds pick my sentiments and tell the tooth deficient president that he is useless and grossly incompetent

    4. Sav Thoxy..this is democracy we have the right to give our thoughts and oppose whatever is not good for the nation..our country is a joke because of these dictatorship leaders they are the shame to african continent and the world at large

    5. #Awiske we have seen nations like malawi with untapped potential to succeed but have remained in dire poverty because of a “misunderstanding ” and “fallacy ” of “respect to leaders”. In their superficial thinking pathetic people think we just have to sit and watch the so called leaders do whatever the want, intimidate us and insult us in the name of respecting leaders. Never will I subscribe to such dictatorial philosophy.

    6. Nonse mukunyoza president apa ndinu anthu ochititsa manyazi chimene uyu muti otsutsayu wachiona mchani?kumangobwekera zilizonse basi,ananama kuti chani mundiuze osamangoti fwefwefwe munyoza ma president angati?

    7. How many he gonna arrest coz 99% of people have lost trust in him en a good example in connecting with wat I am saying are by elections results inshort 5 – 1 defeat

    8. Alass!!!!!!!!Kkkkkkkkkkk We r Really On Media….Freedom Of Expression @ Its Best Kkkkkkkk…..God Help Us God Help Malawi My Motherland

    9. This idiotic president he deserves any name which interprets anything in any negative way…… he z nobody else other than just a stupid old liar fool!!!

  78. Oyambirira ndi Chakwera, bwana munthu ameneyu akusewerananu. Musayembekezenso kuti mumve, tumizani apolisi pakalipano apite akamugwire amumange anthu enawo pambuyo.

    1. Koma ngati kususa zili ndintchito, kofunika ndikusayinila ngakhale asuse koma mphamvu alibe zosainila. Mnzakeyo ndi amene alindimphamvu, akatumiza apolisi kuti pitani mukamukwizinge Chakwera pakalipano uwonanso apaolisi akupita mopanda mantha. Ndikukamukwizinga, kumuuza kuti bwana watiuza kuti tikumange iyenso ndikudziwa kuti awadi lero ndiye atumidwa ndibwana. Umuuze adikire 2024, kuti anthu azamuvotere azakhale pampandowo asadandaule.

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