Egenco switches off power in the face of Chilima

Saulos Chilima

The Malawi Vice President had a rude awakening on Thursday when instead of praying, he had to experience the real Malawi.

Power cut marred Vice President Saulos Chilima’s appearance at Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) prayers in Lilongwe on Thursday evening.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima:Face power cut.

The Thursday prayers were part of month-long prayers the church has been holding in September at Bingu National Stadium.

According to one Gerald Kampanikiza, Escom cut power at the stadium shortly after Chilima arrived.

“He came around 17:45. The sermon started well but around 18:30 there was blackout up to the end of the sermon and he spoke using temporally bulbs,” wrote Kampanikiza in a Facebook post.

Other reports show that power was restored after a few minutes.

Some commenters on Kampanikiza’s post sympathised with the vice president while others were happy to note that a high profile person was also affected by the power cuts.

Malawi has been experiencing persistent power cuts over the past few months due to low water levels in the Shire River.



  1. We can have mental problems but to think that switching off lights when the VP is there shows our lack of respect and integrity. If the intention was to embarrass him, we embarrassed the entire country. Ndale is unpredictable game. Don’t come back to Malawians and start complaining that you have been mistreated when things change. If whoever did it is 35 years and below I say wait for your day, not long, you will understand the world, if he is over then wait to die miserably and regretting.

  2. Chilimayo ndiye anapereka dziko la Malawi ku mbava za dpp. Nayenso awone kuwawa kokhala mu mdima. Kkkkkkk

  3. Wasted their time Vice President is not Escom he found Escom tapping from a river and deforestation was or is done by People.Chilima is a hot cake our Vice President our Church Elder from biggest Church take note!

  4. Notice that area 3, 10 and 43 are exempt from power cuts. Seems like the elite living in these areas do not have to share in the countries load shedding. Fact….The power problems are man made due to lack of planning and management.

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