103 children raped


At least 103 children were raped in the Northern Region during the first six months of 2017.

According to police in the region, they registered 103 cases of sexual abuse of children in the first half of this year.


Maurice Chapola: cases are decreasing

Deputy public relations officer for the region headquarters Maurice Chapola however said the number shows that child sexual abuse is decreasing in the region since during the same period last year they registered 153 cases.

He added that rape of women is also decreasing since only one woman reported being raped this year.

“We have registered one case in rape unlike last year where we registered 13 cases during the same period,” he said.

Chapola pointed out policies as one of the measures which have contributed in the reduction of this cases in the region.

According to him, they have been conducting sensitisation campaigns and community policing in parts of the Northern Region to reduce cases of sexual abuse.

He went on to say that the police has been encouraging youths in the region to refrain from alcohol abuse as they believe that it is the major factor which pushes a person to sexually abuse women and children.

Chapola also thanked and asked member of the general public who were reporting such cases to the police to continue alerting them on what is happening in their areas.



  1. why only ku northern wht abt south n central , meaning ku kumwera pakati n# yachuluka kwa mbiri mwalephera kuweranga koz kuli amuna ogwilira kwa mbiri oposa nyeri za agalu or Mbuzi eti?

  2. Koma zomagwirila tianazi! Kodi akulu akuluwa mene achulukilamu mumawaopa chiyani? Chonde inu a court muziwalanga molapitsa or even just castrate them

  3. I said it weeks ago when this page reported about mangochi,.that this diabolical behaviour is everywhere,we dont have to insult notherners because tha coin has 2 side and both side are not equal..

  4. I never knew there are still fools in Africa like the Indians upon all the beautiful ladies we have. Forceful sex how taste?

  5. Kkkk sinanga azibambo awo analowa theba nde mwana popanda makolo angakhale,,ma ufulu onse akavalidwe amawagwilitsa ntchito popanda wina kumulangiza, so atumbuka chepetsani kulowa theba mukapusa mudzapeza zidzukulu kuno

  6. M’malawi sazatheka,tamvani ati muzipepha azimayi azikuthandizani zikakuvutani amuna inu,osati ana iyayi.Otelewa akagwidwa kundende,makey pansi panyanja.

  7. Kugwirira ana,kudula ziwalo and his nebour kuba!!!, ku Malawi sikungachepe chifukwa cha Tizilango tomwe anthu opalamura milanduyi amalandira nde osamatinyasa,You can see if somebody found that have killed alubino/anybody he comes out from prisonment if he pay money,so what about to rape don’t worry! they will continue bcoz of the simple panish given to them.

  8. nde ngat ife kwa2 number ndiimeneo what about pa central ndi ku south pot madela amenewa zogwilila ndi ntchoto yao thats y amangobelekana without thinking properly.. iya

  9. nanga sii kwachuluka khalango!Ku tchile,its easy kumangowa gwiririra!blame no one!govmn must develop this place,azisowa kogwirirako!

    • What u need to know is dat,this report which they reported is more famous compare to unreported reports
      Which means that any report or research which will come after this report will be less than 103
      The majority is mentioned already.
      When they post their reports public that means better research is done.

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