Malema, Chishimba banned from Malawi


South African and Zambian firebrand opposition politicians Julius Malema and Saviour Chishimba have been banned from coming into Malawi.


A letter signed by Minister of Internal Affairs Grace Chiumia and addressed to South African Airways and the Immigration department has declared the two prohibited immigrants in Malawi.

This follows information that the two were to join former minister Moses Kumkuyu in a conference for the Transformation Alliance which is a pressure group he founded.

Transformation Alliance was founded to fight against corruption and hold leaders to account. This was to be their first international conference.

Kambwili was the one who unravelled the corruption syndicate which saw the fall of former agriculture minister George Chaponda.

Earlier he had posted that he had cancelled his trip to come and speak in Malawi because of security concerns.

Saviour Chishimba
Banned Saviour



  1. Yes Malema mustn’t come to Malawi mtsogoleri bwanji osakambapo zogwirizanitsa always azungu adzipita kwawo,amphedwe azungu.Palibe chanzeru akunkuyu angufuna potchukila zinawavuta kalekale

  2. Guys uwu ndiye usavegi weni weni. How can government accept such nonsense? Opposition parties from other countries basi kumakambirana zogwetsa boma mdziko mommuno. Izo ndiye ndi ntopola ndipo kulikonse sizingathe. Who are the kunkuyu’s and ndi mbiri yanji? Dont blame governmnt olo muli inuyo adani akubwera kumazapanga upo in you r presence. Malema ndi wosokoneza ku Joni and both parties are failures what are they going to assist their fellow failure. Big up governemnt.

  3. akuti phwanyila ufulu achinyamatafe,why banning Malemia? when will these come to stop?

  4. Malawi needs to avoid taking sides in foreign politics tinaoka uchitsilu when opposition won in Zambia and when we tried to act clever against UK high commission. .as a country we are nto important to any other countries jobs..economy.…entertainment…defence…or anything malawi does not benefit or help any one depend on us as we don’t produce any good or service which matter or of unique nature

    Therefore we need to shut the duck up

  5. I don’t understand autocratic leadership of Malawian government. During apartheid Kamuzu Banda was behind it giving a word of encouragement to SA Apartheids govt. Now Malema and Chishimba. Malawi doesn’t deserve to be in Africa, because it always behind oppressor. There are worst people to be banned from entering Malawi not people who are fighting a good fight like Malema and Chishimba. Take note you Peter Mutharika you’re not a Malawian and you’re pleasing wrong people. I’m a Malawian but I hate hypocrisy

  6. Good Malawi! Malema is a communist piece of trash who wants to rob and murder people in SA just because of their skin colour.

  7. Fearing even unknowns! So its true dpp influenced college of medicine to denie transformation alliance a venue? This is total childish thinking.

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