Rapist jailed for 12 years


The Kasungu First Grade Magistrate court has sentenced a 25 year-old man to 12 years in jail for raping an eight year-old girl.

The man, Hopeson Matema, raped the girl in September, 2015 in his barbershop. rapist

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Harry Namwaza explained that the convict took the victim into his barbershop where he raped her.

“Upon reaching home, the victim reported to her parents who immediately reported the matter to police,” Namwaza said.

Katema was therefore arrested and charged with defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

In court, the rapist pleaded guilty and state prosecutor Griffin Luhanga requested the court to slap him with a stiff sentence due to the gravity of the offence.

In his response, First Grade Magistrate Damiano Banda said people with evil minds like Katema are a threat to community and ought to be punished.

Hopeson Katema comes from Kalimila village, Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu district.

24 thoughts on “Rapist jailed for 12 years

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  4. The court should also persecute those that cashgate regardless of being ministers, jails are for those who do wrong rather than poor people, the government is not for ministers and others.

  5. v rumours says she’s v one who startd v man by teasing him with dffrnt teases.and now v judgmnt has turned against him.plz judges,handle v cases with concrete bases frm both sides not just v complainant side.

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