NRB to register Malawians in diaspora


Authorities have disclosed that Malawians living outside the country are to register for the national identity cards in their respective countries of residence.

This comes at a time when the country has rolled out mass registration for Malawian citizens as one way of ensuring that public services are not enjoyed by foreigners.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday evening, National Registration Bureau (NRB) spokesperson Norman Fulatila said they are also to register Malawians in foreign countries.


Fulatira says Malawians abroad will also have to register.

“At the appropriate time we are to send our officers to register our citizens in our Embassies around the world. But that needs resources which we don’t have now as a bureau.”said Fulatila.

He added that the mass registration will be followed by continuous registration to ensure all Malawians are registered.

“Some might have challenges to register now, maybe they are in hospitals and others are to turn the required aged limit in the future, so from January 2018 we will continue with the exercise across the country through places that are to be announced,” he said.

Malawi has embarked on an exercise of registering its citizens to control waste of resources.

Citizens are to be required to show the ID cards when they are seeking public service in country.


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