Blackouts are back in Malawi, expected to get worse


After enjoying three months of almost uninterrupted electricity, people in the country should now expect the return of prolonged power cuts.

The Electricity Generation Company Limited (Egenco) has said the country will start experiencing days without power soon.

Blackouts back again.

Kapichira Hydro-Power Acting Station Manager Harry Msosa revealed this during a tour which Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources conducted on Saturday.

Msosa said this will be the case due to low water levels in Lake Malawi and Shire River which are the main sources of electric power.

He further pointed out that the generation of electricity will be stabilized during the start of next rainy season, thus end of the month of October.

Egenco has since forewarned Malawians to brace for the said frequent electricity blackouts.

Meanwhile, some parts of the commercial city of Blantyre have already started experiencing blackouts but the power cuts are not taking longer.



  1. That’s malawi today is this tomorrow is that. ESCOM is not an electilicity generating company but a company of fortune seekers how can’t they improve the services? they generate a lot of money with those poor services they offer to people

  2. escom why you are not adhering to your motto? Vuto ndi govt …each and every year you are adressing the publlic that water levels in shire…. what is your #ALTERNATIIVE?

  3. Ambiri nkumakhulupilira bodza amaphika pa MBC paja. Nanga si izi. Kaya mukuti Escom kaya Egenco kaya chani, onse amene ndi malikisi zero.

    1. yaa gd idea to privatize escom,but the question is ndye mbava zikulamulazi zikabera kuti? poti ngati kuli kumene this mafia gvt ikubera a malawi ndi escom..

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