Malawians laud Sonye’s heroics in Tola

Tay Grin, Vanessa Mdee

With the country dancing to the newly born Tola hit single by Tay Grin, the heroics of the producer behind it, Sonye, have not been overlooked by local urban music lovers.

Sonyezo Kandoje’ s name shine in bold when it comes to singing, and less as a producer but his recent project has given the story a new twist. Having crafted Tola, the receiving end cannot help it but speak highly of him as a producer.

Tay Grin, Vanessa Mdee
Tay Grin and Vanessa Mdee have shown the prowess of Sonye in Tola.

The Blantyre based singer cum producer has been producing since getting into the limelight but his singing suppressed his other gift, producing. This is despite the fact that he produced his songs which earn him public appraisals.

After the song premiered last week Monday, both in audio and visual, equal credit went to the collaborating duo of Tay Grin and Tanzania’s Vanessa Mdee as well as Sonye the producer. The public has plainly appreciated the work done by Sonye’s precious hands through all possible platforms.

“Nyimbo ndiyovinika iyi, Sonye simasewera ndikatundu ochita kumanga ndimawaya (the song is danceable, Sonye is a great producer),” people could be heard as saying this in the streets of Limbe.

His product has been tipped to enjoy play in public events like wedding ceremonies, in recognition of its greatness that lies in its ability to send people into frenzy.

Tola meaning pick it, is argued to have given Kandoje a name in the world of producers, in Africa.

However this is not the first time for the Tsika star to make an international hit. His last international project was Kanda, a song by Tay Grin on which he was featured alongside Nigeria’s Orezi. He solely produced it and the audio went on to shine on international radio charts.

Some of his fellow musicians appreciate his production strength. Last year songstress Zani Challe revealed that Sonye is his favourite local producer after he worked wonders on Kanda.

When Kanda dropped last year, not much was said about the production because Sonye’s singing stole people’s focus. However good work in Kanda and Tola is attributed to his good partnership with the award winning Tay Grin.

The two have worked together on four songs so far with more to follow. The songs include; All the Way, Kanda, Sugar Mammie and the trending Tola.



  1. Sonye ndi deal. Love him a lot. Tay grin can’t do anything on his own

  2. Malawians?! Yet you overheard possibly in passing from one drank guy.

    Also do your homework bobho, they did another song way back which featured Mafunyeta

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