Chamba farmer in cooler


Police at Nselema Police Post in Machinga are keeping in custody a 27-year-old man for cultivating cannabis sativa.

This is according to Machinga police publicist Constable Davie Sulumba who has identified the ganja farmer as Faison Chitundu.

The publicist said Nselema police received information from well-wishers that the suspect cultivated cannabis sativa in his garden at Wandikanga village in the district.

After receiving the information, Police Officers rushed to the scene and uprooted 415 plants of cannabis sativa in the garden which is 50 metres away from the suspect’s house.

They also seized half kilogram of loose cannabis sativa which was inside Chitundu’s house.

Meanwhile, the farmer is in custody pending court proceedings soon on charges of illegal growing and possession of cannabis sativa which is contrary to regulations 6 and 4, section 19 of Dangerous Drugs Act respectively.

Chitundu hails from Wandikanga village, in the area of Traditional Authority Chowe in Mangochi district.



  1. Anzanga, we need to rethink the legalization of Marijuana in #Malawi. Would chamba really mess up minds of an entire country? There is so much we could do with whether narcotic or non-narcotic hemp to revitalize our dying country.

  2. They arrested this man because he is a *poor man* who was making money by producing and selling chamba. So people got jealous of him and reported him to police.

    But – if that is the case, then what about women (including the prostitutes) who get easy money from men (for sex, relationship etc)? This money is not taxed by anyone. The first thing that should be done is start assessing people who make income like this that is not taxed, and start issuing income taxes on them, failing which, they also should be liable to be arrested.

    Chamba is not a big deal. Its a part of Rastafarian religion, of which there are many Rastas in Malawi. Further, its not cocaine. If you want to arrest someone, then go and arrest the cocaine importers and sellers – because cocaine is a hard drug that causes real damage to society. And regulate and legalize Chamba in Malawi (but make it illegal for children/students or below 18 years of age).

  3. m’masulen ndiosalakwa ameneyo and muyembekezele kuti chambacho chilimidwa kwambili chifukwa chili ndi msika wabwino. pamene mbeu zinazi mmmm maluzi eni-eni

  4. Tangololezani kuti chidzilimidwa ,and maiko akuja adzidzagula tonse m’malawi mo titha kusitha. Ndalama sizingamavute koma ayi mukufuna mudzilemera nokha aku Boma nu. Nkasa Anati~Ngati
    mukufuna kuti munthu wina ali
    yenseyo asadzapezeke akusuta
    chamba,mukayambe mwaotcha
    minda yomwe muli nayo,
    musamakhale ngati chikulimidwa kutali,pamene njere zake
    zikufesedwa mom’muno.

  5. Legalise it guys. Where does the hemp in most of the products we use like lotions come from? You jeep arresting people growing while alot more are smoking it. Poor soul!

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