Woman kills friend over man


A 38-year-old woman in Dedza district has stabbed to death her friend after the two realised they were going out with the same man.

The killer has since been arrested by Police in the district.

Police have identified the suspect as Namakaiko Mawandiwe and the deceased as 22-year-old Nasidewo Songwe.

According to police, the victim went to the suspect’s house to warn her that she should stop going out with the victim’s fiancé Sindisani Rodrick, 31.

But upon being confronted, the suspect produced a knife and stabbed Songwe on the chest and she died on the spot.

Postmortem results showed that Songwe died due to excessive loss of blood.

She hailed from Chimphandu village in the area of Traditional Authority Kasumbu in Dedza. The suspect also comes from the same village.



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