Noel Mkandawire laid to rest


The body of former Flames, Civo Service United and Escom United forward Noel Mkandawire was laid to rest yesterday in Euthini, Mzimba district.

The 39 year old died on Saturday in Mzuzu after succumbing to a lengthy liver related illness.

Scores of players, officials and supporters from various clubs came in their large numbers to pay the last respect to the fallen hero.

A product of Coca-Cola schools competition, Mkandawire was spotted by Civo while schooling at Chayamba Secondary School in Lilongwe.

After flourishing at Civo, Mkandawire, nicknamed ‘Amfumu’, was then signed by Escom United where he inspired the Blantyre based side to their first ever Super League title in 2007.

His former teammate Elvis Kafoteka described the late Mkandawire as a humble person.

“He was a very quiet person easy to talk to. He was very friendly and loved listening to music. He was very humble. His death is a shock to me because we tried to mobilize money to assist him and many things happened in a short period of time and I had all the hopes that he will recover. I am very shocked,” Kafoteka told the local media.

Mkandawire is the second high profile former player to have died this year after Tony Chitsulo who died in April.



  1. Zandikhudza koposa ndipo ndigwilizane nawe innocent dziko lapansi linadzaza ndi anthu odzikondadi, Guyz tatieni tizimukonda munthu Ali ndi moyo Sibwino kuti tizikhala okhudzidwa nzathu akwamwalila tatieni tizimva chisoni ngati wina akudwala kapena akapeza vuto tizitha kuchitapo kanthu. kusiyana nkumakhala anzeru mzathu akamwarila. Chisoni ndichabwino koma chizikhala nthawi zonse. nditero kuti Mzimu wa Noel mkandawire Uwuse mumtendere.

  2. Rest in Peace a mfumu. mmene tapangira comment mma Facebook tikanati aliyense anasonkha atleast sauzande kuti tiyese tipulumutse moyo wanu bwenzi zili bwino koma dziko la pansi linadzadza ndi anthu odzikonda tokha basi

  3. I Will Never Forget The Day You Visited Me In Zingwangwa, You Told Me Ur Journey In Football, We Had A Nice Chat. And Tha Day We Met In Chirimba When Escom United Was Traveling To Central Region, The Long Range Thunder You Scored Against Big Bullets, It Struck The Cross Bar Before Hiting The Net. #REST_IN_PEACE_AMFUMU

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