July salaries to be delayed for health workers

Malawi health

Malawians working in the health sector should brace for tough times as their July salaries will be delayed.

According to a memo dated Monday, July 17 and signed by secretary for health Dan Namalika, workers in this sector will have their money deposited into their accounts very late.

Malawi nurses
Nurses will not receive July Salaries in time

Namalika said the delay is as a result of the recent salary adjustment which has seen change of figures.

The principal secretary further added that they have to first include the changes in their payroll to avoid serious mistakes and after that, everything will be well.

However, Namalika said efforts are being made to ensure that the salaries should be processed and released in good time.

Authorities in the health sector have since asked all health workers to be patient during the period.



  1. Ulemu omwe ma health worker amapereka posachita strike should not be taken for granted. One day akadzangoti akwiya odwala onse adzakhala ngati agwidwa ndi chitopa. Other government departments can close and life may continue but if hospitals close, real disaster follows. Mafumu amachita kutopa ndi kutsegula ku manda. MOH chibwanachi chepetsani.

    1. Boma ili laonekera kut sililabadira miyoyo ya anthu,disaster imene ingazacitike azapanga okha manyazi zopusazo azipanga ma department ena,ku health nde kuti aika moyo wa anthu pangozi

  2. kkkkkkk,koma kumeneko ,kukhala ma strike/ demo one after another,failed government,kkkkkkk..dzulo ndikumati dpp ndimene ili ready to improve livelihood ya malawi,kkkkkkk,i said yesterday kuti he is insane ndithu..achedwetsere a ku state house’ko..

  3. A zacipatala ayenera kulandira salary msanga cifukwa strike yawo odwala amavutika mwina Atupele amusankha dala ku health kuti akumane nazo eti

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  6. Today is 19 we have 12 more days to come wat is it that can not be rectified within these days, this just shows that people who are employed to handle money issues are payed for being on watsapp during work tym, they dont work at all.

    1. National budget ya 13 trillion ili kuti?nanga why delaying salaries just upon the national budget approval kkkkkk sanamunamiziredi bwampini ndi chitsiru chamisala,misala ikanenedwa ija ikuonekeradi

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