Malawi Bureau of Standards bans liquor


The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has implemented a ban against liquor that is packaged in plastic bottles in the country.

According to a statement released, the ban is implemented following court ruling on 4th January, 2017 that manufacturing, packaging, distribution and sale of liquor in sachets and plastic bottles is illegal in Malawi.

The implementation of the ban in 2010 proved futile following injunctions obtained by some spirituous liquor producers but with this recent ruling the ban is going to be enforced.


“MBS therefore wishes to inform the general public and all manufacturers of the spirituous liquor that it will implement the ban following the ruling. The general public and all manufacturers are hereby advised to comply with the MBS Act Cap 51: 02 as stipulated in MS 210 (1990): Spirits specification which stipulates that spirits shall be packed in clean glass bottles,” reads the statement. “

In view of foregoing , the MBS is advising the general public that it will intensify its market surveillance activities throughout the country where the liquor packed in plastic bottles will be confiscated and producers including vendors or shops will be penalized for producing or selling non-conforming liquor ,” adds the statement.

MBS has also advised the producers of such spirituous liquor in the country that are non-registered and approved by MBS to do so or such products will not be allowed on Malawi market.

The statement has stressed that the statutory corporation will work together with other enforcing law agencies to see that all companies are complying with the ban.

“The MBS will take appropriate action in accordance with the law including confiscation of products non-compliant with MS210,” reads the statement.


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