Mutharika applauded for firing Ndau

Mutharika facing impeachment calls

…he should have fired him a long time ago

One of the country’s political commentators has suggested that the firing of Minister of information Malison Ndau was necessary due to his obvious incompetency.

Mutharika facing impeachment calls
Mutharika: Axed Ndau this week.

On Monday President Peter Mutharika fired Ndau and replaced him with Nicholas Dausi.

Political analyst Humphrey Mvula said Ndau had no clue about his portfolio and also embarrassed the president over the illness saga.

“The reverend (Ndau) was a square peg in a round hole. On the other hand the replacement has a lot of experience as a party spokesman. Whether he can articulate government policy, I cannot pass any value judgement at the moment,” said Mvula.

He also expressed hope that Dausi will not be too overzealous and choose to defend the indefensible.

Humpreys Mvula
Mvula: Argues Ndau’s firing is ‘worthy it’.

In other changes on Monday, Mutharika appointed Lloyd Muhara as Chief Secretary to the Government replacing George Mkondiwa who has been redeployed to India as High Commissioner.

But Mvula said the appointment of Muhara is strange because he has never been a career civil servant or a deputy long enough to learn the ropes of the job.

He said the job of chief secretary is too complex to be learnt on the job lest the job holder risks being inefficient. The commentator added that the choice of Muhara has been motivated by President Peter Mutharika administration’s desire to have their own at the helm of the civil service.

“For Mkondiwa, the move to India is just a demotion but probably they didn’t want to throw him away,” said Mvula.