Dominant 1 releases ‘Pamalawi’


Dominant 1 out with Pa Malawi.

Award winning producer and artist Dominant 1 has entered the New Year in style by releasing a song.

The song which is titled ‘Pa Malawi’ and features Lady 265 tackles hard hitting issues as we enter the year 2017.

Some of the issues in mention include politics, underage sex, low pay, false prophets rip offs and the environment.

Dominant 1 has a new album dropping out in the year 2017 and this is a preview of what is to come.

The Lilongwe star has also come out to announce Kim of Diamonds as one of the guest featured artist on the album.

Kim is a versatile artist who is currently on a spree dropping undeniable lyrical freestyles in media appearances as well as usual postings in social media.