Board summons Admarc management over Zambia- Malawi maize saga

Admarc Malawi
Admarc Malawi
Admarc board summoned (File)

The newly appointed board of Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has summoned management of the parastatal to give an explanation on the allegations of dubious transactions made in Zambia while procuring maize.

The meeting is scheduled for today, Malawi24 understands.

Admarc board chairperson James Masumbu said the board wants to have knowledge on the transactions that were made in the process of purchasing the staple grains.

“We have an extraordinary board meeting at 9am and we expect the management to give full facts relating to the issue” said Masumbu.

Local media reports have alleged that there were suspicious transaction that Admarc made with Zambia in buying maize in a country.

Mutharika moved to appoint commission of inquiry into Admarc K26bn maize scam

According to reports Malawi has lost huge sums of money through involvement of middle men in buying maize from Zambia.

The development has since been a matter of concern from the public as people demand truth of the matter.

President Peter Mutharika was moved to appoint new board members for Admarc and most of all a Commission of Inquiry into the matter.


23 thoughts on “Board summons Admarc management over Zambia- Malawi maize saga

  1. Charley ACB yake iti, SCO ndiiyi imangopeleka masiku opanda ntchito, mukanena zaboard yomwe yawaitanayi nde iiii yasankhidwa kuti ikupusisena nde yayambapo ntchito yake yokupusisani

  2. DPP pakuba ndi Dolo !! you will discover that DPP is the BEST THIEF in Malawi but it is a party that has many many supporters and that it is a party that will rule Malawi for very very long time !! So my question is, do we expect Malawi to Develop with these MBAVAS? Why do Malawians support Thieves like that? What is their interest when they see that only Thieves govern the Country?

  3. Another tricky! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who r investigating this issues !,!!,,,?report tizakupasani tikaluza koma tidzabera! ,,,,,,,,?koma mayi Malawi don’t remember take us 4 granted

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  5. My poor mother’s Malawi hoooh when will those people they will think about our poverty … How can we trust them .where is ? A C B .why this people the take us as animals . I know acb they can’t takes any serious action coz their are also involved .but one god will be our side

    1. God indeed! Many people do not understand the meaning of god…this is an Idol. When you mean The Creator, dont dare write small “g” , He is God! Use capital “G” for God the Creator. Anthunu muzikhalako ndi ulemu ndi mantha ndi Mulungu. Mwamva inu?

  6. Iiiiiiih! Multiple troubles. ACB wants them, PLAC wants them, CSOs wants them, Zambia wants them too and citizens baying for their blood. Alimba? Cardiac arrest is imminent.

  7. The report is taking time to be released why?…..we are tired with this isue, release the report and announce the names of those people who were involved in maizegate, then arrest them, simple like that, we don’t need your stories if you knw those who went to zambia to bought those maize then you must announce their names now and immediatelly action should take place!

  8. We are relying on Zambian investigations. The FB will expose everything including the so untouchable ministers.Maso ndi makutu titchere pa Zambia apa.

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