Wandale roars: Invites the UK to Thyolo, Mulanje inauguration ceremony

Thyolo Mulanje

In the world of controversial leader Vincent Wandale, Thyolo and Mulanje districts officially seceded from Mainland Malawi in a matter of weeks.

The Peoples Land Organization (PLO) leader has now started inviting ‘other’ nations to strike diplomatic ties with Thyolo and Mulanje, which according to him operate under the African Traditionalist Government of the United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST).

Thyolo Mulanje
Wandale and his cabinet

The PLO has since sent an invitation to the United Kingdom to the swearing in ceremony of MUST President and other top dignitaries slated to take place on 26th October 2017 in Thyolo district.

The invitation which Malawi24 has seen cites the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and attaches MUST’s certificates.

The Malawi government maintains the two districts remain in Malawi something which is not the case if what Wandale has been doing lately like announcing his cabinet Ministers is any thing to go by.

The PLO argues that people in the two districts are not empowered and that they are deprived ownership of their own land.

Colonialists own part of land on which they have big tea farms.

Wandale has overtime said he will do anything possible so that the people in the two districts are empowered hence going for the idea of secession.



  1. Signs of madness, he is fighting for the land which is currently in the hands of white farmers and then is inviting the UK to the swearing in ceremony. Mr Wandale please stop smoking cannabis.

  2. bwanawo ndaao avala cipedzu cacisotiwo??????????? koma ndunazi ku KIA amakudziwa kuti akalandile alendo a ku inauguration??????????

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