MCP raps MEC: We have no trust in you

Eisenhower Mkaka

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has made it clear that it has lost trust in Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

MCP has said this days after the country’s electoral body announced that it has cancelled by-elections which were supposed to be held on 6th June this year in some parts of the country.

The party’s deputy publicity secretary Eisenhower Mkaka has accused MEC of being used and controlled by a certain group.

“It is clearly showing that MEC has a part here, section 9 of our Constitution states clearly that only courts have the mandate to interpret the laws, as a party we have no confidence in this body,” he said.

Eisenhower Mkaka
Mkaka: Says MEC has failed the nation.

Mkaka was referring to the recent announcement by MEC that it will hold by-elections in Lilongwe City South East constituency contrary to the Supreme Court’s ruling which said a re-run should be held.

On his part, Democratic Progressive Party publicity secretary Francis Kasaila said whatever the case their party has got full confidence in Justice Jane Ansah’s MEC.

“We have got 100 percent confidence in this body,” Kasaila was quoted on the local radio.

But when asked to comment on the matter, Ansah said people should not lose trust in her body since there is a clear reason it has postponed the by-elections.

“There is no basis for any political party or organisation to lose trust in MEC, the issue of funds according to the Secretary of Treasury has hit many government departments.

“It is not only Lilongwe City South East constituency where elections have been cancelled, there are many areas. This area they are talking about has come just recently,” the chairperson said.

The Supreme Court ruled a couple of weeks ago that there should be a re-run in Lilongwe City South East constituency after it found that there were some irregularities during 2014 parliamentary elections for the constituency  which DPP’s Bentley Namasasu won.

Namasasu’s opponent Ulemu Msungama of MCP logged a complaint to the court against the results of the elections.

According to MEC, the scheduled elections will be held once the body gets money from government in its next financial year which starts on the first day of the month of July every year.

This is happening at a time when Malawi is remaining with just two years to go to the next general elections scheduled to take place in the year 2019 and according to the MEC calendar the registration of voters will commence in April next year.



  1. U wil complain and complain until u wil rise up ur hands cuz 30yrs uhad been in power life were tough and now lets us smel the coffee.

  2. losing trust in MEC it shows they have no representative in the body if so then it is the party lacks discipline why not wait till the new date is set does it mean after the by-election they will grab the government? take your time guys you are not scoring any points u r just exposing that old tyrany can’t you change in this democratic era?

  3. Nde muli m’madzi2 ngati muyambe pano kudana ndi mec,mukadakhala azeru mukadapanga ubale wabwno kuti mwina 2019 akagwre ntchto mwa ukadaulo koma apa nde mwauponda mwawakweza chpani a mec.

  4. I thought MCP have a representative in MEC. According to the constitution, the parties present names of the most trustworthy to be incorporated in the MEC. Since 1999 MCP have been finding problems with MEC and yet their man or woman is there. Should we say decisions at MEC are made by the Chairperson only? And MCP representative is always shunned? If yes, why dont he/she report to the party he/she represents of the malpractice then? Warning to you MCP,God willing, if you will occupy Kamuzu Palace, never ever repeat such mistakes. Unfortunately, I doubt!!

  5. Am not a sapota of MCP bt i jxt want 2 gree wth them dat i think dis MEC chairperson wont bring fruitful results kam 2019, check dis out!

  6. I want to know and please good people help me :Has MEC CANCELLED or POSTPONED the by-elections? And if they have been postponed, is it so for the opposition only or both on the political divide? Am confused because it seems as if the elections have been postponed for the opposition only, and they are on for the ruling party.

  7. I doubt if this is the same old MCP….the voiceless MCP ….then DPP is a dictator in the face of the modern MCP…….olo MEC yo singakumvereni coz u are afraid of their boss…##APM

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