Impeachment beckons for Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika faces yet another tough time in office with a concerned grouping baying for his blood.

In a petition,  36 500 Malawians from Mzuzu want Mutharika to step down saying he has failed.

They also say Mutharika defied the powers of the court for delegating former Minister George Chaponda to official duties in Germany when a standing court injunction declared him (Chaponda) not a Minister in the wake of the maize gate scandal .

The residents have written the petition to lawmaker Leonard Njikho to bring to parliament a motion to impeach Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Faces a tough time in office.

The petition has given Njikho dates from 24 February and 4 March to move the motion in the August House.

Njikho has since indicated the demands by the residents of Mzuzu as not deserving any attention.

Mutharika has been called on to step down in a number of times before.

In 2015 the opposition and Civil Society Organisations in Malawi had made the calls after rallying against the sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB). They had called on Mutharika to leave of office for giving a nod to this decision.

He has recently been called on to resign over the economic woes haunting the country.

In February 2016, Mutharika trashed the calls saying he is not the reason for Malawi’s economic turmoil.

He argued argues that the woes haunting the nation now are global and that Malawi is not exceptional not to be hit by such problems. One of highly cited area is one of the continued devaluing of the Malawian currency.

“The problems we are facing are for all Malawians and are also being faced all over the world. We can only overcome them if we work together and love one another,” said Mutharika when he presided over the elevation of TA Ngolongoliwa to Senior Chief at Thyolo Community Ground in Thyolo district.

Latest to the calls has been the recent scandal involving Chaponda – whom he fired after heightened calls from the CSOs and opposition.

He had initially indicated it is only him that has power to hire of fire a minister as the laws stipulate and that he can not be forced to do so.




  1. koma abale anthu azipani zina mu paliament akufuna kuyambitsa dictorship m malawi muno. asandutsa timabungwe ta mpaliament kukhala toophsezera anthu. nthawi ino ya democracy sinthawi yoti paliament inga masokoneze dziko kuti izinena kuti anthu amangeni .izi zinkachitika nthawi ya kongilesi

  2. malawians we lack active listening does it mean others they are happy with the way the country is governed eshiiii o oooo God black outs corruption saraly till date not in yet tax thy pay mmmmm

  3. What is democracy? Can sam1 pliz xul me. Sam1 rules a country after getting 36% of votes,is this what u call majority? Cant u see that 64 people out of every hundred denied him? Democracy indeed,kkk.

    1. We don’t do 50+ in Malawi my friend, even Muluzi 1994 sanawine ndi landslide, its only Bingu in iwe pheee even 1 vote is enough to help u win the election.

    2. 50+1 does not work here in African coz we are poor to feed our families when government fails to get 50+1 its when they gear up and destroy everything that stands on there way, the best way is all opposition parties to have election before general election who will win from that he must stands with government don’t copy everything from others lets have our own system

  4. The problem is that our nation has fooling history about the rulling parties since independence-MCP-UDF-DPP.Worse enough Bingu after winning the elections as UDF turned back to his Party.

  5. If you are not happy wait for his term to come to an end.Don’t be power hungry.Let the people of Malawi speak through the ballot.Leaders are chosen by god! Dont use force to remove them.If you do you be building a culture you wont be able to reverse.

  6. Impeachment is normal in democracy,if constitutionally the complying to some crucial matters failed.we need responsible leaders not rude ones,we the people are the bosses not an elected leader.

  7. People Are Sleeping too much, Thats Why Are Dreaming alot! Wake Up Please And Lets Go To Work. Dreaming About Impeachment Or Whatever You Call It Is A Bad Dream Which Will Result Into Bloodshed In Malawi. You Think The Other Side Will Just Sit Phwiiii Waiting For You Bad Motives To Triumph? This Is 2017, 2019 Is Just Around The Corner, If The People Of Malawi Want Change They Will Do That Through The Ballot Box! Go To Brazil And Find out How Many Pple Lost Their Lives Due To This Kind Of Witchful Thinking?

  8. Mavuto awa kwathu kuno sadzatithera bcz tilibe zipani zolimba ndinso zodalirika,olo dpp itachoka m’boma palibe chipani chomwe chikuoneka amalawi tisachedwe nkukokerana mmbuyo tiyeni tithandizane kukonza polakwikapo

  9. people talk too much coz they r eating guys. you can reduce kuba not finish it coz they are the same politicians from time of kamuzu till now.

  10. Don’t Waste Parliament’s Time On Impeachment!!! The Venom Can Be Usefully Deployed In Sensitizing Voters About APM’s Failures So That They Reject Him At The Next Ballot!!! Give Him The Remaining 2 Years Without Harassment- Pleeeeaaaase!!!

  11. zinthu sizikupangidwa chisawawa adzanu aonamo vuto larikulu mwankulu ameneyu APM ndiye ayetsetsa sakumva ndiye titaninaye achoke,tisabisane apa akulu awa sadawine ayi nchifukwa chiyani anawotcha ma balot boxes,lero maizegate yavuta pakupezeka ma office akuotchedwa ,mwana anaonela abamboake m’mene anaotchela ma balot boxes.ndiye munthu wotere nkumangomuyang’ana pamene mavuto ngosayamba mmalawi

  12. Chomwe ndikuona apapa ndichoti tiri ndi vuto lomwe layambisidwa Adm. Adm walemba nkhani yabwino kwambiri komano anthu omwe akuika maganizowo, iih mbuzi. ndinkona dziko lathu ngati dziko silikutukuka mumangobakila ndizolakwika zomwe.mwina chifukwa choti liu loti impeachment ndi la chingerezi mukuona ngati ndi zachilendo, mukuwabakilao akudziwa bwino bwino kuti ngakhale adawina chisankho koma sakuyendesa dziko mosakomela ma citizen amayenera kutula pansi udindo. ngati munthu walakwira lamulo lamulo limamuweruza basi .Koma sinanga ambili ndianyamata achipani mukueneradi osaonapo vuto kkkkkk kugulisa dziko ndi ma K100 omwe mmalandira pa msokhano wachipani heh zamanyazi

  13. Is undeniable fact that Peter is an irresponsible presdent. However, this nosense of impeachement,mmm it has never worked in Malawi.

  14. Kkkkkkk koma guys mesa impeachment ilipo mu.constitution yathu ndiye anthu mukunjenjemera nayo chani, why do we have it in the constitution then?

  15. how do you expect Malawi will develop yet you are busy pulling it down with your stupid ideas? And still you claim yourself educated, what kind of education is this. Mbwerera zake zimenez ndiye mkumati mungatsogolere amalawi? Kip living in dreams, until you wake up from that sleep #POORPOLITICS

  16. Mudakalilabe mpakapano mungovomela kuti ndinu olephela musaiwale kuti ndinu osutsa basi sitingalole zomwe mukufunazo mwangwanayo

  17. To Hell With Ur Decisions,just Leave APM Alone,u Had Ur Own Time&u Failed.Rotten Politicians,full Of Jealous,odi Ukoooooooh,APM Til 2019 Woooh!

  18. Impeach Impeach what is impeach after all? Why malawian always we must think long? Malo moti mukhale pansi mupeze njira yothesela mvuto muvekele koma impeachment malawi sazatukuka kamba kamtima wadyela chifukwa yemwe akuyambisa izi naye akufuna ndalama ndizina zotelo akazakhala olamula umawoneka munthu wazelu kamba ulamulilowo uli kutalinawe koma ukakhala pafupi ndiye kumati zangovuta u must be carefuly if u wt 2 say bcz nex time will come to u mwina mumaziwa ktt osutsa simuzawulawa pandowu ndikana mumayambisa izi malo moti mukhwinise fundo zanu zokopa anthu kuti tizakuvoteleni mwati ayi kuchedwa bola kusata njila yawupandu kuti mwina muzawine chfw mwina chikafika 2019 chikulamula mukuganiza kt chipanga improve zolakwika zawo ndiye mwawunikilapo kt simuzawupeza pata owina? Ndiye mwati muzele njila ya impeachment nosese

  19. I don’t think that’s a gud move to impeach the president what opposition parties must do is to work hard on the ground to attract more voters ,2019 is not far being saying that Peter must also knw that Malawians r very angry with his government so he must remove all the corrupt guys from his government

  20. anga ndimaso ndikuona kuti how can i make money pa malawi pano. peter tilinayebe mpaka 2019 bola moyo so osataya nthawi ndi zindelezi. akuona kuchedwa kuti azabeso nawo.dikilani ur time will come ino ndiyanzanu.

  21. Nthawi zina anthu ena akamasogolera kuti tichite zinthu pofuna kukwanilitsa zofuna zao,ndibwino kumakana.Kumalawi tikasankha Pulesidenti kuchoka kwake ndivotinso.Tiyeneni titikile chaka chasalachi tionedi ngati atazachoke.

  22. Kuinjenjemera 2019 kumeneko? Hahaha! Leaders are chosen by God! If you are not chosen, forget about ruling the country. Let APM alone hence is a chosen leader. Mungopala mkwiyo wa Yehova apa! The Bible says that we must respect our leaders cos they are chosen by God! Saliyekha APM

    1. If he is not a gd reader we should forge our hans because of ur bible says that is stupidity of u black pipo kukonda kumwa sugar kuyiwala zoti muchite inuyo zukusangalatsani zimenezi?

    2. Muchotseni through votes! Thus all! Show your power my friend, elections are almost here! Why rush? Ndiye manthawo

  23. So they have admired the seizing of huge currency from this one and they too wants to sneak through the back door to grab their share. Rotten politicians you will realize once we woke from this sleep. Until then keep on playing your stupid games.


  25. Do it and see what happens next, ena muzasamuka.You voted for MCP and failed and you are trying to come up with plan B.You cannot decide for the pple who voted him in.Kumbukani kuti chimene tidzale lero idzakhalapo mpaka kalekale.You will impeach someone today, tomorrow the person who will be the president will be impeached as well.Ku Madagascar president Marc Ravolamanana sanasatire ndondomeko zokhalira pampando analanda kwa President Ratsiraka.What happened to him? he was also removed from the position by Rajoelina.This will continue because it is the seed they had planted.

    1. @ Stan, read the Bible and see what happened to those who wanted to takeover without proper mandate.Check with historians on Madagascar issue and to add on that check what is happening in Libya and Iraq.Pple said Saddam and Gaddafi were bad leaders and were eliminated.Do Libyans and Iraqs hv peace now? Remember whatever seed we sow whether good or bad the same is harvested.Libya has two central governments, one for pple loyal to Gaddafi and the other for the elected president why? the seed they had sown.Mutharika has his followers who would not see with a giod eye those who are bringing this issue and at the end of the day they will think of doing the same should there be another leader.

    2. pepani kwa nonse amene mukulilira u president ku chipani kwanu,napepe,!!!!,zaku madagascar sikugwilizana ndi president wanthuyi,amenewo ndimaloto achumba kumalota uli ndimwana pamene chobalira mwanacho ulibe,ndiye chatsala tingofuna kumutenga yonayi mkukamusiya ku nenevi basi,mulungu amakhululuka,tele mulungu anamukhululukira,bola asakatibelenso kumpingo kwanthuku,chifukwa panopa kulibata chichokeleni yonayi.

    3. You can’t apply Madagascar’s nonsense to our situation you wasted sperm…!
      What followed after the Watergate scandal?Was the next President’ impeached again?
      Enough is Enough! If impeachment is in our constitution Let APM go!
      No one is trying to get the presidency through the back door!

  26. Malawi will never develop if we can have such kind of thinking…..Each and every time pulling each other down….
    Dyera lofuna maudindo lachuluka pa Malawi. ..

  27. …..President must dig all people who want to start this madnes and arrest them all, no one is perfect, if they sit down quitely you’ll find their criminals and lock them

    1. @Herman Chunga.. do you know the consequences of impeachment…? brother think of innocent blood should respected by all means….

  28. A grouping will NOT decide for the 10+ million population in the absence of the “Ballot Box” otherwise they face the worst period of Governance. Be very mindful that 99% of the population doesn’t share your crude ideas/wishes. An overthrow or impeach could be disastrous to everyone, not sparing the planners cos it may not be as easy as they think & they’ll have bred a different Malawi from the one they’ve always known.

  29. Dont waste ur time guyz frm Mzuzu,if this guy has failed,o wat to do z to impeach him on da election day, i knw da guy z not ur president so let him finish up his term coz u r not da ones vote fo him,and next yr z fo campaign time, 2019 mavotedwe dea muzasankhe president waku Mzuzu

    1. I’m against the idea of empeaching the President, however if we give so much power to decides for us, they tend to forget their vital role as a leader of the nation rather they act as aparty President. Thus why they end up messing this nation to where we are now.All we need is to have Avery strong checks and balance opposition as you have started.

  30. Ife tikuonani kkkkkkkk sono inu muopa nkhondo.mwadyelela mokwana yisiyeni yibwele nkhondo tiyione.tiyiwonepo nafeso

  31. That term is just theory in Africa. History records no African president have ever been impeached. And future tellers say so too. Keep dreaming

    1. the way I see your face you are old man yourself .Peter mutharika will never resign and 2019 we will vote for him again

  32. mbatama,!!!.Ndimanena kuti kampeni simungayithe agalu inu,mutopa kukhalira zomwezo nthawi ikuthelani,mukadzaluzanso musadzatisokoselenso kuti atibela,chifukwa cha zanuzo zopanda zeluzo,tinamusankha tokha president wanthu,mudikire kuliraso kachikena 2o19,agalu inu,mbuzi,abakha,,kkkkkk,mbuli inu mungathe kampeni inu,wowowo!!!!!Gule kwawo,just weit for 2o3o,hey.,,,,!!!,,,????.

  33. A Tumbuka mwakhuta nsima ya chinangwa! Ballot!!! You know kumavoti palibepo chanu! munya muwona..simungamugwedeze pa ma vote.Ma vote ali mmidzi,osati pa ziiii

  34. In Malawi Human Right.. Freedom Are Jokes Of The Day And It Seems Like All The Danderheads Were Thrown In This Country..This Country Is In The Hands Of Amatures Underfive Politicians. ..political Novices. ..Our Laws Has To Be Reviewed…..All These Problems That Malawi Is Facing Are Artificial One. If One Teeth Cause Sleepless Night. ..We Always Get Rid Of It…I Dont See Leadership In This Man..He Just Chanced. 50+1 will help this country not to vote for failures.

    1. Malawi is not South Africa, i sense you are afraid to face Apm come 2019 as you should be.DPP is not a district party like MCP.

    2. kuno siku south Africa man kuno ndi ku Malawi mwina wasikoneza , APM 2019 boma ukanaziwa m’mene imatinyasira MCP kumwera kuno sukananena

    3. True Mr Ben,,,, come 2019 I don’t see anyone competing with DPP because MCP doesn’t have any vision for the country

  35. Koma Mulimba? Chiyani Amalawi???? Zanditopetsa Zandalez Tsano Sitidya Ndale Ife Timadya Nsima Mwava , M’mawa Peter, Masana Peter, Madzulo Peter Palibe Zolemba Zina Ay.

  36. kkk apa tikalowe military apa..i can see the country iin the hands of these people tikapanda kusamala cause if the president steps down ife sitingalore vice kut atilamulire..we have had enough of DPP nde its obvious kuti soldierz will take over..hehe cant wait

  37. Yes ! Government of National Unity must be formed to deal with these criminals and corrupt leaders. ..
    Until we hold election s!

    1. #Chris I don’t even blame ur comment ….you and your DPP thugs are a disgrace to the nation. . Even ur prof is just so poor! ! If u are a cadet then get a glass of oil n sip..

  38. Sometimes amalawi we ask and need too’re talking of impeachment do u know the side effects of this…dziko mumatha kuyamba nkhondo ndi zinthu ngati zimenezi…i think popeza simunathamangeko thats why timangokamba za thobwa like this.

    1. A Nkoyola Simuwerenga Ndipo u know nothing what caused nkhondo ku libya? what caused blood shed in sudan over albashir? in drc kuti mobutu achoke kuti raurent kabila akhale pampando it was what? i think vuto ndikomwe mumakhala ndi kumudzi wailesi mwaidziwa pompano

    2. Aaa Zili Mmalemba Izi Sindidabwapo Chilicose Zadziko Lapasi Izi, Mwinadi Zinthu Zisintheko Coz Zanyanya And Ibelieve Kuti Tsiku Lina Tidzathamangapo When Soldiers Will Need 2 Rule.

    3. The guy is right penapake andale asamatipusitse president aliyese muli naye vuto ndipo tifune olo tisafune mavutowa azingopitilira ndipo sizi sithayi mathero ake ndikhondo basi

    1. kkkkk even EFF and DA failed and still failing to empeach Zuma, what are those little parties to remove APM? Malawi politics are jokes, we will die poor

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