SA health minister lambasts African presidents

Peter Mutharika

South African health minister Aaron Motsoaledi has produced the highlight of the World Health Organisation (WHO) regional meeting in Zimbabwe having fired shots at African presidents.

Motsoaledi: Angry with African leaders

In his remarks on Monday, Motsoaledi blasted African leaders for lack of faith in the health facilities the continent has to offer. This, he said, makes them to seek medical assistance abroad.

The minister branded the behaviour, health tourism, which he said Africa has to be ashamed of considering that it is the only continent whose leaders go abroad for medical services.

“I have said this before and I will say it again: We are the only continent that has its leaders seeking medical services outside the continent, outside our territory. We must be ashamed of that. This is called health tourism. We must promote our own,” he said as quoted by BBC.

His scourge transcended to international companies which, he argued, have indirectly captured the continent. The minister said some products by international companies are killing Africa, citing Coca cola as an example.

Opening the 67th session of the gathering was Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe. The continent’s oldest ruler is among the presidents that fall victim to Dr Motsoaledi’s venom.

Mugabe flies to Singapore whenever the need for medical services arises. Recently Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari returned to Nigeria from London, United Kingdom where he spent over three months receiving medical attention.

Last year, President Peter Mutharika spent weeks in the United States of America getting treatment for rheumatism. Mutharika initially went to the US to attend the United Nations General Assembly but extended his stay for the medical treatment. He later claimed that it could have been unwise to leave good doctors in the US and come back to Malawi without getting treatment.


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  1. Who cares what a representative for a God-hating terrorist regime has to say? Maybe he should care more about his nation being the AIDS capital of the world (and “coincidentally” the sanctuary state for homosexuals in Africa).

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