A year without Grace Chinga

Grace Chinga

It’s now exactly a year since gospel songstress Grace Chinga died but tears refuse to dry in Malawians’ tears, the bitter memory just cannot seem to vanish but who are we to question happenings we do not have any control over?

Chinga passed on after a short illness on that fateful night of 16th March, 2016. She died when she was being taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre by Pastor Chris Suya.

Chinga. : Still remembered.

Malawi24 celebrates the life of the late Chinga whose contributions in local gospel music are undeniably remarkable.

She got into the limelight in 2004 with Thandizo Langa album which had transforming hits. With the collection she went on to conquer the market and establish herself as a complete gospel musician. She was until her untimely death in the major league of local gospel musicians.

Others argued she was a match for South Africa`s Rebecca Malope, as they shared a lot in common. That claim cannot in any way face objections because the late Chinga reached that level during her years of service in the ministry.

As the saying goes, the good die young, may her soul continue to rest in peace. She is irreplaceable!!