CFTC to crack down on dirty traders

Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) has strongly warned traders to desist from unfair and uncompetitive market practices, saying the law shall take its course.

Speaking during the commemoration of Consumer Rights Day on Wednesday, CFTC executive director Charlotte Malonda highlighted many malpractices on the market identified by the commission hence cautioned traders to stop the wrongdoing and acknowledge rights of consumers in the country.

Competition and Fair Trading Commission
Competition and Fair Trading Commission march held days ago.

She asked consumers to utilize the availability of electronic devices when purchasing goods and services on the market but quickly called for the need to be watchful so as to avoid being misled by fake advertisement through social networks.

“It is good to be in the digital era, but there are many malpractices happening in violating the rights of consumers hence our plea to consumers to be vigilant enough when accessing goods and services to avoid being misled.

“Let me again warn business persons to quickly be up to date with market laws so as to promote rights of consumers and failure to do so, the commission shall continue to enforce such laws as mandated to sweep away dirty traders on the market,” said Malonda

On his part, Secretary for Industry and Trade Cliff Chiunda commended the work done by the commission in implementing and enforcing consumer rights saying the effort rendered cannot be overemphasized.

“In about 4 years alone, the commission has managed to enforce consumers rights so effectively and also managed to recover MK20, 000,000 and this is what the country needs in promotion of consumers rights,” said Chiunda

Chiunda agreed with Malonda that there are many malpractices affecting consumers on the market hence need for collective efforts in the fight against the vice.

He therefore urged consumers to make good use of the commission in reporting malpractices on the market so as to be helped fully and promised as a ministry to work tirelessly in ensuring that policies are effectively upheld in promotion rights of consumers.

Every year, the world commemorates Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, and this year the day has been commemorated under the theme “consumer rights in the digital age”.

In Malawi the day started with a consumers’ and traders’ parade from Simama Hotel to Lilongwe game complex where various activities took place in disseminating the message of consumer rights.