Singer D’All attacked by thugs


Just when he thought all was well, Likuni based singer, D’All, real name, Ernest Chikhungu, had a rude awakening last Friday night in Lilongwe City’s Old Town when he was attacked by thugs around 21 hours. After knocking off from his day work at Four Seasons, he says he went to TKmore studio in Falls township.

While there he found another recording artist in the booth and had to wait for his turn. He waited close to two hours to have his time to record and work on his upcoming three projects. An hour later he finished his session. Heading out of the studio, he found no public Minibuses to town.

He had to walk for twenty five minutes up to town and settled to wait for transport at the Opportunity Bank Malangalanga Branch in the Old Town.

D’All attacked!

“While there, two thugs found and asked me to not be tough for them or else they will injure me,” he fearfully narrates the ordeal.

“I realized that I was just alone at the place. They wanted my bag which was inside my top. As I was about to give them the bag a taxi was coming by and its lights focused on us.  And they were scared,” he continues.

It sounds to be one of the luckiest escapes. The situation was more than he could have imagined. Just as he thought that he was against two thugs, more were seen coming when they saw that finally they were successful at robbing him.

“The light made them run. At that same moment I had to run as well to the depot where I took a Chinsapo township bound minibus and spent the night at a friend’s house,” said the twenty five year old singer.

Aside the misfortune, he is happy that he pushed his career further. One of the three projects he is working on is ‘Beautiful’, which is a Busy Signal’s black cover song which will be ready in July this year. He says he has never done a cover song before. But looks at this one as being unique since it carries a positive message he wants to pass on to the people.

About the author: Wonderful Mkhutche is a professional speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer



  1. My first time to hear that name. Eeeee, koma amalawi oimba ndie alipo ambiritu
    Ndi akulu awa omwe nkukhalanso oimba odziwika bwino oti mpakana pa website news? I believe awabera galimoto kapena ma milion ochulukatu amenewa, mpaka pa news?

  2. Ma celebrity aku Malawi omakwera nawo ma minibus, kkkkkkkkkkk! Kwa iye chinthu chodula ndi dzinalo basi but the guy has nothing to smile about.

  3. Why am i not getting the point that he wz indeed attacked….
    I pray u tell us…”he has escape thug attck”
    Pliz work on another way hw to draw readers attention

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