Dalitso Sailesi in Zambia to complete Power Dynamos switch


The 21-year old pacey Nyasa Big Bullets winger caught the eyes of many clubs with his superb performance at the just ended Cosafa Castle Cup in South Africa but its Zambia’s Power Dynamos who have won the race for his signature as he has left Malawi to sign an outright contract.

Dalitso Sailesi has left for Zambia today alongside his agent Chingeni Agumbala and Bullets Chairman Noel Lipipa to seal the deal which is expected to be made official on Thursday.

He left the country on Wednesday and it has been reported that Bullets will receive K17 million from the deal. Sailesi was contracted to the Blantyre based side till 2020.

Sailesi leaves for Zambia.

Earlier last week, Bullets General Secretary Albert Chigoga told the local media that the Zambian side were ready to offer an outright contract for the winger having been impressed with his display during the tournament from which he won a man of the match award during Malawi’s goalless draw to Mauritius.

“Yes the have shown strong interest and we are still discussing,” said Chigoga earlier last week.
It has also been reported that Sailesi will be earning K1.4 million in monthly salary and he is also expected to receive K6 million in signing on fee.

The former Blantyre United winger was a marvel to watch in all three games he featured for the Malawi national team, before the Flames were booted out after failing to register not even a single victory.

Having loaned out Dave Ng’ambi to Masters Security this year, Bullets will likely feel the pinch of losing one of their key player as the season has now reached its boiling point.



  1. Clarification, its Lusaka Dynamos fc the current second on the league with a prospective of playing either Champions league or CAF confederation cup next season…

  2. amalawi mukuchauta munthu ali wanu yomwe mwalo momupatsa moral ,koma nyasizi zimandikwana muli ndi sanje yoposa sate zanu zapamatako,chosecho mulibe kanthu koma kunyoza ,kutukwana ndi kunyokodola nde ulemelero wanu , zinunnkhani gwemba wadzuwa pamenepo ,Ndipo mumandiyasa sanane kwa onse ochita chitidwe imeneyo yonyoza ndi kunyokodola musiye zimenezo mukhale ndi mtimamwa chikondi

  3. Ndaoloka your level of ignorance exhibited here is quite depressing. Honestly comparing Zambia to the teams you have listed is a calculated insult. The best you would have done is to wish your brother Dalitso Sailesi well.

  4. Mafuno abwino ndingopempha akapitilize khalidwe lake labwino komanso alazindikire kuti football is a short carrier choncho munthawi yomwe ali fit akapenge sogolo kuti akatopa azaone posila wishing you all the best

    1. My friend in Africa if you wanna develop as a soccer player who has ambition you can go to DRC, Angola and RSA that is if you are serious about your carrier but if Not then Mozambique, Tanzania and so on can be your destination.

    2. We Won Afcon U20 2017 With Local Players.Which Shows You Malawans That Zambian League Is Strong.Well Come To Bola Ya Pa Zed.

    3. James Kalimanjira Banda. When the best Congolese players now play on Zambia?

      You are saying that playing in Zambia is like playing in Malawi when both Zesco United and Zanaco reached CAF group stage?

      Please refresh our memories when a Malawian club reached the Group stage?

      Zambian league produced the Current Under 20 AFCON Champions.

      Salaries Zambian clubs pay much more than Malawian clubs.

      Even TP Mazembe players are in Zambia so what are you talking about?

    4. Muwuze Purch Chama That,s True Zesco Was Last Year In The Semifinal Of The Caf Champions League This year Zanaco And Zesco Liched The Group Stage.Zesco Is Through To The Quaterfinals Of Caf Comfeds Cup.The Last Time A Malawan Club Liched The Group Stage Was 2003 By Backli Bullets.Sure Can You Comper With Zed Patali Bululu.

    5. you just another idiot making noise in the bush, how do you compare malawian league with zambian league, who knows malawi in terms of football? you might as well keep your average player, its not like even at cosafa a small tournament you did anything worthwhile, your boys came back home with their tails between their legs

    6. The problem is dat you stil have de mentality of thinking dat a player can only make money in PSL dats why your football is always down.Unless you tell me you have a personal problem with zambia

    7. Our teams knock out egypts south africa nigeria ghana teams so u dnt see y zambia had improved we now southrn africa giants he not evn a best yet wait whn he starts playing herr

    8. James do u watch football our league is strong we hv big players frm angola kenya uganda and congo google see hw zambian teams are rankd tht boy knws coz evn at lusaka dynamols he meeet nt evn match th talent their

    9. James. I dont think that Zambian clubs need to impress you but just FACT. That the Clubs here pay better Salaries than most Africa except for a few countries and thats why players are flocking to Zambia. FACT that Zambia will hev 4 Clubs in Continental Football next year. FACT that the league produces players who have won the AFCON and Under 20.

    10. James Kalimajira Banda Malawi Is Nothing In African Soccer.Wat Have You Won In Football?My Dear Zambia Is Not In Your Class Malawans.Zambia Has Won Afcon2012,afcon U20 2017,1974and 94 Afcon Runner ups,third Place 1982,90 and 96 Afcons.Chan Thrd Place 2009,quaterfinal 2015.Quaterfinal Olympic Games 88,quaterfinal U20 World Cup 2017,4times Cosafa Champs.11times Cosafa U20 Champs,caf comfeds Champs 1991 By Power Dynamos.We Have The Only Southn African Playr To Hav Won African Playr Of The Year 1988 Kalusha Bwalya Can You Compr This To Your Malawi.

    11. How Malawian’s are in denial about their football is so funny! No one talks about Malawi when talking about African football. You’ve never won AFCON, I don’t even remember ever watching Malawi at an AFCON tournament or even a club in CAF CL then you say we are at your level?? Very funny man!

    12. James kalimanjira banda u dnt anything about football hw zambian league has best playrs frm uganda kenya congo nigeria ghana togo and compare angola coz evn south african teams now days knw tht zambian clubs are not easy to beat yo most expensive playr dalitso here he not evn marking th top 50 on pay at least th boy will hv a chance to be exposed thn hide in th bush

    13. I’ve watched your teams my friend Shem Singoyi the likes of Zanaco even Dynamos in CAF what they do if you talk of your national team I can agree but club level take it to yourself.

    14. James do hv dstv at your home bro zesco reachd semi finals of caf champions league zanaco do well beat big teams of egypt evn south african clubs yo boy will exposed now

    15. James. Then you just don’t watch TV. Because Zesco United reached the Semi Finals of the CAF Champions League last year and they are still in the CAF Confederations Cup.

      Where are Malawian clubs?

      Maybe you stay in another Africa.

    16. you dont watch football james ,coz you cant say dat our national team is doing wel forgetting de fact dat the same players dat play at national level are coming from de same clubs you ar rubishing

  5. Ngayezi munthu mukulimbananayeyo panopa ndibwana ma prayer anu amene mumadalila kulakhula English panapa akungozungurila m’mataun kom chochita alibe mpira akulephe ndibwino alembedwe tchito ku ma cmpn amangard

    1. What about Patrick General Mabedi, Kina Phiri, Chancy Vin Gondwe ,etc. Simanyaka enawa ntchito matama basi. BB WOYEEEEEEEE !!

  6. it has not begun with u to speak ur local language at super sport ,some other well known players they speak their own local language just go on with ur gud playing.What u did was food for thougt to them

  7. Hello Yamikani Chester and Thuso Paipi! your young colleagues are progressing with soccer, check with Dalitso Sailes and Gabadihno Mhango. Ask yourselves if the team you are playing for has any career progression for young players? Watch out for Mike Mkwate and Bennard Chimayimba. The People’s team is the answer. No bragging here but it’s fact.

  8. Go Daliso chitsiru china ichi tiri pa beer kumwerera, iye angoyenda ndi novel koma mowa tikugula ndi ife omwe akuti osatha chizungufe. Coach from Portugal can coach any team in the world yet he can’t spk English

  9. Ena ophunzira oyankhula English ndikumalandira ma 70 thousand koma matama thoo, Bwekerere bwekerere akulembani ntchito Sailesi inu ama degree.

  10. Dallitso Will Be Getting 1.4 Million Malawi Kwacha As His Monthly Salary And 6 Million Malawi Kwacha As His Signing On Fee…This Is Very Unique…


  11. If the door is open,none of us can stop passing thru no matter how smaller amount can sm1 regard.Never look back step ahead.Don’t waist time in the greedy nation,Dalitso.There is Samatta plays as a striker in Belgian Side Genk from Tanzania started as such,today is a well known world wide.

  12. The you the go the play the soccer then you come rich boy go go don’t worry people talk talk about you not talk English English no play soccer only you play go go Dali me happy

  13. Teams must learn to encourage players not to settle for less, at his age, soon after afcon the club was supposed to negotiate a better wage for him and increase a buyout close if any team needs his services,his move to Zambia is not good for both player and the team money wise. Definitely if his performance remains the same in Zambia they will sell him at a higher price even triple the amount,South Africa or Angola would’ve been better for him. The way he performed at cosafa,he was not supposed to place in Zambia, that’s why our local teams don’t make money.

    1. I can assure you Ndaoloka Jordan that the Zambian super league has grown and it can attract any player from any country.We even have players from as far as Brasil.Players are getting good money and a lot of incentives.I will encourage you to start following our league on supersport.

    2. Let’s be practical Holly Lungu, it will take 20years for z super league to get where psl is, psl is the among the best and we’ll managed and funded leagues in Africa, I’m not saying ZSL is bad but is not there yet, and is the longest route any ambitious player would take

    3. problem is that we always lie to each other but maybe you right guys, but on my point of view the league is not there yet considering how short football career is, I would think twice before making a move

    4. “lie to each each other you say”we might be behind interms of infracture but not talent.If you have observed we have few zambian players playing in the psl these days not bcz they are not good enough to play in the psl,but simply because conditions are the same.Anyway i respect your view point

    5. Ndaoloka Jordan, the Zambian League now is favourably with the South African EPL, note that only a handful of Zambia players in in SA today, we’ve top flight players from Kenya, Ghana, DRC, Brazil, Ivory Coast plying their trade in Zambia, the Malawian boy has come to the right place and if he’s consistent, he’ll find himself in Europe

    6. Chonta Malinga my point was the buyout close and wages for the player, I don’t think price the team is asking can match same amount a south Africa or Angolan club can offer,even the wages of the player

    7. Ndaolnka Jordan let me tell you that Zambian players are well paid here and you should stop underating even Zambians type of football. Zambians economy is much better than those countries which you have mentioned. I was in RSA a month ago and am currentely here in Zambia, indeed players are well paid here

    8. Patson Matewere which economy are you talking about, tell someone from another planet, no player in Zambia gets over USD 35k. You guys you’re living in denial majority of my family members are Zambians so I know what I’m talking about

    9. south africa yes the league is good you pay your players good money but that doesnt mean he has made a bad move this the problem with african young players and us football lovers we put money first over terms and conditions of the contract if u remember 17 year old CR7 when he was coming to mun u their was conditions that cr7 should ply up to 70min or more if the coach wants not money so going to zambia is not a problem.

    10. If our economy is that bad Mr Jordan,do you think players like Ochaya(Ugandan international),Lee Addy(fomer Ghanaian international who even played the 2010 world cup edition) just to mention a few can be in zambia?The economy could be bad at household level depending on the occupation and wages of a person

    11. Africa Football / Soccer Clubs Ranking
      Updated after 9 July 2017

      Rank Club / Country Points 1-yr change

      Esperance de Tunis
      Al Ahly
      Etoile du Sahel
      TP Mazembe
      Congo DR 1586 17
      Wydad Casablanca
      Vita Club
      Congo DR
      Al Hilal Omdurman
      Mamelodi Sundowns FC
      South Africa
      CS Sfaxien
      Raja Casablanca
      El Zamalek
      Kaizer Chiefs
      South Africa
      Recreativo do Libolo
      1º de Agosto
      Stade Malien Bamako
      Bidvest Wits
      South Africa
      USM Alger
      Coton Sport
      Djoliba AC
      ES Sétif
      Club Africain
      Ismaily SC
      Misr El Makasa
      ASEC Mimosas
      Ivory Coast
      FC Platinum
      Petro Atletico
      Saint-Eloi Lupopo
      Congo DR
      Al Masry
      Union Douala
      Difaâ El Jadida
      Asante Kotoko SC
      Motema Pembe
      Congo DR
      Olympique de Bamako
      FUS Rabat
      Kabuscorp Palanca
      AS Réal Bamako
      Ivory Coast
      UMS de Loum
      Smouha SC
      Supersport United
      South Africa
      ZESCO United
      FAR Rabat
      Ashanti Gold
      RSB Berkane

    12. I have seen dat before,it was relised last year.I doubt if you have been following African football.If you watch caf champions league,you wouldn’t have said dat.In southern africa only Zambian and southafrican teams have managed to reach de top 8 in de last two editions,so it is really shocking to hear you say dat der is no football in zambia.

    13. If you watched how de zambian under 20 performed at de just ended FiFA world cup den you will know dat der is something positive about zambian football

    14. Let’s stop it brah, qualifying depends on teams you’re paired with, I watch almost 6_10games everyday, that’s what I do. It doesn’t matter how many times you willing to explain to me, the truth remains Zambia football is not there yet, Zambia Malawi Mozambique Tanzania nothing much is happening in terms of football development.you need atleast 15 or more years to get where rsa is.

      1. You should be really dumb to compare Zambian football to that of Malawi, Tanzania and mozambique my friend Zambian club football has over the last five years massively improved. Do you watch Africa Sport on supersport 9, and listern to what soccer experts have to say on zambian soccer. By the way if you think Dalitso was too good for Zambian club how come he was not grabbed by the so called ‘better’ teams. anf if $30,000 is record price for a Malawian player when Zambian clubs have been selling players at more than 20 times that amount, that should send some message to you. Just last week Zesco united sold Mbombo to a Saudi team at $250,000. While Lusaka dynamos is asking $1m from Zesco for one of their strikers, then what are you talking about?

    15. No hard feelings bro.last season Zesco (zambia) 3 Alahly(Eygpt)2.second leg Alahly 2 zesco 2.Zesco 2 Mamelodi sundowns 1.second leg Mamelodi 2 Zesco 0.Mamelodi won de cup.This season Alahly 0 Zanaco (zambia) 0.sec leg Zanaco 0 Alahly 0.Zanaco 1 Casablanca Raja (Morocco) 0.sec leg Raja casablanca 1 Zanaco 0.selective games only.Therefore,i can safely say dat we are always paired with de best in Africa

    16. Ndaoloka Jordan how do you put Zambia in the same class as Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi in terms of football?? Lol!
      You my man clearly just have a personal problem with Zambia. When last did Malawi, Mozambique or Tanzania qualify for Afcon?? How many AFCON finals have those countries you’ve put us with been to the AFCON finals? Better still when last did you win AFCON??
      Let me move to club football now, when last did any of those countries you have classified us with get to a semi-final or final of a CAF club competition or even group stages? I don’t even know club’s from Malawi because I never see them in CAF competitions.
      Why do you think ZSL is still being broadcast on SS?
      Puncherello Chama come and see the ignorance here.

    17. Just for your information, Jesse Were the Kenyan international was wanted by Ajax Cape Town and Supersport United as well as Esperance of Tunisia but they couldn’t give him more than he gets at Zesco United.
      5 player’s from the Kenya National Team play in the ZSL and the Kenyan league is way ahead of your league and FYI they had interest from South African and Eastern European team’s, so please don’t blaspheme our football when you are not even a country that can be talked about in African football. When have you ever heard a discussion on Soccer Africa and Zambia and Malawi are in the same breath?
      Your class is Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Central African Republic, Namibia. Actually even Mozambique is way ahead of you, let’s say Seychelles, Mauritius.

    18. Ndaoloka. Do you follow Zambian football? Zambia will have 4 Clubs in Continental Football. Zesco United reached the Semi Finals of the CAF Champions League last year. Zambian clubs have won and reached Continental finals before while Mozambican and Malawian clubs have never achieved this. Zambia Under 20 are the current AFCON Champions and the Zambia National Team are AFCON Champions. Bwana unless one is blind can they make a comparison between Zambia and Mozambique or Malawi.

    19. Peter Jay Austin. This guy is clueless. Ndaoloka my brother. Lusaka Dynamos signed Ugandan fullback Joseph Ochaya for $150,000 so the issue of why they didnt pay more for Sailesi has to do with Negotiations. Mind you Ochayas deal was one of the biggest between Afdrican clubs this year. as the ZSL how do you compare a league that shows on Supersport with leagues that dont show there. A league whose clubs both made it to the Group stage of Continental football this year. Did Angolan, Mozambican, Tanzanian clubs achieve this???

    20. Peter Jay Austin. This guy is clueless. Ndaoloka my brother. Lusaka Dynamos signed Ugandan fullback Joseph Ochaya for $150,000 so the issue of why they didnt pay more for Sailesi has to do with Negotiations. Mind you Ochayas deal was one of the biggest between Afdrican clubs this year. as the ZSL how do you compare a league that shows on Supersport with leagues that dont show there. A league whose clubs both made it to the Group stage of Continental football this year. Did Angolan, Mozambican, Tanzanian clubs achieve this???

    21. People love to rush to comment on topics they don’t have vast knowledge on.
      With Zambia, one doesn’t even need to be an African football expert to know that levels of football in Zambia are way ahead of the countries he has tried to draw a comparison with.

    22. You say “soon after afcon the club was supposed to negotiate a better wage for him and increase his buyout close” ‘(clause)’.
      Which afcon is this? Malawi has already qualified or you mean COSAFA?

    23. hold your fire guys ndaoloka is just an idiot with no data on football, anyway how many malawians follow football, i mean real football like the ins and outs of clubs

    24. Ndiwe munthu wa nsanje kwabiri #Ndaoloka Jordan how do u compare our league to Mozambique, Angola, Malawi you must know that Zambian league is second to PSL here in Southern Africa start watching football madala

    25. Simon Lyon Phiri Nsanje with what, i have a well paying job more sailesi, i chose my profession over footballnot because i couldnt play, ask those who knows me will tell you,i never gone out to look for a job in my life, everytime i need to switch companies i just dont take any offer i wait wait for the highest bidder,i wouldnt go to play zambia if iwas him,and if i was his coach i wouldnt allow him to go, ask yourself why they gave him a five year contract,its either he will end his career there or within these five years they will sell him at a higher price, malawian we always stupid when it comes to business thinking, in a football world of players that are switching teams often are more likely to get rich than someone signing 1 long contracts.maybe if you dont know out of that US35k they paid he will spend another 5years without getting any signing fee.

    26. Boss zambian league more better for him to develop and well marketd we hv playrs frm kenya big names unganda big names zambia is a big football nation

    27. Ndaoloka Jordan clearly you did not have facts on Zambian football now you’re telling us about your jobs and how you earn more than Dalitso like we asked for that information lol

    28. be with your high paying job and let the lad live his life, am sure he has people who are guiding and advising him, and for you saying that you wouldnt have chosen to come to zambia, am not seeing anyone saying they want you this side, you might as well keep your stinking ass that side, we dont want you and your mediocre profesion this side, bury yourself with your bitterness

    29. Ndaoloka Jordan go to the CAF website and go and see their list of Top 50 club ranking as of July 2017. You will see 2 Zambian team’s before you even get tired in the top 15.
      Didn’t see any team from Malawi whovwe supposedly are at the same level with according to you.

    30. Problem because most Malawians migrate to SA and Angola then those countries make good for football. We are not talking about migration but football. You have no clue about Zambian football and it’s achievements.. Nyanse iwe

  14. Welcome to Zambia to show case your talent,Dalitso is your chance to outshine as a foreign player,remember zambian premier is beamed live on super sport,so malawian will not be left out to follow your talents

  15. if you want to play aproffesional football play with NBB …. Koma ngat ukufuna kukhala dolo wakuMalawi pitani kuzimateam kwinaku……big #Sailesi……. strictly no English in football

    1. Kkkkk… Eyaaa..inu muteloo..zotiLesa ife zampirazi ayi amwenee..tinaziyamba anthu nyimbo asanayambe kumvela mmaTape..akumvela muzimbaleee

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