Mutharika is a liar – Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera.

The blows keep flying between leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Chakwera has branded Mutharika a ‘pathological liar’.

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera: Mutharika is a ‘pathological liar’.

According to Chakwera, Mutharika has been giving Malawians hope that he will solve challenges rocking the country but nothing has changed.
Chakwera disclosed that Mutharika has failed to fight corruption as he shields some government officials involved in the malpractice.

“In the state President, we have a pathological liar who chooses to feed Malawians lies to give them a sense of hope that their state president is concerned about their plight when his action tells a different story,” reads part of Chakwera’s statement.

He added that Mutharika is ‘clueless’ and seems to have no solution to the problems affecting Malawians.

The MCP leader also blamed Mutharika for not lifting the ban on the exportation of maize earlier despite public outcry on the same.



  1. The main course of electricity problems in Malawi is that dead dictator KAMUZU,he didn’t think about the future,everything he built was small yet he used to boost around that he had western ideas,

  2. Chakwela ndi nzoba ,if he has evidence why couldn’t he have taken it to ACB, podiam politics,publicity stunt, idiot

  3. It makes sense when one changes from politics to spiritual but changing from spiritual to secular things always lives me with unanswered questions.

  4. Truth be told, Chakwera has never raised facts in his arguments and I am not surprised to hear that he has an honorary PhD. Manganya has said it all in yesterday’s Tikuferanji soap (04/11/2017). DPP lost 5 seats and no body from their camp sung “Atibera” jibes. They honourably conceded defeat and now are working on their weaknesses in preparation for 2019 elections. Whiles MCP supporters including their shortsighted leaders think they are already in state house. I wonder if they will concede defeat in 2019 kkkkk. Chakwera employs emotions in his submissions and to me he is still suffering from the 2014 elections outcomes. Can he sober up and start issue based politics not the verbal diarrhea we hear from his thin lips.

  5. Dpp is a very strong party with massive support base.Chakwera will lose again..magetsi si vuto la munthu,madzi atsika..plans are in place to bring in generators just to curb the problem…magetsi a mozambique ali mkati,msatipusitse kuti olo atati alowe chatsika yo lero lomwe kuti angathetse kuzima kwa magetsi..we kno gobernment’ s plans..and tikuwafunira a President zabwino zonse

    1. Yaaa I agree with you ,if water table is down we call it fluctuation.and when the table is down i mean no enough electricity can generated. Zinazi zikungooneseratu kut usavage+ubulutu+ kuhohowana+ukapoli wachuluka mmitu ya anthu. Ndinaiwala chinthu chimozi mmm umbutuma wachuluka iiiisaaaa leave my government alone. Tikusosolani 2019

  6. Whoever Leaves The Word Of God And Join Politics God Will Punish Him, Mind U Mr Chakwera Ur Not Suitable To Be The President Of This Country, U Must Leave Politics And Repent And Start Preaching The Word Of God Again If U Dont U Will See What The Yona From Ninevi Saw After Running Away From The Word Of God Do That Its Not Too Late

  7. Tsutsani mfundo zake zomwe wanena ndizabodza??,?
    Apange address osamangowomba mmanja ndi zopanda pake zomwe
    Ma black out atha liti? Ma business athu sakupanga phindu

  8. What do you expect, ? When you have an “American Puppet” running your country and pocketing its wealth .
    I don’t care what party, ! Just make sure its a Malawian that is in control at your next elections . Wish you luck. e

  9. If the president is just sitting ku state house nkumavetsera mabodza omwe anthu ena adyera amamuuza nde Dr. Chakwera akhale chete”?….Dr.Chakwera is the citizen and he has all the rights to express his views…..magetsi akumafika 3 dayz ali chizimile and expect Malawians kukhala chete’??????…just wait ,2019 we will speak our mind…tidzavota ndithu…Dpp deserve nothing but a red card!

  10. Uyu nde mpulumutsi wa Malawi timayembekezera. Those who still don’t see positive in Chakwera let them wait for their eventual rot.

  11. 2019 it’s just close and as the Late President said it, “ziloleni zintchito za manja anga zindichitile umboni”….its on the same path our Government should be on, whatever work they have done to improve our lives should be appreciated. However if what we expected from the Government is never manifested and the worse bad things happening right at our noses its solely difficult for people who know the truth to keep silent.what if the opposition was clapping hands all the time?would that make us Malawians happy?…we would not like it that children born today should have a messed up country.Just as it is now, trees being cut down carelessly, high levels of unemployment,encouraging people to invest but no energy to support them I.e electricity, water..tizizndikira God is not man and there is nothing he can fail provided our leaders must realize that “every soul” in this Land is important and that its entrusted to them for care.
    A better Malawi is possible

  12. Chakwera is a sympathy seeker. He has to know that Government is not run by words, wishes and criticism. He should remember that sometimes people make nice dribbles when outside the field of play koma akalowa mu ground amapanga mbwelera.

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  14. Chirikunako chigwire nyanga, eeeee chiri Ku nzako psyinyitsa. Musayiwale kuti akuzunguliraniwo adzachita zomwezo. Paja amenya kale ma MP any mukuwona. Tidzabeereka ‘pathological’ yemweyo tikunena inuyo. Pepani abusa chepetsani moto!

  15. Kaya afune kaya asafune koma ma generator abwela basi ndipo magetsi abwelelanso chikale tione kuti muzikamba chani ndi gulukunyinda nzanuyo

  16. Tili ndi mbatata so called president ka mdzikomu, pano cement is going higher and higher and does it bother him! No as long iwo amamanga with corrupt money

  17. Koma ine monga mzika ya kuno kumalawi sindinayambepo or kuganizako zokhulupira chakwera .tamverani okndedwa bible limati kugwa manja ayehova ndikopya .malembo omweo amati soka oziwerengera .palibepo mzeru ya yehova apa zisakutaiseni thawi ..president Peter muthalika .kuona kwainu usogoleri mwaiye urimo ndithu koma usogoleri umafunika kuti yemwe akumuthandizaso azazidwe ndiphamvu ya usogoleri.ndiye mamvuto ena akuchitikawa simvuto la president ai koma omwe amudzungulira alibe phamvu ndi phaso yausogoleri .ndikukhulupirila mwandimvesesa zikomo

    1. Ngati uli wa MCP wagwanayo,ine ndilibe thawi yopitila ku bar ndipo chibadwileni changa sindinapondepo pa bar ngati Comment yanga yakuwawa pita ukakolope Lake Tanganyika mtima wako uzizile!!! Love it or not ine still nganganga pa mbuyo pa Peter womukonda timati( Profesor),.Wagwanayo ukuchocha munthu wosamudziwa.

  18. Are we looking for Jesus Christ or Angel like Leader ? Where does he get resources and yet MPs are wrecking a lot of money from the same meagre Government censor what comes from mouths

  19. even mwana wa standard 1 akhoz kuchtila umbon kt muthalik ndwa bodza pa manifesto awo a 2014 palibep chomwe achta tchito kuba ndalam zathu bas kmaso asanamepo kt agula ma generator ndbodza ili akungofun kutinamizapo apa mr chakwela sananame ai paja boma silivomel cholakwa chlungamo kuwawa inu

  20. I visited my ex girlfriend and she gave me food. After a few minutes a family dog started to jump over and I said ” this dog love visitors” A child reply ” no no the problem you are using its plate”

  21. Chakwera is a failed opposition leader so out of the blackouts all that he can tell us is to make this issue political..he hasnt said any solution on how he can solve these blackouts had been it was him..but instead he has gone town demanding a public inquiary on electricity generation deal…really??? this tym???….these deals involving private buzness are so demanding bwana coz to them the private men bringing electricity wil be profit oriented its not like what a govt can do it alone as a means social servive derivery to its ppo…this buzness men wants security in whatever that they want to do en thats the reason why such deals take long time mr freaky pastorbreak…pot mwat mukulowa mu govt 2019 ino mudzadzimvetsetse… foot…kuteromo kachisankho kaja kakupatsani matukutuku kut mudziyankhula zinthu musanaziganizire….show us ur a matured leader..otherwise

  22. Amaziyambisa ndi chakwela yo amatemga nkhani zaboza kuno ulendo nazo kwa azungu amuchita bwino ameneyi achite manyazi kumene

  23. scrutinising the coments….does malawi put God first? nah God is playing second fiddle……wataya chikondi cha poyamba malawi

  24. Kwa amene mukunyoza Chakwera kuti anasiya ntchito ya Mulungu ndi kuyamba ndale, simukudziwa kuti kulamulira dziko ndi ndi ntchito ya Mulungu?.. Ngakhale Bible limanena kuti atsogoleri a dziko amasankha ndi Mulungu ngakhale ambiri amakhala oipa.

  25. The only problem i see here is that the mcp leader in his speech clearly indicated that pali anthu omwe akumunamiza president pa nkhani ya magetsi. He also said he has documents zoonetsa kuti pali ukambelembele pa nkhani ya procurement ya ma gensets. So, my questions are, if some people are misleading the president, why is he attacking the president instead of alerting him of those people? Why is the mcp leader rushing to the media instead of investing bodies if he really has the evidence that pali zachinyengo?

  26. Chakwela is worse as compared to Mutharika, and I want to tell him that he will remains in opposition till the second coming of our Lord


  28. “……..zimenezo tichita posachedwapa” Apm. Koma chitukukocho sichichitika. That’s why he is called a liar.

  29. chenjera petuloooooooooo….. mesa chaka chatha unkati magesi ayamba kulongosoka December.pano ukutiso December asaaaa!!!!! koma iwe ndiye watitora eti??????

  30. Nobody can run away from politics you can only refrain from dirty politics if you can answer this question with justifiable examples attached”what is politics”almost everybody do practice polics old or young,willingly or reluctantly,knowingly or not knowingly.

  31. Wow tried to go through the comments. I really have enjoyed the comments people are giving in there. Sadly some are misinterpreting the bible.
    Let’s not this. 1- Rebuking and Judging are totally different. Looking at what the leader of opposition is doing there its not judging as others are saying but he’s spitting the fact. I mean he has noted that the state president has failed to deliver the promises he gave Malawians. He’s just concerned.
    2- Who said a pastor is not suppose to enter politics? Yet that’s the most critical arena arena that Christians simply put are yo be in… Politics is the best place for pastors and Christians for this world was created by our living God and we don’t have the right to give it to strangers. We have to rule it coz its our fathers…

    Note: A pastor entering politics does not mean he has quitted being a pastor no! He can be a member of Parliament but still stand on the pulpit.. Mundale chilungamo mulibe? Lies again. Anthu Ali mundalewo nde opanda chilungamo.

    Let’s never run away from the truth..
    Learn to accept the truth and we will see a change.
    Kuzolowela kutukwana chifukwa chosiyana zipani sikutukula.
    Chakwera ndi wa opposition and there he’s doing his work and why anthu enanu mukumutukwana?
    Anthu timaona mosiyana.

    And you have to know this, for someone to work extra hard there’s always someone behind him opikisana naye or kumutonza just for him to over perform..

    To me I will say thank you Dr Laz.

    1. guy to be honest mr president have failed to deliever,let smeond take ove dis govment othewise we are going to a very long direction.

    2. amwene ngakhaleso mu bible anthu aMulungu ankakhala pasogolo kusogolera ziko mwachisanzo Daniel ku Babylon anali ndi udindo waukulu

  32. Busy kulimbana ndi ndale the president dont have all what it takes to make electricity mulibe mitu kodi?Magetsi ndi ESCOM yokha?Mukukanika kuganiza panokha failing to lead yourself nde president atani?Asadziwa mavuto a ku Malawi ndi yekhayo yemwe sanakhaleko ndipo sakudziwa kuti kuli Malawi but its not your president its you!!!

    1. Would love to learn from you sir, I know a number of ways of making electricity but looking at my finances i can’t maintain them all except for one yomwe ili yosadalilikaso…. As much as we av failed to lead ourselves the government has failed with us.. The government has resources and money that they can come with a permanent solution to this but no! they choose to be selfish iwo bola zawo zkuyenda… We had Uranium do you know what happened to it? or do you know know what a kilogram can do to this problem?.. If we can lead ourselves nde phindu lokhala ndma leaders ndchan?…

  33. Chakwera being a reverend or father or leader or what, but him like any citizen has a right to express his views and interest and nothing can resist him from that….
    Sometimes we have to live the facts. Current DPP govt of this mutharika is very different to the late mutharika’s one….. this govt is nothing else but just a bunch of loosers. New Malawi doesn’t deserve such a registered Malawi sleeping and useless govt of all times!!!

  34. Bigman Bakili Muluzi already said about this he said to run a government is not simple and its a serious business so don’t spend time keep on blaming who is in the ground your time is coming you will received any kind of talkings will get you also

  35. Mr Chakwela it is not tym for u to compete with the president thus the only way oppositions fail,instead of u sayn wen u get into government u gona do this and that. we wana hear partyz Manufesto now sir If not so you ar goin to regret and Go back to the pulpit thus how God works all in all Theriz no truth in politics

    1. What solutions do you MCP hav to all the problems the country is facing Infact bwana ur not the first to be in opposition the veri same DPP was once an opposition CHITUKUKO CHILUNGAMO NDI CHITETEZO they made it Wat about you?

  36. Am still love peter forever end muziziwa kut enafe a DPP sitilowalowa fb nde mukayika ma comment anu onyoza peter kuona ngat 2019 aluza nde mukunama kwambiri nonse..DPP love uuuuuuu more

  37. Mukawerenga bwino Baibulo atsogoleri amau amulungu ndi anthu a ndale. anthu amenewa amasiyana malo amodzi andale wamba amakhala ankhanza ngati mfumu. Farawo.

  38. Surprise visit to escom now black outs are worse, magesi anathima 10 am dzulo, kuyaka 1 pm lero 30 min later athimaso, we don’t know kuti ayaka liti

  39. Waboza nde ndi yeyo zoona munthu kusiya ntchito ya mulungu kukayamba ndale ananamiza mulungu ndipo mbiri yake ndiyoyipa,chisiru cha muntu ndi galu akagwere uko ,foolish gwape ngati iyeyo ndiwachilungamo asachule dzina LA mzake, phuluzu uyu,his approach of speech to others yimandinyasa ine, i can’t trust him

    1. Sanasiye ntchito yamulungu. Point of correction. He’s still a pastor in assemblies of God. Anasiya u president wa assemblies kufuna wa dziko.

    2. Man Maganizo Anu Ndi Anga Ndiofanana ,, Akanakhala Kuti Amayankhula Bwino Ndi Anzake Zikanakhala Bwino Komanso Ndiwamiseche Nanga Mpaka Kuwalembera Kalata Madonors Zooona ?? Cholinga Chake Chidali Chani ?? Ndale Zake Ndizamakezana.

    3. Ndichimo fukwa zoyankhulidwa zake zimakhala zasontho zokhazokha kuti zako zikuyender,monga mmene akutinamizira chakwerayu nditchimo limeneli,munthu oti ndibusa kumayankhula zopasula ngati zimenezi,ingakhala mu baibulo limene iye amagwiritsa ntchitolo muli mau oti lemekezani atsogoleri anu,kma tikuona apawu ndimwano okhaokha

    4. Ndale ndi chimodi ngati suziwa ,eg achakwera polembera ma donors kalalata kuti asapereke thandizo Ku malawi, mesa amakuphaso ndi iwe yemwe,Joyce Banda anathawa pakomo pake ndi moyo umenewo?


    6. am vry sory wth u medson 4 u have use bad words rebuking mr chakwer,so btwn u and chakwera watukwana nd ndan kmano had u knwn u would hav nt critised this innocent man,bt becoz of ur angry and blindnes thus y ur saing thoz childish n greedy wordz bt otherwis take care coz analipo ana ena osapola pa nchombo amene adanena mtumiki wa mulungu bt they face unexpected, today z nt 2mol ukazazindkir uzaonekera panja,lets try 2 speak kma mwa ulemu,kumuuza nzak kt z a lia doesnt mean u dnt wish him gd NOOOO bt wishng him kut akasintha ndkuyamba kunena zoona anthu ayambe kumukonda n 2 make him nt 2 lia again coz its nt gd,mesa we learn through our mistakes so y u celebrate coz akhala atadziwa njira za bwino nt kumanamiza anthu amene akunva kuwawa nd powerful noiz which z coming 4rom the palace,and distab their eardrum,TIENI TIDZIKULA ANZANGA,am nt worthy bt let the truth flow like water

    1. Bingu had a slogan “Mulole ntchito za manja anga zindichitire umboni” ntchito za pitalaso tikuziwona baba, Jus open your eyes and shine them. stop dreaming braza Dpp won’t win 2019 coz ntchito za Pitala zikumuchitira umboni padakali pano ndipo maso athu tikung’ombora bwino bwino.

  40. Like it or not ,DPP is the party that is losing its decency and decorum at a tremendous stage.And l feel really really bad when l look around and see a huge crowd of blind followers and handclappers of the party, these are the people who despite living miserable and pathetic life continue to praise and bow down before the party simply because of thier political DNA. Anyone,who tries to put some sense in them and civic educate them about the future of this country is to them regarded as Rebelious and antagonist. But my commings and goings have made me realise that most of the people who take government to task and make them get back to work in order to develop this country ,most of them are better off, than those who turn themselves into handclappers.Now, let me say this to all those who think that we are against DPP.”Ladies and gentlemen, when you see us pinpointing the weakness of the current government or complaining of the current situation,that does not neccessariry mean ife nde ovutika kwambiri ayi, Mwinaso ndikutheka tikumenyera nkhondo iwe wemwe.So please, embrace the concerpt of standardisation,look at yourself and ask yourself some soul-searching questions, trust me if you had partriotic leaders,believe you me ,your life would have been a better life by now,l mean if all the reasources for example,were used for the intended purpose,you and l would have been somewhere by now.So,dont take it personal when someone is taking the government to task,is for the benefits of everyone.Without Checks and balances,trust me the economy of this country will continue to nosedive.

    1. Wilson Shamie
      Let’s not do politics and focus on transformation and development of our country.. Not saying who is who just to be more clear let’s wise up Malawians and stop voting coz you have the so so party DNA or the running candidate comes from your side of the district… This will lead us no where.. President amalamulira the whole country not one tribe or district.!


  41. Whoever advises Chakwera to use clude words does not wish him well.Terms like liar are barbaric not fit to come from a man who was preaching the word of God.He is cleansing Mutharika of dirty.Learn from mistakes of Rails who had negative through out

    1. APM ndiwabodza ndizoona ndipo musapsye mtima.Tchimo kumalitchula ndidzina lake monga wanenera Chakwera.Chaka chatha mu October APM aliku Mulanje analiuza dziko kuti Pofika Dec 2o16 kuthimathima kwamagetsi kukhala mbiri yakale ndipo dziko lonse linamva.Lero November 2017 Vuto lija lanyanya.Ndiye tikati ndiwabodza tikulakwa?Amatipatsa chiyembekezo chonama

  42. Kodi MULUNGU akadakhala kuti amaoneka ndi MASO akadamalandila ulemu otani nanga amakwera ndege, car yotani akamagonana nyumba yotani adamakhala dziko lanji Nanga akanakhala olemera bwanji? PADZIKO lonse.
    Pempha langa kwa atsogoleri onse azindikire kt MULUNGU analora kt akhale alipo ndi cholinga siopambana kma Ali nawo cholinga

  43. Chekwera is just another crocodile who is in nyanjaland to smell coffee bt is useless,what is he gonna do even if mr nigga give him power today?bcoz pipo of malawi will never vote for faulse preacher to rule the fireland

  44. Thats very true, am prety sure that one of his aides is a competent liar teller. How on earth wud an older person like peter mutharika tell the whole nation lies when he knows the truth. He still think we are in the dark ages, we dont know anything and him being the lecture at some USA university in the passed makes him educated than everyone. We have a president who is still stuck in the passed, he is not moving with time. Chakwera is the person who wiLL deriver malawi from poverty and evil created by peter mutharika and his dpp. May The almighty lord help us remove this govt in 2019.

  45. Kodi inu a Chakwera mukukhala ngati inu mudzabweretsa change kuno ku Malawi bwanji???????????????????????? For sure take it from me————– simungawine. Ngati church chinakulakani nanga dziko mungalithe. Nanunso mudzanama. Lets watch and see.

    1. It seems inu a Gertrude zinthu zikuyenda. Can’t you see what Dr Chakwera is talking about? Electricity blackouts, corruption in government, shielding of corrupt ministers, siphoning of our money in.parastatals, the list is long! He shamelessly makes promises which are never fulfilled! In 2015 he promised that power blackouts will end by the end of 2016, have they? On many occasions he has mentioned that Mombera University in Mzimba is under construction yet the place is all bush with no foundation on site. Malawi really needs a new president to try out as this one has clearly been a let down!!!

  46. Kho kho kho mwalasa abwana, peter kunama too much amati generator ina yanyamuka chonsecho bodza lenileni uyu nde zamukanika

    1. sakulandila kathu ?? ku paliament amakapangako chani ??? amzake amathandizatu athu ngakhale asali mboma uyu sayabe wapeleka chithandizo kwa athu amizi olo njinga kuti azithandizikila athu akumuzi zikawavuta monga kunya mulira matenda kupita kuchipatala iyi ndi mbava wabisala mbatata msana ukuwoneke mkuluyutu ndi wadyela aneneri onyenga awa

    2. msogoleli ndiye oyenela kuthandiza athu ovutika ine ndilipali kuzisakila ndekha ma RANDS sindi dalila mboma. ndikafina kuthu ndi magwira ntchito. komano kumuziko kuli athu olo ntchito sangagwire. monga okalamba olumala ndi ena otelo amene alindizofowoka moti sangakwanise kugwira ntchito ndiye ofukakuwathandizawo osati ngati ine wamphavu zache thats why ndili kuno kuzazisaka mbomatu silingasangalase aliyense mudziko ngati suku dziwa!!!

  47. Funsoli likampeze chakwera kodi inu achakwera mukazakhala kui mwawina muzafuna kuti madonor ndi ma overseas countries akuthandizeni? Poti mudakawauza kale kuti asiye kuthandiza malawi ngakhale kuti sindinu president, muzanenako konse kui boma la dpp palibe chomwe limachita koma kusakaza ndalama? Nanga ndalamazo sizomwe mukulesazo kuti zisafike? Inu muzayendesa ndindalama za kunyumnba kwanu? Kapena munaba kumpingo? Ndiyetu mpimgowo uzakuvutani

  48. Iwenso chakwera ndiye wabodza namba1, unamunamiza mulungu kuti udzamutumikira koma lero taona watsata zam’dziko wagwa m’manja mwake. Iwe ndiye wabodza lonyatsitsitsa, ndiye ngakhale utayamba kulamula dziko ungathandidze anthu iwe hmm Chakwera ayi ndithu ndakayika.

    1. I think ur just a moslem who doesnt know the preaching of God. who could you say a person in the calibre of Chakwera lie to God. is tlour God capable of being decieved?? know that our God dont sleep and cant be decieved. learn something from ur religion bro.

    2. Anthu Ngati Inu Mumandidabwitsa Kwambiri, Anakuwuzani Kuti Kutumikilara Mulungu Kuli Ku Church Kokha Ndindani?Anthu Timatumikila Mulungu Munjira Zambiri Bola Ngati Ukuthandizira Ena Kupeza Chipulumutso Pa Moyo Wawo.Tele Or Aphunzitse Amatumikiranso Mulungu Munjira Yophunzitsa Anthu.Musiye Kuganiza Kuti Ngati Sindinu Abusa Kapena Ashehe Ndekuti Sindunu Otumikira Mulungu.

    3. Sindipembedza Mafano Koma Mulungu Yekha,ndimangofuna Kukutsutsa Zakuti Chakwera Anasiya Kutumikira Mulungu Poti Anayamba Ndale.Chakwera Kapena Muthalika SiMulungu Wathu Ayi.

  49. Kod mwat nkulu ameneu anakhalapo m’busa or its just a joke? Ever since b4 sindidaoneko m’bambo wamijedo ngat abusa anuwa.

    1. iwe umayidziwa mijedo? kupepera ndithu..chimenecho ndichilungamo wayankhula chakwerayo coz wauza mtundu wa amalawi onse poyerayera not kukambira kumbali ayii..

    2. Bertha umaganixa ngat abusa aChakwera et? Kkkkk r u telng me dat driver n a passenger r de same? Am just too sorry for u.

    3. Kuphatikiza Mijedo Mkuluyu Ameneyu Leadership Mulibe Ndipo Anthu Akumukondawa Tsiku Lina Adzalira Mayi Koto Ine. Ndimunthu Oipa Komanso Kuyambira Kalekale Mkamwa Mwake Amatulusa Mawu Ovunda.

    4. Kma olo ali munthu amafunika adxikhala ndiumunthu osati izi tikuonazi,iye monga munthu amene anali busa wauthenga wabwino,bwezi akubweretsa umodxi osati kupasula

    5. Ine nditangonva xot mkulu wina wasia ubusa ndipo wayamba ndale chomwe ndimaembekexa nkunva kut m’kulu ameneu Ali okonxeka kuthetsa ndale (politicts) ndikusogolera Malawi ngat ziko opanda chipani cha ndale (political party). My msg to right hon. Chakwera, ndale mukupangaz ndixamake dxana, u btr cm up with constructive plans to buy Malawians empathy otherwise am too sorry to u n all ur supporters. Zomwe mukupangaz ask hon JZU am sure he can direct you, koma mukaxitenga nokha kukhala anzeru aChakwera blv me muthetsa chip an.

    6. I think John Chilembwe Day is nothing in our country according to your comment….by the way was John Chilembwe right kumenyera ufulu?…you can explain to me better as Chakwera ndi abusa and Chilembwe John mwina sanali abusa

    7. As long as Malwians live, Dpp will never ever win come 2019, infact this party so called Dpp will have a landslide losing coz nde anthuwa afikapo…paliponse abepo”?…ndinabetsa vote 2014 ndithu..even xul ikuvuta kupanga assignments just bcoz of these so called blackouts and load sheddng…Dpp has failed Malawians and mark my words, mufune musafune, Dpp will never win…chimanga anaba chija sichinakwane kod???????

    8. Bambo Bernard, kumawelenga nkhan ndikuinvesetsa musadayankhule chakukhosi, coz zikuoneka kt sitilinso limodzi, anyway lts wait n c cm 2019.

    9. John Chilembwe was a chosen pastor to me i.e, mind u Mr Chiphiko, Chilembwe was not a politician, while Chakwera he is a politician. A finger and toe its almost the same bt it works differently, u gt my pnt?

    10. Maudindo anapatsa anthu a Chewa okha okha sikudzikonda kumeneko? Ndiye adzinena za nepotism pamene iwowo zawo zili thoooo. Kummwera siomwewa a Mia basi? Akutokota koma kungotenga boma anthu ake ndiomwewa azayambepo kudandaula.

    11. Ma ulemerero apachalo chino. Komano na ine kungoti Mulungu wandiitana lero kut ndikhale m’busa ndipo ndikhoza kunyadira koobas, ine kumalankhulana ndi Mulungu aaaaaasaa ulipo udindo oposa umenewu? Ukufuna ulemerero wa dziko lapansi umaupeza komano ngosakhalitsa. Basi kufuna kulankhula ndi azungu basi? ?zimandikhuzatu mbili inali ya bwino bwino komano mwalolera kuinonga kamba ka 2 tambala. Pepani uncle

  50. I agree with u Mr president, without sitting on the bench, let me tell u pple , Mutharika is being blindly led, will cry a fool when the guys will find the truth , they are a lot of stories from the Government side thru their watch dog (Malawi voice) that Malawi is doing well, where are we doing well?

  51. Koma achakwelanawo. nanu siuja mumapita kwazungu kumakanamiza kuti boma la malawi osalithandiza ndalama? pomwe ndalamazo zothandiza wanthu wosauka.

    1. Simuidziwabe DPP.Mwaiwala kuti dpp idawina ili yotsutsa ndye mukuona ngati 2019 ikhoza kudzaluza?.Mcp iwalani zowina.Mwapusitsidwa ndi chisankho chija chachibwereza.Amene aja ndima group stages dikirani masewerowa akafika mu round of 16 muidziwa bwinobwino dpp

    2. #Mussah, udzakavota wekha? Chigulu chochuluka chimene sichikusangalala ndi ulamulilo wa DPP sichikavota nawo 2019? I once voted for DPP in 2009 when Bingu was the leader, NOT pitala iyayi

    3. Amwene #John,kodi ndaleza pamalawi simunazizolowelebe? Mcp idapanga mbirizoyipa mdzikomuno zimene athusadzayiwala makamaka anthu akumwela samalakalaka atalamulidwa ndi mcp nanji mtsogoleli wake ndikukhalanso wa pakati elsh mistake.

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