UK for adequate qualified teachers in Malawi schools


Malawi President Peter Mutharika, is today officially opening Phalombe Teachers Training College which was co-funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Head of DFID in Malawi, Jen Marshall, has earlier made the following remarks at the launch in Phalombe:

“I am pleased to ‎be present today for the official opening of the Phalombe Teacher Training College.

Marshall has affirmed UK’s support to Malawi’s education sector.

“Globally we know that supporting teachers’ education and supporting teachers to teach well is a smart investment. Evidence shows a well trained teacher in the classroom is the single most important factor in influencing educational learning outcomes.

“Well educated children and adults are one of the greatest assets of a country like Malawi, a country trying to boost its economic growth and to lift its people out poverty. And for individual children, particularly girls too often left behind, a good education transforms lives and opportunities. Good teachers, trained, paid appropriately to be in posts across the country, teaching well, and protecting and encouraging the children in their care, are vital.

“Education has long been a critical part of the UK’s support to Malawi. The UK has provided over 84bn MWK (91m GBP) in support of the education sector since 2010, including for teacher education, management and teaching quality, in a system increasingly under pressure from population growth.

“As part of wider support to education, we are pleased to have co-funded this facility, in a district that has one of the highest pupil teacher ratios in the country‎. DFID provided 3.9bn MWK (4.2m GBP) of UK aid for Phalombe TTC, to help address Malawi’s current and future need for qualified teachers.

“DFID co-funded the TTC with the Government of Malawi up to 2014, paying contractors directly. The Government continues to take ‎responsibility for issues arising, for utilities and maintenance, and for ensuring the new College is well used.‎”



  1. I don’t believe that kuti muntalika ndiophunzira bwino, bkz nkholo loti lidapita bwino kusukululimadziwa ubwino wasukulu sangamanyozere to consider nkhawa zamaphuzitsi
    How come only department of education ndlama zamalipilo zizivuta while every national knows about education is a key?

    Dear Mr president if you are well educated please ganizilaniko aphunzitsi bkz a teacher ndimuthu amene amatulutsa minister, politicians, doctors, etc, so iwe pitala muntalika don’t spoil ana amene amafuna kuzakhalaso aphunzitsi tsogolo
    Sorry to say that and I’m not well educated but please abwana mganizileniko mphuzisi
    Yours faithfuly
    BBM mwana wache Miliwa

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