We produced fake Flames tickets – FAM

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has said a printing error caused some tickets for the Flames game to have no FAM security holograms

This development comes after people were arrested for being found with fake tickets during Malawi’s Chan second leg game against Madagascar at Bingu stadium.

FAM Commercial and Marketing director Limbani Matola said the association had some issues with a few tickets for the Flames game which had no FAM security holograms.

One of the tickets without the hologram.

Matola said some people were found with tickets without FAM security holograms and they were arrested.

He added that the case was brought before him and they launched an investigation and found that it was just a factory faulty that the security holograms were not printed on the said tickets.

“We had an issue at Malawi vs Madagascar match, some people were found with tickets without FAM security holograms. As suspects they were apprehended as per instructions given to police.

“We together with the police launched a thorough investigation. The investigation involved interrogating the suspects regarding source of their fake tickets. We further traced the tickets back to the sales outlets.Upon further scrutiny it was discovered that the tickets were not fake per se but that the printers erroneously skipped stamping the holograms on these tickets,” Matola said.

He further stated that the association noted that he problem was not just at one sales outlet and that is when they released the arrested people and he personally apologised to all the people who were affected with the problem.

“This problem was noted on not just one sales outlets. At this point we indeed cleared the people affected and I personally apologized to these people,” he said.

Matola further said that as FAM they are still learning and has advised tickets selling agents to be thoroughly inspecting the tickets.

During the match Malawi lost 1 nil and FAM managed to raise K23.5 million.

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  1. Nde adamangdwawo alipidwe,,,mchfukwa chan kuFAM kuli anthu osatha ntchto..? Opupuluma pochta zinthu..? Enaso alipo oztsata ot akhoza kukhala kumeneko,,mwamangtsa osalakwa,,ndemukudzwa mmene police yathu imagwrira ntchto,,anthuwo adamenyedwa, kuzuzidwa,,nkhan ipte kucourt iyi.

  2. An apology to the innocent people who bought the tickets and were arrested is not enough. These people should get redress through the courts. They should sue the people who ordered their arrest for wrongful arrest. This is a case of negligence and FAM should pay!

  3. Minyama Imiyambila pa Gate flames kuba too much koma malawi ndi azitsogoleri ake mpakake mpila sungapite patsogolo.
    1>Nyamilandu anali ndi ma ticket ake
    2> Kaspar Jangale akeso
    3>Zakazaka akeso
    4>Ndi ena ambiri,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Corruption will never end in malawi…..FAM…new exactly wat they were doing…….there was no such athing as printing error…..it was deliberate move….kuti nawo adyerapo..rotten country….corruption everywere yooooo

  5. These guys r not serious. How can the whole FA sell fake tickets? Kuipa koika munthu mmodzimodzi yemweyo pampando for decades, nzimenezo, amatailira koopsa. Every leadership in this country is DULL and paralyzed.

  6. FAM is just useless and unprofessional, lets not bit around the bush, maybe ministry of sports needs to look into the matter, ticketing department needs to be independent.

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