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By September 29, 2017

The Malawi Vice President had a rude awakening on Thursday when instead of praying, he had to experience the real Malawi.

Power cut marred Vice President Saulos Chilima’s appearance at Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) prayers in Lilongwe on Thursday evening.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima:Face power cut.

The Thursday prayers were part of month-long prayers the church has been holding in September at Bingu National Stadium.

According to one Gerald Kampanikiza, Escom cut power at the stadium shortly after Chilima arrived.

“He came around 17:45. The sermon started well but around 18:30 there was blackout up to the end of the sermon and he spoke using temporally bulbs,” wrote Kampanikiza in a Facebook post.

Other reports show that power was restored after a few minutes.

Some commenters on Kampanikiza’s post sympathised with the vice president while others were happy to note that a high profile person was also affected by the power cuts.

Malawi has been experiencing persistent power cuts over the past few months due to low water levels in the Shire River.


  1. EGENCO sithimisa magetsi, imathimitsa magetsi ndi ESCOM

  2. Its Normal ,put Politics Aside And Will See That This Can Happen Even To Mr APM And To Mr Lazalo .

  3. Zakhala bwino mpofunikanso a treasurely amdumphise malipiro a October alaweko mwina angakumbukireko zomwe amanena pa campain za machenje

  4. We can have mental problems but to think that switching off lights when the VP is there shows our lack of respect and integrity. If the intention was to embarrass him, we embarrassed the entire country. Ndale is unpredictable game. Don’t come back to Malawians and start complaining that you have been mistreated when things change. If whoever did it is 35 years and below I say wait for your day, not long, you will understand the world, if he is over then wait to die miserably and regretting.

  5. Ubwino wake wadziwakonso naye mavuto akumalawi

  6. Zachamba says:

    Chilimayo ndiye anapereka dziko la Malawi ku mbava za dpp. Nayenso awone kuwawa kokhala mu mdima. Kkkkkkk

  7. where is the red star campaign, city councils are too corrupt that they cant demolish the old houses in our cities, so are ESCOM

  8. Kkklkk.. Facing the “Bamboocraat”. Bullshit!!!

  9. Kudelera big man eti

  10. Ob Thauzen says:

    Wat a strange their black out is our culture.

  11. Olo akanamenyedwanso.. nobody cares… ife tinazolowela kumeneee

  12. Wasted their time Vice President is not Escom he found Escom tapping from a river and deforestation was or is done by People.Chilima is a hot cake our Vice President our Church Elder from biggest Church take note!

  13. weston nyama says:

    That’s gud they have to see what is happening.

  14. Anachita bwino kuzimisa kuti wins aphye mtima

  15. Azaphweketsa!

  16. Saulos Bin Omar, if u dont know English u better write in chichewa or yao. Usakondenso kunyoza kapena kutukwana

  17. Poor Malawi i ding wi wll dead with poverty antill life afta death,Cryng ov u Mr president En Mr VP

  18. Big up Egenco…

  19. Zili bho

  20. Nice VIP s should also know that there’s black out in the country.

  21. Jamz Gomz says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk-k-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-k-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk–kkkkkkk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wakula wadziwona.

  22. musatichosese ntchito chifukwa cha bodza lanu

  23. Pajatu ndiomwewa amati Egeco izathesa vuto lakuzimzima kwa magetsi zataninso kuzima magetsi pamanso pa VP, wasala zakeyo

  24. Amen

  25. Who Is Chilima Nonsese We Do,nt A Leader Here Bustard .

  26. Notice that area 3, 10 and 43 are exempt from power cuts. Seems like the elite living in these areas do not have to share in the countries load shedding. Fact….The power problems are man made due to lack of planning and management.

  27. Is he back from abroad Mr IBu?

  28. 100% &conguratulations EGENCO

  29. That is not news, it’s a norm

  30. I wish they could do to the president aswel ….. remember we all called Malawians n the prblm z for all of us .

  31. Towards blackout all day

  32. Am very sure somebody is going to loose his job.

  33. Chilima ndi dilu@,

  34. Tamalembanko za kuchedwa kwa malipiro iz mzopanda phindu

  35. How is chilima inese ndine vip mufamily yanga my wife president ine vip zawusilu

  36. he feel how we feel akazima. mwinako angapange zanzeru kuti asamazime.

  37. How is chilima inese ndine vip mufamily yanga my wife president ine vip zawusilu

  38. Malawi as a country has no Electricity that’s fact#

  39. zosagalasa kwambiri keep it up

  40. Za Zii!

  41. Eginco?…..dzila la munthu

  42. Nkhani yabwino

  43. Keep it up Eginco

  44. kkkk….thus anice development…… sinanga athuwa tikamawauza kut magesi akuvuta amat ndife openga

  45. Lol eti “the real Malawi”

  46. Malawi 24 is this true

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