Maskal hints at new release


Malawi’s award winning singer Maskal has implicitly indicated he will be breaking the silence in music with a new song this month.

Maskal, currently in the United States of America, recently threw an artwork of his forthcoming project. Although it is not detailed, one can only read between the lines and smell new music.

Maskal eyes return.

The artwork bears the musician’s image with a list of international music sites on it. It also hosts the date, 17-07-17 which raises suspicion on when the new song will be out.

Born Masiye Kansalu, he is yet to make a confirmation on the project. However anticipation on his fans is growing based on the hint.

“I don’t think this is just an innocent picture, there is a music story behind it, I can’t wait,” wrote Christopher Mwanyongo on Facebook.

Masiye who is undeniably an artist for the people, last made releases in 2015 as he dropped two singles, Mnyumba Mwanga and Gwiritsa. The aforementioned singles came in form of silence breakers following unannounced break from music after his second album, Umunthu, released in 2012.

Reception for Mnyumba Mwanga and Gwiritsa was overwhelming that in 2016 his fans kept waiting for more from him.



  1. Koma sinamusowe ngakhale sakutulusa nyimbo ;,,, oyimba ongoyamba kumene akunivetsa kukoma kwabasi ndi nyimbo zawo zabwino ,,

  2. Ada-wa amatha,of course okutha alipo ambiri koma chosangalatsa doloyu samazipopa or kunyoza oyimba ena ali ngati LULU

  3. Support ur local y do others criticise? 4 me Here in Zambia i really like him.he z doin very fine.cheerz!!!!!! Waitn 4 it

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