Police arrest two suspects in murder of Bangladeshi national


Police have arrested a Malawian man and an Indian national following the killing of a Bangladeshi man last week.

The law enforcers have also recovered from the Malawian suspect K1,896,400 which was stolen during the murder of the man Tarig Mahommad Khan in the capital city of Lilongwe.

The arrest of Sarfraj Malek, 25, and Silvester Masanjala, 46, means three suspects so far have been arrested over the killing.

Police said they recovered K1,896,400 from Masanjala which was hidden in a hole which he created in one of the rooms in his house.

After being interviewed by police, the two suspects admitted killing Khan.

The victim Khan who was working as a financial controller for S and Z Company in Lilongwe was murdered on August 9 in his office.

The first suspect 18-year-old Seleman Patel who works at the same company as a warehouse supervisor was arrested in Ethiopia by Interpol last week while he was trying to run to India.

Khan was found dead by co-workers shortly after Patel and his friends had left Khan’s office.

Meanwhile, investigations are in progress to arrest other suspects on the matter.

The Malawian suspect hails from Nang’ombe village T/A Chimaliro in Thyolo district.