Dan Lu on love fight

The onset of October brought a worth following story involving Afro Pop star Dan Lu which propelled Malawi24 to follow with keen interest.

As announced last month, the singer honoured his promise of releasing a song titled Musiye on 1st October. It has proven to be another surprise since he has embraced a new style which is trending.

Dan Lu
Dan Lu: Released a song titled Musiye.

The hype which surrounded the project prior to release has been justified looking at high quality in which the work has been put in. Having worked with great talent in music production, priceless quality was an assurance.

With reference to previous news reports, the singer recorded the song at 5 Star Records in Nigeria where his collaboration partner in Sweet Banana, K’Cee, is signed. Its video was shot in Tanzania by Diamond Platinum’s Wasafi.

Musiye is purely a love song which meets international standards. Although it is in Chichewa language, one can still argue that it is destined for a greatness. It conveys a message that concerns people in general irrespective of border barriers.

Musiye advises those who negatively judge other people’s love partners based on how they look, to desist from that, considering that they do not know the strengths of those they judge negatively.

“Ife takonda onenepa, umvekere akamadusa ngati usanze, pamene anzako kuno tikudikira afika nthawi zanji, usaphwekese usaphwekese ameneyo ndi deal ya nzako, undimvesese undimvesese wakoyo ndi panja pa nzako,” sounds part of the first verse.

Musiye follows the same style as Davido’s If and Fall, Diamond Platinum’s Eneka, and Mafikizolo’s Love portion among other chart topping hits in the continent. The Malawian boy’s voice goes softer but sweeter with this type of beats.

The single will be included in his album as he promised to be dropping singles prior to album release. According to Dan, the album will be a compilation of the singles.