Motorcycle thief jailed for 9 years


The Ntchisi First Grade Magistrate Court on Tuesday sentenced a man aged 30 to nine years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a motorcycle.

The motorcycle belong to Yohane Kachitenji, 30, of Thundu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kasakula in Ntchisi.

CourtThe court heard that the convict together with another thief on the night of September 12 2017 broke and entered into the house of Kachitenji with intent to steal therein.

In the house, the thieves stole one SAN LG motorcycle valued at K800,000.

The owner of the motorcycle alerted community members about the stolen motorcycle and they mounted a snap roadblock.

The two were later found riding the motorcycle but the community members only managed to catch the other thief while Banda escaped with the motorcycle.

The convict’s friend was burnt to death by the irate mob.
Banda the convict was arrested a few days later and police managed to recover the motorcycle.
In court, he pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and stealing a motorcycle.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Dorothy Kalua said the offences committed are serious in nature hence the offender deserved a stiff punishment to send as a warning to others.

The court also learnt that the convict in May 2012 was sentenced to 4 years IHL for stealing a motorcycle and in April 2015 he was also sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with hard labour for burglary and theft.

Magistrate Kalua therefore sentenced Banda to 9 years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a motorcycle and 36 months for burglary. The sentences will run concurrently.

Banda comes from Malenga Village in the area of Traditional Authority Malenga in Ntchisi.



  1. Mmmm its too mach for real moto cycle,,,,if other countries with gud conditioned prisons milandu ngat iyi ammpasa miyez,,for him 2 or 3 years wud be better,wina kuba ma ndalama za chimanga akungozungulira ntown,, ena cashgate mukungowayang’ana,,,mphaw akungolira

  2. This type of judgement leave a lot to desire. This is not only in Malawi but Zambia as well. A person kills another get 3yrs. One who steals a chicken goes in for 6 years as first offender. That is bull crap!

  3. That’s unfair let justice flow like water. Zoona nine years for a motorbike shame on you. Prisons in Nyasaland(Malawi) are for the poor Nyasalanders.

  4. This is no longer funny. This is dangerous.. I dont know what is the problem with Ntchisi judges…… Why so long jail sentence to this poor countryman?

  5. this reminds me of proportionalities at sec xul. it simply shows that in malawi amount of money grafted is inversely proportional to jail sentence.

  6. koma akakhala wogwirira,wopezeka ndi ziwalo,kupha anthu 4eg alubino,kusowetsa ana kapena kuwagulitsa kumene,kupha munthu mwadaladala! mumangoti life in prison 4 7 years komwekoso mukamuphuzitsa ntchito nde mwapanga chani! wakundende amakhalaso ndimwayi ngati umenewu? nde apa tidziti kunde ndikwabwino? kapena nkoyipa? man mwadala mwavayako mukaphuzira ntchito zomwe anthu osapalamulawa akuzisowazi!

  7. mphwanga unafoila wezi,ma days ano timahasula dola osati ngini,pa low ukatuluka ukangoshavula cash basi,oba ndalama sakhala ku ndende

  8. Motor Cycle Not Worth More Than 1 Million But Gets 9years But One Steals More Than 1 Billion But Gets Less Than 10 Yrs Kkkkkk

    1. that’s how it is , here in Zambia if someone steals just one Cob of maize is going to be charged with more years than that one who has stolen thousands of bags

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