Renegade unfolds the love story


On and off hip hop artist Renegade cannot be left behind in the love storytelling as he unleashes love feelings in his latest works.

The Blantyre based musician cum producer has surprised his fans with a double release. Love has conquered it all in the works.

Renegade (right) and Salvy.

The songs, Married and Easy, have come at a time when his music activeness has been brought into question.

People have been speculating that he might have taken unannounced retirement from music.

His latest works were produced under Madhouse record label which also has other artists like Salvy.

They are all enjoying airplay on local radio stations, and have proven worth the hard earned data bundles.

Married is Renegade’s first single in 2017, it was produced by Blage and the singer himself. He teamed up with Slessor on Easy since level of the project calls for the giant’s input.

The rapper marked a return to music last year having bounced back with Ineyo ndi Ineyo.

The song redefined his music path as a rapper by giving him a trap hip hop king identity.

He energetically emerged on the urban music scene with a proof that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In the fresh days of his career, he performed wonders on Young Love’s Sendera as a featured artist.

The versatile artist has promised more heart touching hits, henceforth.

He is the same one great Renegade they used to know, so he claims.