Famous witchdoctor laid to rest: Relatives thought he will resurrect


The burial ceremony of a famous witchdoctor known as Dr Kumpolota full name Edward Ntchini Kumpolota on Wednesday was delayed by his relatives who thought he will resurrect.

According to his nephew Mr. Christopher Nkhoma, it was a tendency of the late Kumpolota to ‘die’ and then resurrect after some days.

So when he died over the weekend his relatives were reluctant to spread the message.

“The deceased uncle died on Saturday but we were hesitating to spread the message thinking that he will do as usual as he used to be as if he has collapsed and he took time to come back to normal,” said Nkhoma.

This time he did not wake up and the relatives decided to bury him on Wednesday.

Nkhoma said a lot of people attended the funeral with different perceptions.

“Some people who came to attend were waiting to see magical things but fortunately nothing strange happened except hymns,” Nkhoma told Malawi24.

However, people were not allowed to cry for the deceased at the funeral as he warned before his death.

Doctor Edward Ntchini Kumpolota was born in 1940 in and he became a witchdoctor in 1972.

He is survived by 9 children and 50 grandchildren. He was from Khuyu village, Traditional Authority Mkumpha in Likoma Island.


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