Millionaire arrested over his money, gold


A 38 year-old businessman of Indian origin was arrested on Friday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) for attempting to externalize foreign currency and being found with gold.

KIA Police Public Relations Officer Sapulain Chitonde told Malawi24 that the businessman was carrying US$622,820, £2,015 and €15,860 which totaled K540 Million.

According to Chitonde, the suspect whose name is Iqbar Mohmad was arrested at the departures Lounge before boarding an Aircraft to Dubai through Ethiopian Airways.

Iqbar Mohmad

Iqbar Mohmad arrested.

“He had refused his bag to go through the X-ray machine or to be physically searched by the police officers manning the checkpoint.

“As a result, the police officers on duty became suspicious and conducted a thorough search whereby the said forex was found packed in his bag,” Chitonde said.

According to Chiponde, the suspect was also found with 15 bricks of gold weighing 14Kgs which was concealed in a bag wrapped in specially designed materials in order to beat the normal X-ray machine system.

Currently, Iqbar is in police custody at KIA and has admitted to have accumulated the forex from black market without supporting documents.

As for the 15 bricks of gold, the suspect said he bought them from a Nigerian within Lilongwe.

Iqbar is expected to appear before court soon to answer three counts namely illegal possession of foreign currency, attempting to externalise forex, and money laundering.

The suspect was born in Mumbai, India and holds an Indian Passport number Z3216835 but has stayed in Lilongwe for nearly 20 years.



  1. If your stupid enough to carry that much physicall gold around on yourself and open to many problems that can arise to the great iq standards that are present.then u should expect anything. It’s better known as shit for brains syndrome.

  2. Good people, there is no such person as Malawian of Indian Origin. Mmwenye simmalawi and they are only here to squeeze the last blood of malawian economy. Let us see what the justice system will do as we have Lutepo, Max Namata and Kasambara in prison. Let us hope that for once this stupid indian bastard will be in jail for a very good long time. ku indonesia amangopha zitsiru ngati izi.

  3. ndikanakhala ine..ndinatengako..5000dollarz kupatsa station officer,ma 3000dollars kupatsa ma junior police officer apa scanning machine n off i go…

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  5. Malawi will always be ripped apart by these foreigners, indians , Chinese Burundians etc because we are daft and our leaders condone corruption inspire of their empty promises to effectively arrest it

  6. Kkk Misonkho yomwe mukutikawa ili insufficient nde uyo nde mum’kawatu, uyo wachita kukushoshaniyo!
    Mulanden ma million wo mugawane paja Malawi Government

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  9. I don’t understand why are our laws so cheap like this. Let’s take punitive stance over these syphoning syndromes because we are being lobbed development through this practice. Further, Malawians have not yet started benefiting from these precious stones let alone do we know if at all we have them yet our malicious friends have all along been enriching themselves from the proceeds of these natural resources. Now I know why we meet numerous of these indians at night along Mzimba, Salima, Chitipa, Dedza. surely they go there in search of precious stones and obviously some government officials are amongst those who have been benefiting from these transactions.

  10. my question is we claim we dont have gold mines in malawi. then why do we arrest munthu for gold? these are things we dont own. or else do we have them but you hide that we die in tge deep poverty as “Malawians”? kkkkkkk musiyeni adzipita badi tilibe golidi kuno wakamutenga kwina ameneyo musiyeniii.

  11. my question is we claim we dont have gold mines in malawi. then why do we arrest munthu for gold? these are things we dont own. or else do we have them but you hide that we die in tge deep poverty as “Malawians”