Celebrating Martyrs day in style: Blantyre Youths donate blood

 Blantyre Youths Group
Blantyre Youths Group members waiting for their turns to donate blood.

As per words said by one of the popular musician Fredokiss at the ceremony of donating blood to Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) that “donating blood means God’s answer to a patient in need of blood”, a youth grouping in Blantyre donated blood amid high demand in hospitals.

The youths under the tag Blantyre Youths Group (BYG) donated blood as a way of commemorating Martyrs day.

Speaking during the blood donation that was held at MBTS Odala center in Blantyre, co-founder of the grouping Fraiser Chirwa urged youths to show responsibility to fellow Malawians.

“As everyone knows that 3rd March is considered to be a freedom day we thought of giving blood to patients in hospitals for them to enjoy this freedom,” said Chirwa.

MBTS Chief Nursing Officer Florence Msiska, while applauding the youths for the gesture, called on more people to donate blood following a high demand from hospitals in the country.

Fredokiss takes his turn to donate blood.

“The demand is just high but with them coming today to donate blood it’s an advantage,” said Msiska.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, one of the country’s popular rappers Fredokiss aka Ghetto King Kong urged Malawians to be donating blood arguing that man’s existence depends on one another.

“I came to donate blood because I think life is a cycle, for some to be there in life, we owe a thank you to them. Us donating blood means God’s answer to a patient battling for his or her life in hospital,” said Fredokiss.

Established in 2016, BYG carries out a number of several charity works.