Well-wishers vow to finance school in Nkhotakota


Two women from United Kingdom and United States are sourcing funds to finance construction of nursery and primary schools at Likuchi village, Senior Chief Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district.

The two, Jennifer Naylor and Peggy Merkel Tempero from the USA and UK respectively, said that they are sourcing funds with aim of supporting schools owned by Benonie Mwale under Benonie Mwale Charitable Foundation.

One of the women, Tempero said the money will be used for buying bricks and cement and to pay teachers’ salaries.

“A building with 3-6 classrooms will be supported with USD21,000. We will match a donation from any one individual to get the first building completed,” Tempero said.

Peggy Tempero
Tempero: We want to bring change.

She met the owner of the charitable foundation Benonie Mwale in 2016 in Dubai when she was doing a short project for the Atlantis Resort where Benonie works.

Tempero saw passion and dedication to fulfilling a vision of helping other children in Malawi especially at Likuchi village in Nkhotakota district.

“He and his wife Grace started the charitable Foundation with a goal of erecting buildings to house not only the nursery school but, with a vision to add a secondary school and a primary school,” Tempero said.

Speaking to Malawi24 from Dubai, Mwale said the approach by the women is awesome because it will help him realize his dream of seeing a lot of children in the area attending school.

“They are people who have been supporting me personally. It’s very important because I don’t have anyone who could support me and if such people pump up I always give them a go ahead,” Benonie said.

“Jenny Naylor and Peggy Tempero are people who really want to assist me. Peggy has many friends and I know the heart of these two women. They are great people who very soon will be joining me for my volunteer trip to Malawi. They always keep monitoring me of how I can accomplish this vision,” he added.

Malawi is nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa” for its friendly spirit and welcoming people.

According to United Nations, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and most of the people live less on less than USD1 a day and to educate a child, it costs approximately USD20 a month for supplies, uniforms, shoes and fees.