Elephant killed in Nkhotakota

Malawi Elephant

People in Nkhotakota have killed an elephant that is believed to have escaped from Nkhotakota National Park.

Information that Malawi24 has gathered indicates that the elephant got stuck in the mud of Chia lagoon in the district.

Malawi Elephant
The elephant that has been killed in Nkhotakota

Malawi24 has established that people took advantage of the elephant’s failure of movement to kill it.

It is yet to be established if it was one of the elephants that have been relocated from Majete Game Reserve and Liwonde Wildlife Park to Nkhotakota National Park by African Parks.

More than 500 elephants have been relocated from natural reserves where the species have been heavily poached to Nkhotakota National Park.

Conservationists feel that moving elephants from Majete and Liwonde Wildlife Parks to Nkhotakota will help restore elephant populations in Malawi and Africa.

African Parks is a non-profit group based in Johannesburg which manages all the three wildlife reserves.

For the elephants to be taken to Nkhotakota, the plans came amid continued decline of elephants in Africa due to massive poaching which happened in order to meet the growing demand for ivory, mostly in parts of Asia.

198 thoughts on “Elephant killed in Nkhotakota

  1. Mmene zaonongera Mbewu kwa anthu a around a game chitanipo kanthu mmene ndinapita kumuzi recently timaopa nkutuluka usiku or kuye da kutali kuopa njovu kazitsekereni kumene ziyenera kukhala

  2. If the people of Malawi want the respect of the rest of the world, especially the USA and Western Europe, they should not be killing protected elephants. If Malawi stops receiving aid money and medicines from the USA the entire country of Malawi will collapse in a few months, into total anarchy. There are movements within the USA to halt all aid and all medical aid to countries that continue to massacre elephants, rhinos, lions, and other protected species. Not only that, if banks in African countries are complicit in the illegal ivory and rhino horn trade, or if they work with the Chinese, those banks will be sanctioned. If you think you can survive without US assistance, or EU assistance, then good luck. You are engaging in fantasy. If you think the Chinese will help you in the way that the US or the UK or European nations help, you are crazy. The Chinese are only in Africa to exploit Africa to the max, including all the people, and all the natural resources, including the wildlife. The Chinese despise Africans and only want African resources.

  3. Yafa yokha, zbs ndiyo yanena zoona palibenso za mulandu apa.ndipo momwe imagulitsidwa mwini wake mzunguyo akuona iye anangotengapo nyangayo ife tangodyako nyamayo.

  4. why not reporting to relevant authorities ? & hw many pple has the elephant killed ? muphe ma albino muphenso njovu ! Malawians & killing kkkkkkkkk

  5. This is a lie. It is true the elephant escaped from the game reserve, but unfortunately, it got stuck in our beautiful lake Malawi. Those working at the reserve tried to rescue it but they failed. It died right in the lake. Please, try to be giving us true information sometimes.

  6. It drowned in the Lake. Had just come from Liwonde about two days earlier where they usually swim across Shire River. Apparently, it seems that it thought it’s Shire River and thought of crossing only to end up in deep waters. I

  7. How many people have elephants killed?and how many people have people killed? It’s a sickness that if you see a wild animal it has to be killed,shame on you people of nkhotakota,these elephants are yours,have pride in them and protect them !!!!

  8. So because it is an elephant thats why people are arguing think about the chickens u are eating each and every day dont they derseve to live amene mukuona kut these people alakwisa u are not even vegetarians nanu mumadya nyama zoti zaphedwa kale chison chanu chili pat

  9. can people kill an elephant and drag it into de water? it deserved to be killed coz it ovetstepped its boundaries. human beings r also killed when they trespass at Sanjika palace.

  10. can people kill an elephant and drag it into de water? it deserved to be killed coz it ovetstepped its boundaries. h

  11. There is no excuse for killing the elephants – when will you culprits get it
    Report if it is has escaped or being a nuisance and it will be handled with thought.

  12. The new tactic of pouching.those people who have killed it made a deliberate move to make the elephant escape so as to kill it outside the game range.they must be arrested for this wicked act.

    1. Malume,zomwe mukunenazo zimakachita kusakidwa kutchire konko,iyi yachoka mu boundary yake into the village,these animals gets out of control,azikadura garu chain ndiye what more an elephant?

    2. Inuyo simunamve.ndalemba kut- anthu amene apha nyamayi anakaononga ku game n’cholinga chakut nyama zizituluka mu game nd kukazipha zikapita kumudzi.

    1. Previously a GAME RESERVE but name changed to a Wildlife Reserve because even plants are protected not only animals. Game refers to those animals that can be hunted on a prescribed licence. The white colonialists used to hunt game in these areas

  13. And the funny thing is that we claim to be a God fearing nation yet we don’t even respect His very own creation. Olo galu yemweyu kungomuona akungodziyendera m’njila koma kugenda miyala…….inu chimakhala chani Kodi?

  14. I wondered why they brought all those elephants to a game reserve that is not well protected or if it all well gated. Its so close to the communities.

    1. Nkhotakota is now managed by African Parks Network (since mid 2015) and so far it’s well fenced. This elephant knocked down two fences. Typical of Liwonde elephants where it had come from two days before it drowned in the lake

  15. Us humans destroy the planet. We should’ve been locked in cages and them freed how it should be. Thats my opinion 🙂 always has been!

  16. Lero ndimafuna ndiziphe chifukwa chakuti tachulukana.Mwina akazi anga apeze ntendere chifukwaso chochuluka ndalama.Kkkkk Commet ndauzidwa

  17. You have done good guys by killing b4 it could have kille our brothers nd sisters,it is only fool who are blaming the villagers 4 defending themselves from the eneny

  18. Foolish you want to serve/value the life of an elephant more than the life of a human being?mmafuna yizipha anthu Ndani anabwerapo panyumba panu kuti ndalama yanu ya njovu ndi iyi,? Ayipa chifukwa choti yimapha anthu osati kudya nyama ayi,

  19. izi ndizonyansa osanyadira chilengedwe bwanji? Mukulephera kuthana ndi satan yemwe akukuzunzani usiku ndi usana koma kuwononga chilengedwe cha chauta

  20. Zandikhudza kwambiri why u don’t let them know the pipo who looks for animals why? ? The best way u think it’s to kill? ? That’s why ife otsalira, nde mapha eti igawaneni mutafune agalu inu.

    1. Harry did you even give a damn to ask why did they kill the Elephant? do you think izt the first animals escaping frim the reserve? people got killed the last time when the buffalo escaped. so please next time try to hear the reason behind the sin.then u can criticize

  21. Bola mukadya musaume nazo khungu kkkkkkkk nyama zonsezi mukadye njovu simakuopsyani iyayi??.Mung’ambika nazo khungu zimenezo.

  22. Faken njobvu itatuluka ku malo amene imakhala ndiye anthu ayisekere kuti yachita bwino sizoona caus dzilombo ngati dzimenedzi nthawi zonse dzimadani ndimunthu ndiye ngati zatuluka komwe zimakhala zofunika kumaphedwa ngati choncho and njobvu kupha munthu boma silingamange njobvuyo koma munthu akapha ndiye kummanga kutathauza kuti pakati pamunthu ndi nyama chofunika ndinyamazo kwa boma

  23. The police must swiftly investigate and arrest the killers. I further ask the court to impose a stiff punishment to the offenders since their conduct has a potential to affect the economy of the country

    1. Affecting the economy of the country in what way?inu njovu kapena nkango utathawa ku reserve & kufika kwanuko mungapezeso mpata okumbukira kulemba coment yanuyi eti?these animals are dangerous,u have been hearing news about them destroying properties & killing people,do u even know the cost of building a house,kapena zikapha anthu zimaoneka za simple coz zachitikira ena osati abale anu eti?

  24. Scavenging that’s bad brutal poaching and cruel,I hope we have the game rangers who would deal with the bouncing elephant

  25. Mmm anganya mchitilanji teyapa??…..kwele uchipumuntha chinthu mpaana kupha??
    …basi muni ninkheko chikuluwo….alankwa..chanjovu chidezo uwolowa usiyana nicha Boko..kkkk

    1. My brother are you saying an innocent Elephant?
      Try visit the Game reserve and meet a group of Elephant if they will treat you as innocent…!
      Just take a blame on the Wildlife Department for allowing Elephant to escape where it is supposed to be kept safe…!

    2. An animal is an animal. It doesn’t think like a human being . If something like this happens its better to inform the authorities. Killing animals isn’t the answer lets preserve nature. Dovu basi

    3. Again I say its total cluel u ppl ,I understand the elephant was stuck in the mud so ……. Kkkkkkkkk ,God created those creatures that man should look after

    4. That means people should stop killing usipa and chambo heh? coz nazonso is innocent, anthu anapha nyamayi kufuna kukhwasula ndipo yakhwasulidwa full stop

    5. Fareed Bitton your ignorance is shocking. How many usipas does MALAWI have? And how many elephants are there? Ever heard of rarity?

  26. Is it not the one that was reported to have died by drowning in Lake Malawi? Have they killed it? The second elephant to die ina space of just less than a week?

    1. Khalid know that, those living close to the park or game reserves know how to protect themselves from wild animals. Please don’t be cheated. Anyone connected to this should face the law.

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