Mutharika deserves five more years – says Ben Phiri


Former presidential aide Ben Phiri has urged Malawians to re-elect President Peter Mutharika for a second term in 2019 saying there is no one to replace him as president of the country.

Speaking on the local media, Phiri said Malawi has no alternative leader who can save the country from problems that have rocked the nation.

Peter Mutharika

Malawians should give you five more years, Phiri (L) seems as telling. Mutharika. – File.

“Every president is entitled to two terms, why not him after all he does, who goes and bring alternative because there is no alternative, it is good of Malawians to have the current president continue,” said Phiri.

He added that Malawi will only find another leader deserving of the presidency once Mutharika completes his second term in 2024.

But social commentator Rafiq Hajat faulted Phiri’s sentiments saying Malawians are the ones to make decision and not an individual.

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials have for several times claimed that Mutharika will represent the party in the 2019 elections and that he will go on to win the elections.

However, several political experts have faulted party’s decision saying it does not reflect democracy adding that the party should hold a convention to allow other people to contest with Mutharika.


One Comment

  1. Mukunena nokha kuti the problems have rocked the nation, ndiye fuso ndi lakuti, panopa president ndindani?

    Ndiye kuti zamuvuta kaya. Ena abweleko kuti adzapange unrock the problem.

    Shame on u phiri!

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