Mutharika moved to appoint commission of inquiry into Admarc K26bn maize scam

Peter Mutharika

Pressure must have really been on his neck. Malawi President Peter Mutharika has finally appointed a Commission of Inquiry to the procurement of 100 000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia involving funds up to K26 billion, Malawi24 can report.

Chief Secretary to government, Lloyd Muhara,  President Mutharika established the Inquiry in accordance with the Inquiries Act  Section 2 (1) and the Constitution in Section 89 (1) (g).

He says the appointments are with immediate effect.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Has made the appointments.

Anastasia Msosa, a retired Chief Justice heads the commission.

The others  appointed are Isaac Kayira the public auditor, Dr Janet Banda the solicitor general and Mike Chinoko as secretary of the Commission.

A statement from government which Malawi24 has seen read: ‘’ The commission will enquire on matters surrounding the procurement of maize by State-grain trader Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) from Zambia, Malawi’s western neighbour.’’

The commission has up until 31st January 2017 to submit a report to Mutharika on the matter.

Recently, leaked documents showed that Admarc used a private Zambian company that may be more expensive than if the deal were government-to-government.

Admarc insists that it is buying the staple grain from Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF), a government agency.

According to figures seen in documents, Admarc has r paid $34.5 million (about K26 billion) for the maize, which is $13 million (about K9.5 billion) more than the $21.5 million (about K15 billion) it could have paid had it bought the maize from Zambian Government.

Malawi government obtained a loan of K26 billion from the Eastern and Southern African Development Bank (PTA Bank)  to purchase 100, 000 metric tonnes of maize from government of Zambia through ZCF.

This was the reason maize price was hiked from around K5000 to K12 500 per 50 kg bag to enable Admarc repay the loan.

The Mutharika led government has been under pressure to axe Admarc bosses and Agriculture Minister George Chaponda to pave way for a probe into the matter.



  1. Forming /appointing commission of inquiry into Admarc is another chshGate after maizegate thats wastage of money.. Achaponda angokakamixidwa ndi pro peter mtalika kuti atulepasi. ndikuwa manga basi. Nabola CashGate ya nthawi ya pp amatibera amaba za aZungu komanso Zinthu Zinaliko bwino koma achaponda zoona njala mumene yavutilamo kuti belanso komanso tax mmene yilili mokweramo ife kumalipila ndimmene Z a b v u t i l a ndi boma lanuli koma nde kubu kulibe kuti uyu ali bwino kale bwanji panotakuXiwani………kkkkk

  2. What for,??? This one ofe mediocrity the VP is saying,How can they investigate whena caplits are in positions,

  3. Old habits diehard.Thievery refuses to disown their mentors at capital.Should we imagine that JB is the one has masterminded this as has been touted for each and every problem malawi is going through?

  4. Waba ndi chakwera & there z no need for inquiry just arrest him !! Ihv got the proof that z showing this crook named chatsika !!

  5. Next tym, we must sell not buying, can’t this guy learn from how his big brother was doing, he makes us missing him so much.
    We gonna do Muthalika swap, BINGU ws cool.

  6. Am saying this everyday if peter want to remain in power come 2019 fire chaponda,kalit & dausi otherwise u will be out come 2019 bcoz these 3 ministers r the chiefs of corruption & believe this

  7. I think it will be wrong to speark bad about the decision of Mr President of appointing the commission of inquity to investigate this isue of maizegate, let us remain quite and see what will happen @ the end of this investigation, if nothing positive will come out then I will be able to say something about this isue, as of now his decision is some how making sense, but he should not politicised this investigation, he should allow justince to take place and whoever will be involved should face the law regardless of his / her position. Thats my opinion!

    1. Kusankha komiti ndikopanda ntchito it can benefit nothing to this country but only those that are in the committee for they will eat money.

    2. Ndikuona ngati we should remain quite and see the out come of the investigation if it will be really true coz or atasakha wina aliyese anyaso ndalama, but I really also apreciate your opinion, u have a point there!

  8. Why is it every time his news is “Mutharika erect nu cabinets.. Appoint nu commission and all that…” Is there no any other tangible sfuffs he can do??

  9. Kekekeke hahahah infertile minded mutharika,….since you came into power whch enquiry had yielded?….immagine how much those comissioners and all those officials in the enquiry wil whoop?

  10. so many inquiries but no results.This new machinery will only try to make a strategy on how best to disturb the truth and only display false out come.The only source that can give us the true reflection is leader of opposition in zambia.

  11. Akutitseka kumaso nothing will coming out from tht stupid inquiry remember Njaunju murder until now nothing prevail………how h brings inquiry while w know already tht is George Chaponda who mess up everything. Zautsiru

  12. This man called president of malawi, has never been serious when it comes to fighting corruption. He has trully shown that, him and his cabinet team zig zagged their way into the govt just to steal and enrich themselves. On paper he looks like he is doing something on corruption but at the ground there is nothing he is doing. How would one appoint a commission of enquiry and leave those to be enquired remain on their positions. The first thing he shud hav done was to suspend key players in this maize saga, in this case George chaponda and his tribesmen mulumbe. But the president leaves them continue working while they are being investigated, and why appointing the commission enquiry when acb is already there . This whole story is related to corruption, this could hav well been handled by acb than the commission of enquiry. They say tumbukaz are selfish but lhomwez are real thieves. Zoona mpaka kubera anthu osauka oti akufa ndi njala, better aziba kudzera, or chisoni osawagwira ndithu mmene anayambira kuba muja ndalama zakamupeni ya 2019 sizinakwane. Anthu opusa awa God shud punish them heavily.

  13. Tikudikilira Mfumu ya mafumu,
    Imene idzaweruza mopanda chinyengo kapena tsankho! #Jesus is the only King who is to bring peace and order! Because Munthu wa pa dziko la pansi zamukanika … Every part is corrupted!

  14. Mmalawidi Sazatheka #akikwayele for what? you want to spend another billions for nothing, it means the govt is not knowing who they give contract?…oh yes am walching how the DPP praying hid and sick.kodi otisogolelanu mlinawo mtima waumunthu?GOD BE WITH MALAWI

  15. Mr. president, people of malawi will be happy if you suspend those involved in this malplactices. It will be wise enough to listen to the voice of people than fearing your minister. Others can save you better than Chaponda who can bring miseries to you and the whole of Dpp.


    1. Dpp imatenga mavoti all regions koma zinazo zimamvesa cisoni !! Mene southern region yakulira muja koma cipani cina cilibe olo mp xowona ?? Mpaka pano anthu sakucidziwabe ndye mukuti mutenga boma ?? Mwina Ku central kwanu komko

  17. Commission of inquiry is just a waste of time and resources.This is a mere ploy to buy time for the dust to settle down.Good action was to suspend the implicated officials to allow investigations to take course withiout which the sacred cows won’t be touched.

    1. Eti eti eti everything JB forgeting JB inherited DpPs problems
      They braming 24billion cashgate in 2years…..of which today MRA collects 24billion in 11days
      DPP is worse than UDF regime

    1. So do u think there is substance in your comment? Peter is doing his duty not as a result of a disgruntled Chakwera sentiments s

    2. Koma azidzudzulabe. Mpingo sufanana ndidziko. Ampingo amepeleka okha koma zadziko kubera alimi osauka, nkhalamba, ndiolumala omwe.mmm. dzimvereni chisoni because by the end Mulungu athetsa mavuto ngati momwe adachitira 2012.

    3. How sure a u kuti chakwera amaba zampingo?if it was so bwezi ife ampingofe tikumukondabe?Chakwera’s leadership siingafanene ndi zimene ndikuziona apazi,he is a gud leader.

    4. Iwe thoko ndi cifukwa cake banja ukuyisowa ndwe kape !! Ngati kumpingoko umamukonda cakwera osamaphatikiza ndfe tomwe coz ifenso ndfe amomo koma sitimamukonda bcoz ndi mbava !!

  18. Blind-folding malawians. Mutharika is also involved in that scam. Chaponda and Mulumbe could have been sacked first. Nawo Dausi what a poor minister of information. Failing to articulate issues.

  19. Commission yachanso apa…..tonse we all know zomwe zinachitika….
    As far as am concerned commission iyi sitiphura nayo kathu jst like the lest of the commissions before this one

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