US extends travel warning to Zomba, Blantyre

Blood suckers Malawi

The United States Embassy in Malawi has advised its citizens in Malawi to avoid traveling to Blantyre and Zomba districts following violence over reports of blood sucking.

The Embassy in September advised US citizens not travel to Mulanje and to exercise extreme caution if traveling to Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Nsanje, and Phalombe Districts.

Blood sucker Malawi
Residents watch as a suspected bloodsuckers dies

Now the Embassy has increased the number of places Americans should avoid, urging US citizens in Malawi to be careful when going to Blantyre and Zomba districts.

“We strongly encourage U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Mulanje District and exercise extreme caution if traveling to Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Nsanje, and Phalombe Districts, as well as rural parts of Blantyre and Zomba districts,” says a Security Message for U.S. Citizens the Embassy released on October 18.

The Embassy already banned its staff from going to Mulanje due to the ongoing acts of vigilante justice stemming from rumours of persons attempting to steal blood from local residents for ritualistic use.

“Additionally, U.S. Embassy personnel now require explicit permission to travel to Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Nsanje, and Phalombe Districts, as well as rural parts of Blantyre and Zomba districts, due to reports of intimidation, high tensions, and vigilante justice in those areas stemming from the same rumours,” says the message.

Since September 15th at least seven people have been murdered in the Southern Region of Malawi for being or collaborating with suspected “blood suckers” along with multiple injuries, property damage, threats and acts of intimidation.

Recently, President Peter Mutharika conducted interface meetings with people in Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Phalombe, and Nsanje where he warned that his government would sternly deal with anyone caught perpetrating the crime.

He added that his government will deploy more police officers into the districts.

“If anyone is caught in relation to blood sucking rumours, he or she will face a severe penalty because the situation is hindering progress in the country,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader also called on religious leaders to intervene into the matter through prayers to end the myths of blood sucking that have rocked parts of the country.



  1. Nkhani ndi umphawi Malawi nchifukwa zoyipa zambili zikumachikila kuno ku Malawi, mkutheka aboma akuziwapo kanthu koma chinsinsi ndichimene chakula, koma amalawi tiyeni titsekule maso, mkutheka alipo anthu wochepa alandira ndalama kuti azipanga zimenezi, koma akuphetsa anthu wosalakwa, chikondi ndichisoni pamalawi zinatha, yendani mosamala kwambili,

  2. Guys which means US star governing the nation, please Tell a lot. And their is vampires around this warm heart of Africa, if kamuzu could be alive you should be saying something

  3. Amwene, Kodi ndio ma kalidwe abwanji menewa? Blood suckers ni zilombo zotani? Ufontini otele siufunika, lekani kuvutisa anthu opanda mulandu.

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  5. But what ever it is, I think there is something which is really happening, imagine the whole country can’t fabricate a story like this, I was shocked to listen the news from some medias in Nzasi about this blood sackers… Countries affected are Malawi and Mozambique I don’t know which is which

  6. When it is political isue media reporters quickly give concrete information.Why medias are afraid of going places where such malpractises are common to observe and compile a tangible report?We have more police officers and millitary offecers why pple are put to dealth yet the matter just need tighting security?NGOs your only duty is threaten gvt with demos as if u are speaking for the pple yet u want to bring food on your table?Religious leaders too slow to react we need national deliverance.

  7. Ziwalolanibe ma hero, achina Beyonce kaya mumati anut Rihanà ,adzti tufuna kukuthandizani while they know what they need to plant in your country,if associciate urseif with devils, expect evil deeds around you

  8. Rumours are are spread and easly bealived,if not handled carefuly can b dangerous,especially in a country like Malawi where many quickly bealive things like this

  9. Plz Tak It Srious The Rumar Cant Spread Wthout An Action,inu Amene Mukukana Ndinu Amene Mukupanga Nde Mukutsutsa Ndicolinga Cot Anthu Apuse Inu Mupitilize Zanuzo Kma Samalani Kugwidwa Tikuotca Pompo Coz Kukumangan Okutumaniyo Akakutulutsan,

  10. That’s what you wanted some of you. You know the thinking of majority of people of this land. What they here anything like that they behave differently. Why should you keep on spreading the false allegation! No tangible evidence.

    1. You are killing innocent people! And some of you are already taken to jail. May God punish these bandit. I hope those who got arrested will get rotten in jail.

  11. These are false allegations, we need full report from the hospital if someone is sucked blood,
    How many innocent people are dead already just suspecting they are blood suckers?
    No one is dead as a result of she/he been sucked blood. There is no real evidence!
    Kungotiwonongela mbili ya dziko basi!

  12. Paja mumati akumulanje ndi umbuli ukuwapangisa nde pano ziri kwainu kkkkk akupopeni baas aliyense apopedwe kumeneko muphye mtima nanu…

  13. This issue is disturbing our inner peace. as I am writting rightnow, one woman here in Sigerege (CHIROMONI ) is believed to be sucked , she is oozing blood on her finger. We are running up and down the streets rightnow and the current situation is so pathetic.. HOPE GOD WILL HELP US!!!!

    1. Since you have someone claiming she’s been sucked or whatever, those are the people who need to bring the information up, what happened, who did it all sorts of evidence has to be brought forward to carry her claim not base on illusions

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  15. DPP samalani ndichipani chotsutsa chikupanga zimenezi,sine wandale kwanga ndikuunikila,chipani chotsutsa kwake ndikupha ndikuononga,cholamuliranso kwake ndikupha ndikuononga. Abale samalani!

  16. ndikupempha opopawa kupopa aliyense amene akutchula amalawi myandamyanda kuti ndi mbuli. anthu akuvutika gyz osamangozitengela zinthu chibwana there’s visible evidence . osamazimva kuphuzila kapena kuzindikila chifukwa sizinakupezen

  17. ndikupempha opopawa kupopa aliyense amene akutchula amalawi myandamyanda kuti ndi mbuli. anthu akuvutika gyz osamangozitengela zinthu chibwana there’s visible evidence . osamazimva kuphuzila kapena kuzindikila chifukwa sizinakupezen

    1. We have no security force in Malawi, imagine yesterday police at chatha ran away when the man suspected of sucking blood was caught instead of them helping. we are indeed in great danger

  18. No matter they say its satanic bt ignorance is playing its role on this matter i can see this matter escalating to most parts of malawi bt not in the north malawi cos less illiterate intellectuals compared to south no one wl die in the north

    1. iwe wanangwa ndiwe opusa wava!! anthu akutaya miyoyo yawo & now ur talking about regions & education here!!! ukuona ngati ku South kulibe anthu akumpoto oti atha kukumananso ndi tsoko langati limeneri?? iwe umakudziwa ku blantyre or Lilongwe?? wandikayikitsa heavy!! iwe siunayende iwe ndithu!

    2. I’m not worried with blood suckers because it seems they only appear to dimwits engulfed in imagination but what worries me is the people’s will to wreck havoc and kill innocent people over baseless allegations. This is so worrying and its an indication of the degree of ignorance and stupidity people of southern region suffer compared to other regions

    3. What Wanangwa Abel Zimba has said is very unfortunate. We shouldn’t be celebrating when our friends in the south are having sleepless nights. What would Zimba say if the north it attacked? Would he not eat his vomit! Let’s find solution as malawian.

    4. What Wanangwa Abel Zimba has said is very unfortunate. We shouldn’t be celebrating when our friends in the south are having sleepless nights. What would Zimba say if the north it attacked? Would he not eat his vomit! Let’s find solution as malawian.

    5. U mst b out of ur mind. What has this issue got to do with education? U are jst good for nothing. So northeners are smarter than the whole country, nonsense. Dont tell me that the northern part wont be victimized bcz they r the ones playing these cards.

    6. Nobody had died for being sucked blood, 9 have been killed for being suspected to be blood suckers, nobody has been transfused for anaemia for having his bloid sucked, nobody has been admitted,all the 9 innocently killed had no time for trial, no time to defend themselves, and no any other equipment .May God forgive you all lunatics involved in this.

    7. True little knowledge is very dangerous they believe too much in superstitious umbulidi zochitisa manyazi or even kumaiko akunja Malawi imatchuka ndiufiti

    8. harvey ha walima.ndikuuze pano kt khan yomwe ukunenai kt palibe amene wamwalila chfukwa chopopedwa magaz ukunama here n machinjr athu atatu amwalilira ku qeez chfukwa chopopedwa komweko be carefull

    9. Am here this barbaric act northerners wont dwell in it cos its just lack of civic education how can you kill people frm hearsays i repeat thats umbuli kumusiko thats umbuli where is the victims of blood suckers with visible evidence


    11. Muli ndi mwayi poti akulamula ndi ambuya anu nkukanakhala ndi anthu apa central or north akupha osazengedwa choncho bwezi mbwezi mbuya wanu atalamula kale apolisi ndi asilikali kuti agwilepo ntchito what is the use of having a court in malawi if you just kill like that is it stateless country

    12. If i was a president i would have arrested you all and brought you to court to show us your visible evidences that the guy deserve to die in a heartless way like cause he committed the offence of which you accuse him of doing otherwise i wl press a murder case on you

    13. Wanangwa Abel Zimba i can see you are just big with sma brain udolo koma yet you know nothing umbuli wake uti munenawo ukadakhala kuti siiwe mbuli sukadabwera apa with ur stupid comments you know blood sucking by name not experience

    14. Do more investigations to what happened with the kid , far from being sucked blood, the fear that has settled in the community will point at any accident as blood suckers.

    15. i cant believe a thing which doesnt exist, that fear you have is bringing chaos out there, chaos without basis, you cant wait for someone to be transfused or die so you kill a mad man, you kill a groom akupita koonekera, you kill a chief because he has bought a bike, you kill 2 people going for prayers, who is causing more damage, you or the blood suckers??

  19. “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” – Adolf Hitler 8 people now innocently killed for being suspected as blood suckers yet nobody has died cuz of being sucked blood. Nobody has presented to the hospital needing blood transfusion for his/her blood being sucked. Mass hysteria

    1. Dave, walking down the streets and just one suspects you then you are gone, just like that, no trial, you cant defend yourself, and those people killed are just like you, some even believe in the blood suckers, you will understand when someone thinks you are a suspect.

    2. Malawians are easily convinced, i remember one evening a greater multitude slept outside cuz of a rumour that an earthquake will strike that night, despite efforts by the radios and experts crushing this, Malawians had already believed

  20. Southern region is embarrassing malawi, honestly these senseless killings of innocent people is making us all seem like ignoramuses from a 20BC barbarian society, oh wait, malawi is already a barbarian society

  21. This is so pathetic, if the current situation is not handled diligently as quickly as possible, then we are in for a huge quagmire….innocent souls being tortured and evilly killed.
    Last days indeed

  22. She has eyes,ears. In addition she care for her staff and their USA citizens, but what Malawi president? I hope he enjoy sucking too.

  23. TOO bad,,,,if US has done that,,,,,pliz atsogoleri athu siyani kunyalanyaza pakamachitika chinthu it takes you ages to act which stipulates failure,,,,,zinayambikatu ngati macheza lero its like bush fires

    1. Iweyo , amati chotsa cha m diso lako ndipo uchose cha nzako. Iyeyo angachenjeza dziko lanu pitala wanu ntchito yake ndi cha.azipopamagazi. akuchenjeza anthu akwao kuti asamale athu kufera za ena NDE walakwanso. Akuziwa iyeyo usilu wapita.

  24. A malawi umbuli siudzatha mwamvaaaa . Dziko lopabda mtsogolereli ili.

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