Mutharika signs ATI Bill into law

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has signed into law the Access to Information (ATI) bill which is expected to empower Malawians  to seek information from elected officials and public entities.

According to reports reaching Malawi24, the bill which was passed in December has been assented into law by Mutharika.

Mutharika: has signed the bill into law

This will come as a relief to many stakeholders including the media who have fought for over 12 years to have the ATI law.

When the bill was passed by Parliament last year, stakeholders said it will trigger citizens’ participation in promoting accountability in the management of public resources.

“With this legislation in place, Malawians will now be able to demand any type of information thereby exercising rights which they could not enjoy in the absence of the enabling law,” Media Institute of Malawi said following the passing of the bill last year.





  1. At long last! The bill has been signed. Viva multiparty democracy. No more sacred cows/UnToUcHaBlEs. Zikomo Mulungu.

    1. The President cud veto it akanafuna even if the opposition had really pressed for its passing but he saw it necessary that’s why assented to it. I hope izi nzomwe every Malawian wanted

  2. Before I kill a mosquito I always think about its family, Wife Children and side chicks What if its a breadwinner? A family man everyone depends on or maybe its wife is pregnant ? What if its child is sick? please join hands so we save the mosquitoe

  3. Cosmas umbuli umene ulinawo udzalingalila mawa sichipani chochiyamikila ichi ayi dikila uziona.mwina poti ulimugulu lazigawenga za DPP naona ukukamba zimenezo.u pus including your bro p

  4. Lot of laws are not followed, do we think that this law will be followed than others?
    Osaiwalaso kuti malamulo athu amasusana okhaokha.
    Let us wait and see

    1. Oh yes,it’s nothing above what u say. Remember the voice of the vice,tisamangoomba m’manja zilizonse. Lamulo ndilimeneri Koma kodi osainawa adzitsatira? Yankho ndi ayi basi.

  5. I applaud our presdent for assenting to ATI bill into a law. Just as he has rightly done it ,i would be happier if could have fired Chaponda.

  6. Thank u Our MPs,Civic Organisations, and Traditional Leaders for forcing this man to sign this bill into law. Mr President this is how things are supposed to be done #Kumamvera anthu anu.

  7. Presdent osamadikira achokera kaye. …sinthani malamulo plz.Tenganipo citsanzo Zuma bwanji.fuck muthalika n commite yako

  8. Well done Mr President. Ndiye muyimvelere MBC phokoso lakelo kuyambira lero kukhala ma conglatulation messages zokamba mbwee!
    We are also waiting for the breaking news anytime soon that you have fired Dr Chaponda.

    1. even u, ur a cadet of mcp so go and vote for chakwera tiwone ngat angazawine wa youth iwe anthu onse munapha dziko muno sanakukwaneni, anthu enaso mumadya inu mfiti za anthu ma demons inu zilombo za nyanga khumi inu shame shame

  9. Oh my!! At last been waiting for this for the past 20+ years 4 presidents later its done. How I wish many of my fellow journalist who are no longer with us could see this day!!well done Mr President may we now see the implementation when accessed

    1. That will be vital law, bt MPs that we have are foolish,they don’t see things visionally what they is to clap hands for nosence,,?

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