Gerald Phiri appointment is a serious joke – Peterkins Kayira

Gerald Phiri

Football analyst Peterkins Kayira has said the choice of Gerald Phiri to lead the Malawi national team is a disaster.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has appointed Azam Tigers coach Phiri as Flames coach while Blue Eagles coach Derklek Msakakuona as his assistant.

But speaking to the local media on Wednesday, Kayira said the two coaches will not be able to bring positive results.

He added that the football governing body should have let Phiri gain experience in junior national teams before appointing him as Flames coach.

Gerald Phiri
Gerald Phiri (In white) was named Flames.

“This is a disaster. You don’t expect the whole football association to choose these people to lead the national team. I am not trying to undermine Gerald Phiri and Derklek Msakakuona no, what am trying to say is they have rushed them, senior national team coaches have to graduate, they could have left these coaches to coach these youth teams and not national team, this is a joke,” said Kayira.

The former Flames players said the football governing body should have compared the newly employed coaches with the calibre of coaches who have held the post before such as Jack Chamangwana, Yasin Osman, Kinnah Phiri, Lawrence Waya and Young Chimodzi.

During the presentation of the coaches, FAM said Malawi Government was already consulted before coming up with the appointments.

“We consulted government before making these appointments. As such, government will be responsible for paying the technical panel.

“As FAM, we are very committed to continue participating in continental competitions. Government has also reassured us that funding for the team will be made available,” said FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda.




  1. What a mess, is it because of cheap labour?
    FAM is full of stupid personnels . how dare are you to appoint inexperienced Gerlard Phiri as coach for The Flames. You must be joking.

  2. If these coaches have the relevant training and have the suitable badges, we need to give them the benefit of doubt other than demean them even before actually taking charge of a game. If you consider how coaches like Guadiola formerly of Barcelona, they started without any experience just because they had the relevant badges. Let us all support these gentlemen by giving them constructive ideas so that when they succeed, we shall all be in that.

  3. consulting government???? you think henry musssa and mathanyula bwampini mutharika can help you with anything concerning football???? this is indeed a serious joke!!!!!!!!!

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