Maizegate: Parliamentary Committee officials leave for Zambia tomorrow

Maize scandal
Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga
Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga has confirmed of the news.

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture which started a parallel inquiry into how Admarc bought the now suspicious 100000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia some weeks ago leaves for Zambia tomorrow as the probe into the scandal rages on.

In Malawi the committee had summoned officials from Admarc including CEO Foster Mlumbe who is on forced leave, representatives from the ministry of Finance and other concerned stakeholders.

According to chairman of the Agriculture Committee of Parliament Dr Jospeh Chidanti Malunga, in Zambia the team will meet owners of a privately owned company Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Limited which acted as a middleman in the purchase of 100,000 metric tonnes of maize.

The civil society organisations have been putting pressure on Mutharika to fire Agricultuire minister George Chaponda and suspend Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe on allegations of corruption on the procurement of the maize.

Chaponda and Mulumbe have rejected the allegations. The commission of inquiry is expected to finish its job by 9 February 2017. The initial date was 31st Januray.

According to the commission this is due to the nature of the inquiry and information to be analysed.



  1. Times Group is cunning. It is a well calculated move. These guys know pretty sure that they have close to Mk2b to be paid to MRA since 2011 as city rentals and they have been court battling praying for court injunctions to shield their property from confiscation. Apart from these battles its top personnel have been fighting DPP especially its leadership so that people should refrain from voting it. No wonder they still glorify Great Bingu’s death and fought relentlessly decampaigning APM throughout 2014 campaign period until now. It is true this can be shown from the way its top editors have been writing about APM and Bondo la Njobvu. Yes: just go and read the stories written by Kasakula, Late Tenthani, Jimu, Tukula, etc. They think we are blind hence they want to dictate to us who to vote for. After jittered by the tax they started rumour mongering as their next move. They started with APM’s fake death stories, then Chaponda’s fake Mexico saga and now maize gate. They knew MRA would pounce on them like a Jaguar on an Amazon crocodile. They then started provoking the government as they believe it can stop MRA from unleashing its hail fire on them and failure would still put them in a comfort zone as MRA’s action would be taken as government’s retaliation to the bogus maize gate. This is savage journalism creating fake stories in order to do away with their toxic tax loan. The only party that can smile at Times stupidity is MCP because they own this media house, no wonder using Chakwera to side with them echoing their trash reporting as brainless parrot. This Laza guy is a total shame and failure. Can he humbly point to us his achievements as the longest saving Assemblies of God President? If there is none how he can convince great thinkers that he will develop Malawi. I thought Assemblies is much smaller than a country, but even a mere kindergarten is not there to point, what a shame!

  2. This Times Group is so fascinating and few theories can be applied to their aggression towards Chaponda. If you follow critically events connected to Chaponda one may wonder why these salvages are stalking him like a Salongeti python. It all started when Chaponda was the minister of external affairs: to them all was hell and they successfully saw him reshuffled to Agricultural ministry. This did not go well with them and the battle never ends; they had been creating fake stories about this strong man. Their plan is to completely see him erased from the political grand arena; he’s so scary to them for he’s a political prodigy. Take it or not, Chaponda is very intelligent despite his lack of rhetoric. The opposition and Malawi media are aware of this and the only way to deal with mighty DPP is to silence Chaponda. One may wonder why Times Group is so interested in dealing with this strong man. Times group has been the mouth piece of the opposition Malawi Congress Party since independent. It was initially called Nyasa Times in the colonial era before changed to Daily Times soon after independence. It was the pro-government paper which saw it advertising Chilembwe’s head bounty and the recruitment of the natives into the colonial army against the wish of the towering giant martyr. During Kamuzu era it was the only paper that was pro-government including MBC. To their surprise it was disowned while MBC was taken on board by the new multiparty government in 1994 pushing it to opposition benches, hence its Klemlin aggression and MCP backing seeking for the lost past glory. No wonder it rushes to Chakwera for backing. If you think I’m joking you can always go back to their stories since multiparty and see how it’s top editors, Kasakula, late Tenthani, Jimu, etc., have been fighting the ruling parties more especially DPP. Another theory is that this media house knew quite well that they owe MRA Mk2b. To dodge this toxic tax loan is to divert everyone’s attention to baseless stories involving DPP’s big guns. Just pay the tax please. Sometimes it’s quite strange to see how our courts pass judgment. The way judges’ act is to proof that they’re also more powerful in decision making rather than logic following of the cases no wonder losing public trust leading to mob justice in most of the cases. This Kajoloweka guy is also interesting. Where was he when cashgate hit the headlines? If he really has passion for Malawi why not doing the same for the then finances minister? There is something hidden in the way Chaponda fiction is being handled. The President has established his commission of inquiry and on the other side Chakwera has also established his using parliament’s accounts committee to antagonize whatever the President’s come up with as long as it goes against their wishes of seeing Chaponda implicated. These guys don’t have love for our country; all they want is self glorifications.

  3. Kamlepo told us that he has evidence of the seven ministers involved in corruption and that he has their namesnames and he will release the names to the nation on 31 January this year..

    Today is 31 January..he should make sure he releases the names before leaving for zambia

    Zachibwana ife ayi….we dont like empty noise …let him release the names before leaving….nonsense ife takana..tikumvana eti….

  4. You people why u still using our TAX money for nothing,while u arleady know de fact.CHAPONDA and FREINDS must be charged ,don’t beat de bush plz.

  5. malawi always creating one problems wen trying to solve the other.apa ndaona even mabwana ali kuja kuno they dont solve a problems but they rush at pointing fingers…….

  6. Tamamvan amalaw,,sakuononga ndalama zanu anthuwa,,mzamabungwe izi,,do u thnk boma lingapereke dolla kuchtra zopusazo,,? Boma lapta ku america uko @ kukathetsa mgwirizano ogula maiz dea,,amenewo ndamene akuononga ndalama zanu,,akuZambiawa asien,,apitilize ntchto yawo.

  7. The money that is beig used in this probe has been funded by the donors and not tax payers’. Lets wake up from a slumber Malawians,especially my fellow youths,I belive it can be wise enough if we could wait before talking a lot and assuming what it will end like.Lets not take things usual because God is there to change our stories and situations through his own means!

  8. Now suspicious & wonder what made them call for an inquiry before suspicion. Guys, you will have to pay the costs if you flop.

  9. They ar going to spend alot of tax payers cash by jst leavng to Zambia making the scandal worse while the truth iz already known.Thz govt has run out of inteligent indeed but somewher somehow i dont thz DPP led govt my blame iz on malawians for elect agresiv pple so called Alomwe.I remember wat DPP did for malawians especialy thoz who used to travel to RSA for many reasons,it z DPP govt orderd south africa side allow malawians into their country if they hav huge amount of money evn govt knew pple cant afford.Amalawi vuto lathu lalikulu nd KUIWALA .

  10. Wastage of another huge money which wont give out at all , as it stands the thieves will still enjoy life since they are on the rulling sode. One day they will meet the judgement if not in this life then god will do it on the final day. Ruthless criminals who never care about the poor ppl who at this time are starving

  11. But last week u said that Zambia distanced itself frm this Maize saga. wat are u goint to do there? Jst to waist govt money. U are such Big Fools

  12. These stupid politician are busy wasting our taxes,how long will this investigation take?they want us to believe that they are doing this in good faith yet they are pocketing allowances kamlepo and company stop this nonsense immediately.

    1. for ur infor.this comm.of inquiry is supported by Action Aid international it’s not ur money ur money is what used by Admarc officials to travel all the way to USA only to cancel a contract.

  13. What ar u doing now? Do you think this cruel animal will pay back our billions ; just stay we ar waiting 2019. Mwapulika !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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