Nkalabongo kills one in Nkhotakota


Beer that has conquered Malawi liquor market known as “Nkalabongo” has claimed life of a Malawian in Nkhotakota district.

Reports that Malawi24 has gathered indicate that the deceased Amidu M’balaka, 27, drunk the beer without eating any food.

ripMalawi24 understands that M’balaka was once advised by medical experts to stop taking liquor since anytime he took beer he was facing health challenges such as abdominal pains.

One of late M’balaka’s close friends told Malawi24 that despite doctors’ advice, M’balaka was still taking the beer excessively.

“His relatives too have been telling him to abide to doctors’ cautions but M’balaka was adamant on his decision,” he said.

On Friday morning M’balaka went to a drinking joint within his village but was found dead in the afternoon.

Postmortem that was done at Nkhotakota district hospital indicated that Amidu died due to excessive taking of alcohol without food. He hailed from Mtanga village, Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district.



  1. Koma iwe mowa iweeee…. why why why why why why.. ukuchita kukoma chonchi iwe why why why why why why….Dats #Martse…Guyz luv beer luv lyf…Kumadyera zn2z……Rest In Peace…. Its ur tym.

  2. Hahaha This Post Has Actually Made My Day Its Long Since I Heard The Name Nkalabongo Kikiki,,!! Remember Pofera Salambura Evry One Has Own Death,,atsogolako Basi!!

  3. So many advise msges abt alcohol but no listen.Go deeper n deeper Nkalabongo finish all those who disgraced yo power.Go well m’bale ndi zintchito zako

  4. If we say alcohol is not good, pple don’t understand, no matter how long we can say nothing will change . Theirs song fr Billy Kaunda it says, the one who walks with knife, that knife will turn to take off your life. So those who drink that substance is the one will uproot the life . Everything has side corner of the story to tell and no one will take control of your life. Stay alive on taking care of yourselves.

  5. Image uzikafika pamaso pa mulungu utalezera,,,,kaya anthu mumalimba mtima Bwanji kumatenga zonunkha, zovunda nkumamwa?,,_, munthu kufa ndi mowa zimangooneseratu kuti unali chisiru paziko lapansili

  6. “(Reports that Malawi24 has gathered indicate that the deceased Amidu M’balaka, 27, drunk the beer without eating any food.)” so is it the beer or Hunger???? Musamaunamizire mowa…… Aaaa

  7. Ife sitimamwa nkalabongo wanu-yo timamwa bawa wovomelezedwa ndi boma osat kachaso zachikalekale kkkkkkkkkkkkk nzanga yenda bhoo R.I.P

  8. Inamukwanira nthawi basi palibeso kuti akanapanda kutani ee musamamwe mowa ee peple dey like to risk there life ee wat wat kodi anthu osamwa mowa samwalila? Mowa kuumwa wambiri osadyera its dengerous or kachaso amapha nde sizachilendo izi wafera zake tingonena kuti RIP basi dziwani kuti kumwa or osamwa still kufa kulipo basi,chongofunika aliyese azidziwe ekha zochita palibe kulozana dzala apa,ndipo palibe kuu blema mowa kuti ndi umene ukupha anthu aaa hahahahaha,ngati kuli kuuletsa nde or Kachaso muletse bcz anthuso akamwa osadyera amafa nthawi ikamukwanila munthu or kumwa madzi amafa nawo basi,tisatayepo nthawi pa ndi zaziii

  9. Kkk kukhala ngati amachita kuwakanula kukamwa nkumawamwetsa mokakamiza pakuti ngakhale mowa wa ulere wekha umadziwa kuti wakwanira nkusiya kumwako.

  10. boma kuletsa frozzy kusiya nkalabongo killing ppo hire mmmmm. shooter aku shootee a2 osati masewela km iwe fisi yotchedwa kt boma undisamale km analoza malawi ndi mfitidi

  11. Its a lesson to u en me so let us change ofkoz all of us ‘ll kiss mama’s earth but not n dis way. During dis festive season dis kind will b common so choose to b not one of them.

  12. eee that’s how ^Mkalabongo^ behaves…….i remember here in Mchinji, some one died coz ths kind of beer…… so u guys please choose the best kind which favours u & which cannot easily bring risks in ur life……and ur life is in ur hands so take care of it~~~~

  13. same here in ndirande a few days ago…actually i run to the shops to buy milk to give him and he drunk gained consciousness…later on akwawo atabwera kuzamutenga kumpatsa chokudya mawa lake wapezeka atamwalila…Lesson: Drink wisely kuti mumweso ma december ambiri akubwerawa

    1. Noah next time please don’t give them milk, try charcoal, it helps to neutralise the acid in the system of the poisoned person. It is widely used in hospitals when a patient has been poisoned.

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  15. Many people prefer substances that are very harmful to life. This isn’t the first life to be claimed, and yet people will consume it to their last breath.

  16. Mpaka kufa nao? Unali waulele kapena amagula? Muwafuse ogulitsawo mwina ndalama zinamuthera mowa ukukoma ndiye wangopinyolitsa moyo ndi mowa. Koma ngati zilichoncho chonde m’bwezereni moyo wakewo chifukwa muluza nazo kasitomala!!

    1. Not only Malawians my dear people all over are drinking themselves to death, unfortunately some of them will never be spoken about as such substances are consumed in the outskirts of many CBD’s.

  17. KUIPITSA MBIRI YA MOWA KUMENEKO MWAMVA INU A MALAWI24..? Zopusa etiiii….mowa sumapha munthu..!! Wafayo wafa kamba ka njala osati mowaaa…


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