Beef resurrects in Malawi


When the sad but enjoyable story of musicians firing shots at each other seemed to have died, 2016 has seen the tendency coming back to life.

Some of the musicians who have made noise in the year have had a rough ride as they have been dissed by their counterparts for different reasons. Conflicts proved enjoyable on part of the audience with huge following on the tensions justifying the claim.


Charisma dissed by Crispy Mw in Ras Wakwiya song.

Who have been the heroes and the villains so far in urban music? Well Martse, Malinga Mafia, and Charisma, all from Lilongwe fell victim to beef. Despite entertaining the masses in the year, not everyone including their fellow artists consider them heroes.

It all started with Avokado who explicitly dissed Martse in a track titled Zaugalu. He attacked the Mwano hitmaker for looking down on up and coming artists.

Later on Atoti Manje followed suit with a diss track, Real Deal, aimed at Malinga Mafia.

Recently Charisma has been dissed by an up and coming rapper, Crispy MW, in a track titled Ras Wakwiya.

The Ngati Chitsiru star revealed that he wants to show Charisma his muscle in the game since the Kubanda hitmaker had been underrating him.

The whole drama involves capital city musicians, however it is losing its taste due to lack of direct responses from major artists. Malawians have been left with many questions as to the ingenuity of the conflicts, most believe it is a formulae employed by up and coming artists to gain fame.

This year, beef has found a home in Lilongwe with most of the artists involved being from the capital city. Between the years of 2008 and 2011 the famous Tay Grin diss by a couple artists rocked the local urban circles.

*Additional reporting by Mpho Musowa



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