Malawi DCs under fire over CDF


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is set to summon District Commissioners (DCs) in Malawi over reports of abuse of Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

This follows an audit report that revealed that K80 million of the K3 billion allocated to 16 district councils last year was not accounted for.

Alekeni Menyani

Alekeni Menyani: DCs must answer

The report implicated 20 Members of Parliament (MPs) for their role in the looting of funds meant for development at council level.

But PAC has disclosed that they are to take to task the DCs who are the controllers of the CDF in the country.

PAC chairperson Alekeni Menyani argued that the DCs are “legally” answerable on the issue of fraud at the 16 district councils.

“CDF money does not go straight to the bank account of member of parliament, CDF is controlled by District Commissioners, CDF is government money at the council level, therefore the controlling officers, directors of finance are the one answerable to this issue,” said Menyani.

He added that they are to investigate the suspected MPs’ connection with DCs’ to have the funds siphoned at district councils.

Meanwhile the ministry of finance is scrutinising the audit before submitting to the ministry of local government for action.



  1. Shifting blame… Public Accounts committee is a parliamentary committee, made up of MP’s amene ena mwa iwo nkutheka ali mgulu la osokoneza ndalamazi. I see conflict of interest here. Let a purely independent body look into this, rather than PAC.

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