Govt to renovate historical sites


Government is planning to renovate some of the historical sites in the country with the aim of boosting tourism.
Minister of information and technology Cecilia Chazama said this in Parliament on Wednesday after Member of Parliament for Zomba Thondwe Charles Tikhiwa asked government to start taking care of historical sites.

Tikhiwa also asked government to consider the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (UMCA) site which was established in 1961 by the missionaries as one of the historical and memorial sites for tourist attraction.

In her response, the minister responsible highlighted that government is aware that these sites boost tourism and said her ministry is taking care of them.

She added by giving an example of places such as Chongoni, National Memorial Tower and the cemetery of the late President Kamuzu Banda which she said are being well taken care of.

On UMCA, Chazama said government is working hand in hand with Northern Anglican Diocese in maintaining the site and she added that the ministry has been monitoring and renovating other sites such as Chongoni Cultural Heritage.

Following the response, Member of Parliament for Mulanje South Bon Kalindo also asked government to consider Mulanje Mountain as a memorial and historical site to which the minister responsible said plans are in progress.

*Report by Andrew Ndalama



  1. BRAVO MALAWI GOVT!! FOR PLANNING TO RENOVATE HISTORICAL-SITES WITH THE AIM OF BOOSTING TOURISM IN THE COUNTRY: I do really congratulate the HON. MP IN OUR PARLIAMENT who asked the Minister responsible on this issue, & I also appreciate the ans that came from the HON. MINISTER, CECILIA CHAZAMA ON THE SAME ISSUE! Indeed both of you, receive my warm heart-felt APRECIATION!! Now my plead is while u r planning: May u please also REMEMBER BANDAWE MISSION; Which has done alot on (a) SPIRITUAL-DEVELOPMENT (b) EDUCATIONAL-DEVELOPMENT & (c) POLITICAL-DEVELOPMENT IN MALAWI!! Indeed to mention just a few of the activeties: (a)SPIRITUAL: IT’S AT THAT PLACE WHERE THE FIRST THREE BLACK-AFRICANS WERE ORDAINED PASTORS IN 1914 BY THE FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND (b) EDUCATION: Prominent figures who shook CENTRAL & SOUTHERN AFRICA WERE EDUCATED THERE eg: Clement Kadali, Orton Chirwa,David Kaunda, etc. POLITICS: MANOAH CHIRWA!!

  2. We have no heritage or history, see what they have done to the first DC office in Lilongwe, pathetic! Now they call it OLD DC RESTRAUNT AND TAKE AWAY. Run by Indians that historic monument. Pity.