UNICEF to distribute latrines in Malawi


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has partnered with a United Kingdom company in a project where it will distribute latrines in the country.

The emergency toilets

The latrines will be distributed as an emergency requirement as a result of heavy flooding in the country.

According to a statement made available to this publication, the partnership is a recognition that children are the future and people should do everything to make the world a safer place for them.

Dunster House Limited says in the statement that they are currently in the process of supplying UNICEF with over 1,000 Emergency Superstructures and Latrine Squatting Slabs.

“The Superstructure is an emergency latrine that offers security and privacy to the end users; providing a dignified sanitation solution following an emergency situation. Dunster Latrine ships flat packed, resulting in lower freight cost and easy handling`.

“The Dunster Latrine Slab is our unique, in-house designed slab. It is durable and thin; allowing more plates to be stacked per pallet which will help to reducing the cost of transport,” reads the statement in part.

In the past, the company has supplied UNICEF, Oxfam, and Medair with emergency sanitation solutions, deployed to the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Chad.



  1. Malawians Must Watchout!!! These Donors Are Going Too Far!!! I’ll Not Be Surprised If A Donor Offers To Help Malawians With Skills To Fart And Shit!!! What Is A Malawian Good At If They Can’t Even Take Care Of Their Own Shit?

  2. Kkkkkkkkkk koma malawi mpaka chimbuzi guys,,,,,hahaha kodi emoji waphwete alikuti apa,,? Kkkkk ayayaya poor malawi using the bush,wina kuteleku abanso zimbuzi kkkkkkk

  3. kkkk ena akuba chimanga wina nkumabweretsa zimbuzi, ndiye tizikatanimo tisanadye? ndi library yowerengelamo news paper?

  4. kkkkk Malawi uja, welcme development zimbuzizo? anthu ena azikodzabe panja pazimbuzizo, amawona kuchedwa kulowa nchimbudzi.

  5. And thats where the problem comes in…..donating toilets while the behaviour is still the same. People are gonna use for a short tym then go back defeacating in the bush.

  6. Are so bacjward to be able to have toilets? We are really number one poorest. This is really humiliating.
    Yet very few people are busy stealing from coffers! Shame on us

  7. If unicef have too much money for which they have no use let them tell us. there are too many priority problems in this country. toilets are not among the pressing priorities. we dont need their toilets. we need real development in this country not toilets for goodness sake.

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