Chief condemns govt over niobium mining

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Senior Chief Mabilabo of Mzimba has faulted plans to continue mining niobium in Kanyika area when authorities are yet to address people’s concerns over the mining activities.

Senior Chief Mabilabo condemned the miners over their plans at Kanyika Community Day Secondary School when the Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese John Ryan toured affected people in the area.

Chief Mabilabo said the plans to continue the niobium mining as authorities have said that that the activity will restart soon must hit a snag since affected communities are yet to be compensated.

“People are starving a lot as you can see. People have tried their level best knocking to responsible people with their grievances but no any feedback. Six years now have passed but responsible offices still remain idle on this matter,” Mabilabo said.

“My people now want no one again tampering with this hill since mining has now become their great enemy. I am also tired of asking the officials who don’t do anything on the matter. What we have agreed now is that we will never allow miners again until we will be compensated,” He added.

Speaking at the same function, Mzimba District Commissioner Thomas Chirwa said that he has been consulted by Global Metal and Mining Company that they are to continue mining in the area.

He said that he okayed the company but he advised it to compensate people of Kanyika first if it want to do the activity freely.

“My office has already been consulted by Global Metals Company that they want to restart their mining activities soon. I told them to find ways of silencing fierce hearts of Kanyika people,” Chirwa said.

Malawi24 caught up with one victims of the niobium mining at Kanyika, Benson Maunda who said that it is good to trust Senior Chief Mabilabo’s words that they don’t want any continuation of mining in their area because it led to hunger.

“Mining comes with developments but at this juncture we don’t want the activity to proceed again in this area,” he said.

In his remarks, Bishop Ryan blamed government for not considering grievances of people of Kanyika grievances over the impacts that the niobium mining caused in the area.



  1. Mining is all about feeding greedy politicians at the expense of poor innocent people and also the government should be aware that Mzimba is a kingdom so the chie’s voice should be respected

  2. Palibe zimenezo apa. Za liuma basi, mining is an important industry in getting forex. Government has full audacity to mine anywhere in Malawi! #miningmustgoon.

    1. Look what happen to Kayerekela the politicians wins and the people lose you and me, why? Because nobody stands out while destruction was done

    2. Wise chief …there must procedures so that surrounding area be notified and benefit not stealing as they’re doing. Whether govt or not govt thieves

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